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Resolved Cap'n Crispy ban for racism when no racism has taken place

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by 0:1:7699, Aug 13, 2018

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  1. Aug 13, 2018
    I joined the server about 90 minutes ago and was banned for racism, I said absolutely nothing racist whatsoever. Out of the 5 minutes I was in the server I used my microphone to say a total of maybe 15 words, just general talk and checking to see if my microphone was working properly. I was promptly banned shortly after this.

    Now I know it was only a 1 hour ban but it was still completely unjustified and wasted my time, and I'm making this thread based upon principle and out of necessity to protect other users. When I was able to rejoin I asked Cap'n what the deal was and he said I was being blatantly racist and that he has a recording; I said he was mistaken and none of that happened and he persisted so I backed off, it wasn't worth the argument. Him pressing that he's right and that I'm apparently delusional and lying is why this thread has been created. This recording of me being racist doesn't exist because none of this ever happened.

    This is all supposed to be about fun but when people are flagrantly lying and banning users without justification it needs to be addressed regardless of the terms or length of the ban.

    Thank you.
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  2. Jul 8, 2016
    Do you have a demo?
  3. Aug 13, 2018
    I do not, however he claimed to have these supposed events recorded. I don't just randomly record demos when playing in public servers with the expectation of getting unjustifiably banned. I don't do anything to warrant it.

    I'm just here because I don't appreciate this kind of treatment, I'm a nice guy who likes to have a good time. Now if it was a simple mistake that would be one thing however given how he pressed how right he is and that he said he recorded this interaction; I felt it was best to come straight here.
  4. Feb 18, 2011
    I let @Cap'n Crispy know about your post, he should reply shortly.
  5. Jun 5, 2018
    We had two people within 30 seconds call the admins racial slurs as soon as we gave them warnings. One was skeetshooting and the other was O:1:7699. This may have just been a case of two name displayed in the bottom corner of the screen with another offender. If that is the case then Ill talk with the LSA about this. But for now, ill update the reason of the ban under the notes.
  6. Aug 13, 2018
    All I know is that guy "skeetshooting" was spamming his mic when all of this happened, or at least holding it down and it was screeching and what not. I didn't hear any racial slurs because this game mode is absurdly loud by default and there's a lot going on making other noise but I do know he was causing audible issues before this ban was put into effect.
  7. Apr 26, 2015
    From what I can see based on the bans, is that skeetshootin was banned for racial slurs which his chat history also shows. Did you hear 0:1:7699 saying it over the mic clearly, or were you hearing the other guy? @Cap'n Crispy
  8. Jul 14, 2010

    Hello, thanks for bringing this to the forums. It's best to clear up misunderstandings like these so everyone gets along and back to having fun on the servers. Since this all happened on mic, we'll have to take your word vs cap'n crispy's word as it is up to the player to bring evidence since like you said, no one randomly records demos on public servers, and we don't require our admins to do it for minor things like these (only hacks).

    I wouldn't call this admin abuse.

    If you are unsure who said a racial slur on the mic, it is best not to dish out any punishment than react with the wrong punishment. Warnings are usually fine, imo, even if it is the wrong person because it isn't interrupting gameplay and gets a message out. A lot easier to sort out too. However, when it comes to kicking or banning someone, it is best to be 100% sure that the correct player is being dealt with. There's no rush to kick or ban someone. We have freeze for cade breakers, and mute/gag for chat/mic spam that needs to be dealt with quickly so that if you need to organize your ban or kick beforehand, you can stop the player from doing whatever, in this case being racist on mic with a mute, and then perform the kick or ban. That's another thing I wanted to bring up. It looks like you skipped the kick part in dishing out punishment.

    It is best to do a warn->kick->ban as listed in the rules (for admins), so that the player has a chance to have their screen interrupted and get back in versus a flat out ban. This would have possibly made you guys been able to clear this all up in game versus having to bring it here, but anyways, like I said above. A warn->kick->ban is the proper escalation in this scenario, and then just making sure you have the right player if a couple are on the mic is best versus being swift to react. Also, we have sm_listsbbans in game plus it tells you if someone has a previous ban when they join if you catch that in chat, so knowing he wasn't a repeat offender, a kick should have been issued before the ban. Just be more careful in the future. :turtle:

    Some cool stuff we have for this is a plugin that allows you to do !stopsound for turning off gun volumes, also !stopmusic on maps with music, and in console, (hit ~ and make sure it is enabled in options) there are a couple cool commands like snd_Restart which stops the ambient zombie background sound, map music, and other potentially annoying sound loops. There is also voice_overdrive (0) being when someone queues mic, all sounds muted except mic, and a scale from 1-infinity, of how strong you would like it to be so 1 would make it so you can still hear guns and mic, but 20 muffles background noise besides mic use.

    http://plaguefest.com/threads/abuse-thread-reminder-everyone-read.6380/ :razz:

    So to sum it up:

    Cap'n be more careful in the future, especially when doing a ban, and make sure you kick beforehand. This did not seem like intentional admin abuse though, I will mark it resolved. Maybe an apology from Cap'n to you is warranted, but we don't make people do public apologies or anything lol so you guys can work that out in game however, but I am going to lock this. If any LSA feels I missed anything or overlooked something, feel free to re-open and address, but otherwise I think this is handled. Feel free to PM me if I missed something @Cap'n Crispy or @0:1:7699 if you wanted something else addressed.

    Edit: @Isnukamex informed me he was there and heard 0:1:7699 say a racial slur on mic so he'll be following up. Re-opened for time being. Most of what I said, I still stand by, however, the ban is justified if you did indeed say a racial slur and are trying to cover your ass. Maybe we should increase the ban length if you are "flagrantly lying" and wasting our time.
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    • Aug 6, 2016
      I was here for this situation. One player decided to use a racial slur and after the admins did what they were supposed to, more players chose to use racial slurs. Under the disguise of a wind tunnel and other players speaking, I stand by Crispy on 7699 using a racial slur. As Penguin said, we do need to be 100% certain and follow protocol of warn, kick, ban. Banning off the top should not be used unless it's a hacker. If you aren't 100% confident.
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      • Jun 5, 2018
        I thought multiple people were warned and kicked already, assuming 0:1:7699 was one of them. I took care of 7699 with a quick ban while Thquib handled Skeetshootin. Thquib and i had a discussion about the length of the ban right afterwards because i didn't think the original ban of 1 week (which is what most of the consistent offenders get) due to no previous bans. (Many LSA's instruct me to increase bans due to multiple offences.. Note, i always ask another admin in admin chat while i issue a ban due to my lack of experience having only been an admin for a short time.)

        But like i said, If this was a mistake then I apologize for it, but due to the high voice traffic in our servers its hard to tell who's who, especially with ass many mic spammers as there were at that time.
      • Aug 6, 2016
        When I saw the player being banned for a week, I did question the length, in admin only. It was changed later on. In those situations where one player uses a slur and gets warned by an admin, prompting other players to use slurs right after and in succession, they shouldn't be surprised if they catch a kick off the bat. Especially if 3 or 4 other players were just warned and kicked for doing the same thing. However...In these exact same situations, we shouldn't be jumping to bans, just incase if an innocent player is being reprimanded.
      • Aug 13, 2018
        I can tell you right now that it wasn't me, now multiple people are generally speaking at what is essentially all times in this servers and there's as I said constant noise from guns taking place. It's easy to misconstrue who is saying what if you're not 100% paying attention, and even if you are it's still hard to tell if again there's multiple people speaking.

        As I said in my unban request I was in the server for not even five minutes. You can check the text of the ban log, just before this ban one of the admins said "0:1:7699 your mic sounds like crap" or something along those lines, the only thing I said after that is "My mic is perfectly fine". I can't recall verbatim what I said and what was said to me but that's the gist of it. Before that I spoke only like once or twice, and it was just general talk and laughing, that's what sparked the mic comment to which I replied. Almost immediately after I said it was fine I was banned.

        Don't be too sure of what you think you heard from me, memory is not exactly an accurate reflection of events but I do know that I said nothing of the sort, we're not even on the same planet in terms of what came out of my mouth.

        I wasn't one of those players, as I said I had just come into the server a few minutes prior to all of this transpiring after getting off of work. It was a mistake but I just wanted to clear the air and ensure that these things are handled more delicately in the future. When I got banned I just stared at my monitor for a minute thinking "what in the f just happened, wat...." lol...

        It totally shocked me, I had just gotten off work and was trying to relax and then boom I was banned, this is a minor thing but it kind of sour'd my evening if you can understand that.
      • Feb 18, 2011
        Today is a new day my friend, don't let an hour of sour ruin your gaming experience. Feel free to join ZM and bask in the fun. If you're genuinely a nice guy then by all means come back and hang out.
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        • Jun 17, 2014
          Well, Sufficient time has passed for this thread run a course.

          Since no real proof was provided and nobody has anything else of relevance to bring forward, Here's what it comes down to.

          It's this

          Against this -

          All that we have is just he said/she said.

          Based on that, There's multiple admins confident that you actually indeed did say a racial slur, which doesn't look good on your behalf.

          So @0:1:7699 - If this ban did happen to be a mistake due to so many racist mic spammers (I'm 99.9% sure it wasn't) as claimed, don't join in the ear cancer next time.

          and @Cap'n Crispy - Next time be more careful like penguin said, don't skip the kicks.

          No real form of any abuse here; Relocking this thread and marking as resolved.
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