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Returning CCHR (bank stuff got jacked)

Discussion in Admin Subscriptions started by CCHR, Sep 24, 2013

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  1. Aug 19, 2013
    In-Game Name: CrouchingChildHiddenRapist
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:31525968
    Paypal Profile ID: I-DPLFARCWPNY5
    SourceBans Account:CCHR
    Previous Admin Level: level 1
    Last Promotion Thread (if 2+):

    Re-Training:not unless any commands changed withing the last for or five days
    Previous Subscription Expiration: Sep 22, 2013

    i had to cancel my debit card and and a bunch of other stuff so it stopped all automatic payments on my account which stopped my paypal which stopped my admin sub. just covering basis
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    • Jun 19, 2013
      Welcome back
    • Jun 11, 2012
      Did you just name yourself CrouchingChildHiddenRapist? You don't understand how much time I had to re-read that to make sure I read it right.
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      • Dec 27, 2012
        Welcome back!:wave:
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