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Insufficient Evidence CastleX

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by DopeScope, Jun 14, 2012

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  1. Jul 19, 2011
    I think this is the 2nd thread i have made about him. Today around 6pm est while we were playing death star, i was tempted to sing call me maybe. I sang 1 line in the most beautiful voice i could sing in and of course, castleX warned me. I then agreed and said in the most passive and nonchalant voice possible "this is crazy, call me maybe". I was then silenced. Not muted, silenced. Why was i silenced for talking? I was not singing so the only possible explanation would be mic spam. How can quoting 1 line be considered mic spam? After about 3 rounds, he had muted about 2 more people ([SourceMod] CคﻱŦleҳ: Muted Civil Man) and proceeded to unsilence us all. Why was I silenced longer than other mic spammers? Also, why were they muted and me silenced? You know what w/e. I guess this is what happens when a power hungry admin doesn't like you. Before you say anything, the words powerhungry were not mine. They were from a fellow player who saw what Castle was doing.

    predarape: everybody be powerhungryyy
    predarape: if you pay$15 you get to be powerhungry for a month

    After about 10 min, we were talking about chinese food. Castle then said that he liked General Tso's chicken. Since, i have a ton of expertise in Chinese food, I knew that Castle was pronouncing it in an awkward way. I proceeded to say "Your pronouncing it wrong ya queer". I was silenced again. After this the community responded with:

    FREE HAT: castle dopescope didnt do shit why u silence him
    CคﻱŦleҳ: talking shit to an admin doesn't get you very far

    EDGE ARCHER: omg admin got offended
    FREE HAT: hahaha

    At this point, i was getting a little frustrated and started talking to a fellow admin that was on the server. His responses were:

    MainstreamHO: he shouldnt of silenced you
    MainstreamHO: both times he shouldnt have
    MainstreamHO: you said one thing and he muted you

    Correction mainstream, he silenced me.

    Towards the end of the map, people were getting pumped since tomorrow was friday. They were saying stuff on the mic about friday when i chimed and and said again in the most passive and nonchalant voice possible, "Tomorrow's Friday, friday, friday gotta get down on friday". I was muted then i asked in chat "why was i muted". Castle proceeded to silence me AGAIN. No explanation, just a silence. Here's more of our convo:

    MainstreamHO: wtf why is he silencing you
    DopeScope: k ima do an abuse thread soon
    DopeScope: u mind if i quote things u said?
    MainstreamHO: sure
    MainstreamHO: they havent even warned you yet

    Next map, I started questioning castle as to why he was doing this to me. There were plenty of other people making noises on the mic including a licking noise and "TROLOLOLOLOL". None of them were silenced. I ,however, understand this since they only did it one time, but the same concept applies to me. I said only 1 line but i was silenced. this happened twice. Castle decided to finally respond by saying something along the lines of Dopescope you have so many bans that you deserve.

    AFter this outrageous statement, i was instructed by another player to make an abuse thread.

    FREE HAT: dopescope make a thread on forums

    And so, here I am. Incase you got lost in this long-winded thread, I was silenced for saying 1 line. Silenced again for calling Castle a queer due to his bizarre pronunciation of a dish. Then, silenced AGAIN for saying another line. its been 5 hours since the incident so I may or may not have left something out. O and I was gagged, Muted, silenced, unsilenced, and muted several times by tupac and noodles. Noodles' reason was that "1 silence isn't enough". I suppose that this was in jest since I have no problem with tupac and noodles. In fact, I always thought of them as great admins. never had beef with any of them. Correct me if i'm wrong though @Noodles and @tupac serbia.


    holy shit this is long....
    BTw, all of this was over mic so i am still confuzzled as to why i was silenced and not muted.
    DopeScope, Jun 14, 2012 Last edited by DopeScope, Jun 14, 2012
  2. Dec 6, 2011
    I warned you about this exact same thing earlier, even the exact song... which I'm pretty sure CastleX was on then too. You already know there's absolutely no singing allowed, and I even told you that, which you still attempted to push it further. I don't see anything close to abuse here.
  3. Jul 19, 2011
    k umm....
    1. You were not there
    2. Castle was not there when you decided nominate bad maps. he came on later.
    3. I chimed in when OTHERS were quoting lines.
    4. Singing involves having some sort of melody. I was simply saying a line.
  4. Jul 1, 2010
    What part of our rules do you NOT understand about singing?

    Also, we need screenshots/proof for everything else.
  5. Feb 12, 2012
    We've warned several times, both to people individually and globally. ZE gets ridiculous when it comes to mic chatter. It gets to the point where we mute everyone when it comes to map votes because its such a clusterfuck on the mic. You added to the mix by being a complete troll. You were silenced/muted/gagged/whatever it takes to shut you up for a reason. Don't feel special on taking the heat, others were muted for talking too much and being annoying. I was just in there and muted 3 people just because they were annoying the hell out of us with stupid noises and voice impersonations.

    Sorry, but you deserved it all.
  6. Jan 28, 2012
    I said you know the rules and have been baned multiple timess for breaking them. I didn't silence you the first time, you were already spamming. Then I unmuted you at the end of the round, which I shouldn't have but I thought maybe you would shut the fuck up and stop. Then you start singing and I warned you again, AND THEN YOU STARTED SAYING THE LYRICS AND I SILENCED YOU. I muted civil because his mic was fucked up and I asked him to fix it in admin chat. I unsilenced you the next round and then you started talking shit so I silenced you again. We should really consider a permanent mute/ban for you for your constant violation of the rules.
    Edit: I silenced you for asking why you were silenced. You know why you were silenced. You had been muted for doing the same damn thing a few minutes earlier.
    CastleX, Jun 14, 2012 Last edited by CastleX, Jun 14, 2012
  7. May 14, 2012
    dopescope wasnt even spamming he said 1 line of a song. then Castlex said dopescope you know the rules. so he then said in a normal voice the same line(i know he may have been pushing it a little bit but still he didnt sing it). then Castlex muted him. which isnt mic spamming since he said about 5 words(not singing), and then he typed, why was i muted? and he got gagged.

    The second time Castlex silenced him for saying your pronouncing it wrong queer, and im not sure why he was silenced for that

    and instead of muting the people who were actually singing on the mic Castlex silenced dope for no reason(there were 2 people singing trolololol and other songs on the mic)--> they were never muted or warned

    EDIT: and tell me if im wrong but i dont see that he was banned for mic spamming before
    EDIT 2:He was never warned several times he actually asked multiple times why was he being muted, and i dont think you can silence someone for trolling, and the only time he sang was the first thing he said before the warning, after that i never heard him sing again.
    Biohaze, Jun 14, 2012 Last edited by MainstreamHo, Jun 15, 2012
  8. Jan 28, 2012
    Yes. I silenced dopescope for no reason. He was obviously not singing or trolling on the mic at all. Noodles is lying. So am I.
  9. Jan 28, 2012
    Tell me where I said he was banned for mic spamming.
  10. Jun 17, 2011
    There's no point in arguing with each other...If there is a problem between admins then you should contact a higher up.

    Also, it would be good to have the names of the admins that were present so the right person can hear all sides of what happened.
  11. Jun 3, 2012
    Nah dopescope I had nothing against you

    Just did it for shits and giggles because you were already muted like 3 times

    Infact iirc I was the one who unsilenced you
  12. Jul 19, 2011
    Dharkk-I took the liberty of searching through console for these. If u do not believe me feel free to search through logs. I have given exact time already. Also, quoting lyrics is not singing. I was using a normal voice.

    Castlex-I haven't been a problem on the mic. You and Brett are the only admins that mute people for 1 liners. Why is it that nobody in the server had a problem with my conduct, but quite a few ppl had problems with your actions. If I'm not mistaken u even muted rainbow dash for some unknown reason. If I recall correctly he was a previous admin and asked politely in chat why he was muted and still you gave no reason. Also, as mainstream had stated, there is a false accusation in your post. I sang 1 line of the song BEFORE i was warned and had never sang after.

    "Tell me where I said he was banned for mic spamming."
    I think mainstream was referring to your statements: I said you know the rules and have been baned multiple timess for breaking them and considering a permanent mute for me. I was never banned for mic spam because I DONT SPAM. you can't call 1 line "spam". You still did not give me a reason as to why i was silenced and not muted. You also gagged me for asking why. You admitted that yourself... wtf!?!?!?! i get gagged for asking 1 question? Ridiculous.

    Celex-I tagged all 4 admins that were present. I will also tag Rainbow dash since he was there. @RainbowDash

    Noodles-When it comes to map votes, who doesn't spam? I have even witnessed lvl 3 admins (Brett) spam the mic every time the vote comes up. He does this because mako is number 2 and w/e he nominated was number 1. He had also nominated mako, then changed it later causing mako to be in the higher numbers (not sure if this is illegal or not since he did it a while before vote).
    DopeScope, Jun 15, 2012 Last edited by DopeScope, Jun 15, 2012
  13. Apr 20, 2011
    I remember that its true
  14. Jul 1, 2010
    Voice will not show up in the logs, the only thing we can look at is text. I'll see about having them pulled and posted.

    Also, you said in your first post you sang a line from the song, which is against the rules. Don't really care if it's only one line or not really. Saying lines to a song when they are trying to obviously take care of spam and other stuff on the server isn't exactly an intelligent idea either and I can completely understand why they would punish that as well as it could launch other people in to singing or spamming.
    Dharkk, Jun 15, 2012 Last edited by Dharkk, Jun 15, 2012
  15. Jul 1, 2010
    Unfortunately, logging for the server was apparently not working due to it not being restarted after a fix. As far as I know, this has been remedied as Haplo has restarted the server/box. As such, there is no logs for this point in time and no hard evidence presented in the form of a demo or screenshot, so this thread is going to be locked.

    This kind of demonstrates the importance to take screenshots and/or demos. You can't ALWAYS 100% rely on server side tools.

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