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Clam's Tips To Fraps

Discussion in Tutorials started by Clam Chowder, Jan 16, 2012

  1. Nov 29, 2010
    FRAPS is a very simple tool used to record gameplay footage and capture screenshots. Well.. that's the description, nothing special there, let's get into the theory shall we?

    I would recommend you use fraps if you have a decent computer since the program itself is extremely CPU intensive, also you'll need a lot of HDD space since the files can easily consume a ton of space if you're not weary.

    When you have FRAPS open when you're in a game, you should have a yellow number displaying your current frame rate. This higher this number, the smoother the game runs, the lower the number the more the game stutters. Also press F-12 to change the position that this number will show, or not at all, mine is located at the top left.


    When you press F-9 to start recording, this number will turn red. Don't be surprised when your frame rate significantly drops, the number that shows up may not represent the frame rate of the video, just the FPS you currently have. The recording will be at the resolution that the game is running in.


    Every button on FRAP's window can be remapped, you can change keys to your catering and you can change the frame rate FRAPS captures at, and the location recorded files go onto your HDD.


    FRAPS will record files in an uncompressed AVI format, fraps will create multiple video files because the files cap off at a little under 4gb. When you view these files it will be extremely laggy if you don't have a good computer, also these individual files are extremely large, use a video compressor/editing program to sort these issues out.

    There a multitude of video editing software out there and editing combining the clips is as simple as snapping them to a timeline and stitching them together. Recommended formats are mp4 and flv, simply because they are the smallest.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    How do I improve my frame rates when I record?
    You can set the program to record at half the resolution, and/or turn off the sound, adjusting resolution of the game. Unfortunately it mostly relies on the type of hardware your computer has.
    How do I reduce the size of the files?
    FRAPS Will always record 4gb chunks of files, you can however adjust how long these chunks can be by changing in-game resolution, recording frame rates, and/or halving the resolution of the recording. Also this may reduce the file numbers, resulting in less hdd usage.
    Why are my video files so short but take up so much room?
    You have to take into account FRAPS records uncompressed files, also if you're recording at a high frame rate and resolution, expect it to take up a significant amount of room, for example: a 1080p 60hz video will take up significantly more space than a recording at 480p 24hz.
    What is this whole 1080p, 720p mumbo jumbo?
    My knowledge in these is somewhat limited, however I can answer that numbers mean the amount of vertical pixels at a scale ratio of 16:9. The letters represent way the frames progress, long story short "P" is smoother in terms of FPS. 1080p = 1920 x 1080, 720p = 1280 x720.
    How much space will a typical recording take up?
    I record at 1080p @ 60fps, a 5 minute video video will take up about 20gb, so for every minute, it'll take up about 4 GB's

    Example Video:
  2. Dec 6, 2011
    Wow what perfect timing, thank you for this. I'm planning on doing a couple recordings of in-game stuff in the near future. I've never used FRAPS before so this is a huge help for me. :thumbsup:
  3. Jun 23, 2011
    Nice I got to keep this is mind when I use FRAPS

    Also....I remember looking up that game a long time ago

    it looks good :grin: