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Cade breaking issue

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Arden, Apr 4, 2014

  1. May 6, 2012
    If you are the last human in the back, and you are defending, you cade the zombie and run away.
    Than a human see you and use a cade right in your face blocking you from moving forward.

    Are you allowed to break the cade if it is the only path forward?
    Is the admin allowed to kick/ban you because you shoot the cade since your team caded you out?

    And i'm not talking about playing around, delaying just to help zombies, I mean someone who is seriously defending and getting caded out and blocked for 3-4 seconds and by the time he break the cade, the zombie reach him.

    I just got my 2nd warning and now i'm really pissed and looking and odds are, if I keep playing, I will get banned next time and somehow it always the same guy using the cade on me.

    So next time, should I not break the cade and simply give up and become a zombie?
  2. Feb 27, 2012
    I think it should be treated the same as cades are on ZM. Of course, this is not ZM, but there are almiost no ZE maps with cades. Anyways, basically, if you are caded out of an area you need to proceed to to actually progress the map, i would say it is OKAY to shoot it. But, if you're just shooting it for the sake of being an asshole, then you should be punished.
  3. Mar 20, 2012
    If you're the one that's getting in trouble for breaking cades that were used to (most likely unintentionally) grief you and cause you to become zombified then that's pretty god damn stupid. I can see if you were just shooting them away and being a general dick (not saying you are one) and purposefully breaking the cades then yeah but if you're going to die and it doesn't harm the humans in any way (seeing as cades aren't the main focus of ZE anyways and can generally if almost entirely not be used at all) I don't see why you should get in trouble. I don't know the circumstances in which you were being warned so this whole post could be null and seeing as I'm not an admin my post is to be taken with a grain of salt anyways but I personally say just screw 'em and shoot the cade away if it doesn't kill your teammates and let's you live instead of being stabbed if you didn't.
  4. May 6, 2012
    I haven't named anyone as I don't have a demo, but I will make sure to demo every other time, he literally caded me out, right in my face with no zombie behind me. Than proceeded by giving me a warning for cade breaking while the warning should of been for cading out their teammate. really wish I had it on demo, it really pissed me off.

    Also tony, they can't be compared to ZM cade as zombie can break it within 3s, they aren't immortal cade but a way to slow them down. The only map with cade is minas which is back.
  5. Aug 12, 2012
    I know who you talking about :wink: but dam that was a horrible minas team sigh.
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    • May 11, 2011
      Since he did not name me i am the admin he is talking about and the second time i was wrong which i thought i told you my bad if i did not.However the first time i stand by because then the zombies were right behind you and if i did not drop the cade then they would have killed a large part of the cts and by shooting it that time they did kill a large part of the cts and since your actions that time had a harmful effect on the team i viewed it as griefing.
    • Mar 20, 2012
      My view:
      Humans can use cades if zombies are close, - even if there are still humans infront of(like 5-10m), in or behind zombies.
      If you see a cade which is blocking your way or you are stuck in it, you are welcome to shoot your way out of it and try to survive.

      It might be better in some cases to just leave the cade like it is, for the glory of a teamwin but thats your decision if you want to sacrifice for the greater good.

      However if I see people cading people out repeatedly with no real reason or to get people stuck in them or on the other hand if I see people who are always behind just to shoot the cades infront of them with no intention to actually survive(they just destroy it to grief), then I warn/kick...

      There are differnt problem in minas always like ...spamming in general, gun spreadfire hits cades unintentionally, whiteknight can kill guards and destroy cades if not used correctly..., people try to use their cades but are using a cade of other people instead unintenionally

      I wasn't able to participate on minas the last days, I still believe the antigrief plugin is not working with the cades(just the lvl-items atm). It will become much easier when it works and then we can actually see who placed the cade.

      As admins we have to be sure who it was before we punish. But we remember names too....^^
    • Sep 25, 2010
      If someone gets stuck in a cade you can't fault them for shooting it and the context of the situation doesn't matter. It's a natural instinct and you can't expect them to sit and wait for death. Griefing is only agains't rules if one purposefully and intentionally does something to get the team killed.

      EDIT:> If someone is purposefully getting stuck in cades then that counts as griefing. So context matters.
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      • May 11, 2011
        Understood though this aspect of minas is a bit difficult to judge I try my best.
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        • Feb 3, 2012
          As Detonator stated, It's only considered griefing if a player intentionally messes up the whole team to prevent access to moving forward into the map.
        • Dec 11, 2013
          I doesn't had much experience on ZE, but I think that action only consider on griefing teammates, this action is against the rules lol. So better don't do it :wink: