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Not a Bug Change the way of getting admin.

Discussion in Server Suggestions & Bugs started by Jeremy, Aug 18, 2015

You agree with the present way to get admin? Paying?

Yes 9 vote(s) 56.3%
No 5 vote(s) 31.3%
I don´t have a opinion(please, let us know what you think) 2 vote(s) 12.5%
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  1. Apr 18, 2014
    This is one of some suggestions that i have to the server, before you read what i have to say, i ask you to forget that you know me, forget if i did something to you, right now, i´m not your friend or your enemy, i´m just a member of the community and want to make it better.

    In the way that things are right now, you need to pay for admin. That means:

    . pF can´t have control of how many admins are at the server;
    . People that deserve to be a admin, that means, active and helpful members of the community that doesn´t have the condition to buy admin because of the price($15 for 1 moth, $40 for 3 months, #75 for 6 months) or because of the situation of the economy on their country (in my country that is: R$52, R$139, R$261, that is insane) that makes the admins nationality really dollar sided, and we have players from the entire world, would´t be fair that we have admins from the entire world too?
    . You´re basically saying that: money = power. You can get donator if you want, but if you want to help the community and be a admin and have powers, you need to spend more money.
    . The way of getting promotions today is through time at the server(if you pay more, more chances to get a promo), but of course i´m not saying that someone with 1 month of admin should get a promo to lvl 2, i´m saying that if you can only pay 1 month of admin and you deserve to learn more and go up at the hierarchy, you can´t.

    I get that the server needs money to keep running. But that doesn´t mean that the only way to do it is through buying admin. You can put more skins, selecting more perks, doing different types of donator etc.. Thats of course my opinion, i´m creating this thread to make people think and discuss something that i think it should be discussed.
    (Sorry for my English, i hope that everyone take this subject as serious as i do)
    With love and respect
    Jeremy, KillerMp3[On](that never goes off btw), JeremyTheKiller and other names.(Btw, i accidentally voted yes, its 8am here and i didnt sleep)
    Jeremy, Aug 18, 2015 Last edited by Jeremy, Aug 18, 2015
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    Never been an issue and I can't foresee it ever becoming one. The number of admins (and donators) PF has scales with community population / number of populated servers. Since ZE died, we've lost ~66% of our donators and admins.

    This is one of the main reasons we'd be all for removing pay4admin. The reverse of this has also been true though. We've had admins that we probably would have never considered via application, who paid for it and turned out to be great admins.

    Time, or experience, is just one of the many factors that are considered during promotions.

    Right... exactly why we charge for admin. If we didn't, PF would have shut down years ago. Currently we're barely making enough to cover our bills (even after reducing our expenses). Remove pay4admin from that situation and we will tank without an alternative source of revenue. This thread shouldn't be about whether or not PF should charge for admin (that can come later), it should be about how PF will stay afloat if we didn't charge for admin. Once we know what removing pay4admin will mean for the community and what changes it will bring, only then can we really consider if we should go through with it. For other communities, this usually means advertisements on the website and video ads in the MOTD, and a large emphasis on donations for nothing in return. Advertisements alone won't be enough - I also don't see us doing this for various reasons - so we'd need to rely on donations and more. PF gets the odd donation here and there as is, but certainly not enough to cover the bills if pay4admin were removed (only 7 donations in the past year - http://plaguefest.com/donate/). The community would be in need of a big mindset shift, one I don't see happening in enough time to be successful, or at all.

    If you can figure out a solid solution that ensures PF will be able to continue paying its bills and doesn't introduce any upset within the community, then removing pay4admin can be considered. Until then, there's no chance I'm afraid.

    Sounds a lot like letting players buy admin...
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    • Apr 18, 2014

      Well, so the debate here should be other ways to keep pF alive without relaying on pay4admin. What i meant by that is like, having different types of skins, having a type of donator that only have no fall damage, other with higher jump, other with both etc..
      Post Merged, Aug 18, 2015

      If you join the server and theres a mic spam, or a cadebreak or anything, i usually see more than 1 admin warning. It comes times that 4/5 admins warn for the same thing. Having more admins doesn´t mean more organization.
      Post Merged, Aug 18, 2015

      But i´m sure that you also have problems with players who payed and turned into bad admins. Even in the case of certain admins on this year that used their admins as a donator, didn´t did their jobs.
    • Jan 5, 2014
      Good luck, Jeremy.
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      • Apr 26, 2015
        Games I've played and moderated in the past have a minimum 6 month time on the servers before nominating new moderators, which then the person is evaluated to see if they should even be a moderator. Obviously a system like that wouldn't work. I've never purchased admin for the server so I don't know if its just pay and get admin after the training or whatever, but perhaps before a transaction is complete admins do some sort of evaluation to see if the person should even be one. Whether its just by looking at any logs if the player has been muted, banned, or whatever. Perhaps even minimum server hours.
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        • Jul 8, 2012
          That's kind of covered in training. You are required to go through training with a LSA to make sure you are familiar with our rules and the commands you have access to. Anyone who uses the commands before training is talked to and explained (I would assume) that this is not the correct behavior. LSA can kind of gauge if someone will be good or not throughout training. Generally we as a community allow anyone to be admin and are more so give them the opportunity to be great. If someone needs to be dealt with that is what the admin abuse forum is for, provided the needed evidence is presented.

          I probably wouldn't have agreed with this system before I joined PF, but the way we have everything set up seems to work very well. Sure it allows for some people to troll easier or cause havoc, but it also allows others you would never have guess would be good admins to become good admins and help better our community.
        • Dec 17, 2007
          This has been discussed before in the past. Simple put by Brian the server can't operate w/o money. Just to purchase a server alone can cost several thousands of dollars, of which typically has to be paid off. Then you have to subscribe to an internet service (and that's in lamens terms) of which will typically cost substantively more than the average person pays for their house hold internet. Then there's probably the cost of having a website and subscription to paypal, etc.

          The things that I have mentioned isn't even a tenth of what goes into providing and hosting a gaming server. Brain or Kyle or any of the other staff members can tell you a lot more about it. So it's not just about removing pay4admin and being more selective in choosing them. Everyone has to take in mind the monumental costs in running a server.

          The reason that you see other servers w/o pay4admin is because of advertising that they allow on their servers and some of them even have funding from corporations. You have to remember that pF is owned and maintained by private citizens and not a corporation, so they have to infer the total cost of running it.
        • Apr 9, 2007
          We did indeed tell http://www.pinion.gg to fuck off when they tried to recruit us.

          With this being said, we're just scraping by, we've consolidated pretty much everything besides the gameserver. If you guys want to donate, that's cool. If you don't, well, that's cool too, I guess.
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