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Coffee, Turkish style

Discussion in Tutorials started by opalqnka, Jul 22, 2014

  1. Jan 5, 2014
    Hello guys,

    as you might or might not know Bulgaria as well as a bunch of other European countries (ok, not only) were under Ottomans for as much as 500 years. During that time a lot happened including the introduction of making coffee in copper pots, for which I would like to talk about.

    We say "кафе в джезве", where джезве = cezve in Turkish and means copper pot (кафе = coffee).
    How do you make it? It's actually quite simple:
    1) in a little copper pot put 3 teaspoons of grounded coffee (actually it should not be as finely grounded as the normally grounded coffee - just a bit bigger)
    2) add 3 teaspoons of honey
    3) add ~170ml of water
    4) stir
    5) put on a gas stove and slowly heat the mixture until it boils (not much as the mixture increases its volume due to the heat and will go out the copper pot) 3 times.
    When it boils for the 1st time one can take the foam and put it into the glass where later the rest of the coffee will go (the foam possesses a lot of aroma - that's why it's added).
    6) When it boils for 3rd time take it off the stove and using a strainer to catch the grounded coffee pour the coffee into the glass/mug that you will be using. (Actually, one might see the use of a strainer as travesty but I prefer to catch the grounded coffee and not drink it with the liquid.)
    7) enjoy

    Usually, one serves the coffee with some water on the side - the water is consumed before the coffee in order to "clear" the taste receptors in the mouth.

    A typical copper pot is shown below:

    The coffee goes very well with some sweets. That's one of my usual breakfasts:
    кафе в джезве със сладки

    I love making this turkish style coffee on daily basis. Has anyone else tried this? Or if you make it in different way can you share how you prepare it?

    Lots of coffee love,
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    • May 17, 2014
      Looks pretty awesome
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      • Oct 24, 2013
        I dont like Coffee but I actually become calmer when i have caffeine. Is this "recipe" different tasting? I can't stand the taste of coffee because it's so bitter.
      • Oct 13, 2011
        Wat? 3 teaspoons ??? That's way too much. You only need 2. If you don't wanna jump around all day. 2 is gud 2 is enough. Normally grounded coffee ? Hell no. They use roasted and finely grounded coffee. You need this. + This one is a really popular brand in turkey, but people usually buy their coffee fresh.

        Honey ? Srsly. You don't need honey. It makes everything worse. We use sugar cubes in turkey and usually 3 is enough. It depends on you also. There are three options available in Turkey.
        1. No sugar
        2. Less sugar (1)
        3. Moar sugar (3)
        They also make it with milk instead of water (again, if you want it.) Normally you should use water.

        About the pic, No foam no gud.

        It should look like this


        Q: Do you guys have decaf ??
        A: Bullshit. I blame Greeks for this.

        Q: I made one without foam.
        A: It's fine, but without foam it isn't %100 Turkish Coffee.

        Q: What if I use regular blended coffee and I make it with that copper pot ?
        A: LOL.

        Q:Where can I buy these stuff ??
        A: Amazon, or go to Turkey.

        Source: I'm %50 turkish.
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          Cat, Jul 22, 2014 Last edited by Drunk Cat, Jul 22, 2014
        • Jan 5, 2014
          If you put honey the coffee becomes quite sweet. You can put sugar instead but I haven't tried this yet to comment. My father doesn't like it with honey because it becomes too sweet so maybe you won't find it bitter. It's a nice (at least for me) combination of bitterness and sweetness if you make it that way.

          Thanks for sharing!
          Actually the teaspons are not heaped, if a heaped teaspon = 1.0 I am using around 0.66 (by eye xD) of the heaped teaspoon. It's strong, yes, if anyone makes it probably they should use less as you suggested.

          About the grounded coffee - as far as I know it should not be finely grounded but coarsely (as in the left side of the pic - the chunks are bit bigger):
          So you say I should use finely grounded one?

          I never tried it with sugar because I am a honey nut ^_^ but I'll give it a go. Do you use white or brown sugar? Also, do you use strainer when putting the coffee into the cup or just pour it as it is?

          Thanks for the input ^_^

          PS. yes, with fresh coffee from the shops it's way better than the packed one!
        • Oct 24, 2013
          This seems like a good routine to get some peace of mind everyday.
        • Oct 11, 2012

          Dont drink starbucks coffee - thats some bitter coffee. Drink Sumatran blends that have "earthy" flavor, not acidic.

          I drink my coffee black (no sugar, no creamer, no sissy shit). However, I love honey and may have to try this.
        • Mar 12, 2008
          I had turkish coffee once and it tasted like sweet boiled shit, and since is wasn't strained I drank too much of the coffee grounds so it gave me the runs like 5 mins after drinking it. Adding honey to it didn't make it taste better either.

          I'm not bm'ing the style, it's just not what I like. I really love coffee so I had to try it at least once.

          Turkish coffee is strong. The traditional version is unfiltered, since everything is cooked in the pot. You're supposed to keep the coffee grounds in for max flavor, but you need to drink it fast or it gets really bitter. The darker the roast, the more bitter it gets.

          Also use liquid creamer half-n-half (milk/cream) or powdered creamer like Coffee Mate. Coffee mate is a good brand of non-dairy powder creamer that dissolves pretty well. Just don't ice the coffee and try to dissolve it, it won't work. It'll cut the bitterness and compliment the coffee's flavor.
          Taters, Jul 22, 2014 Last edited by Taters, Jul 22, 2014
        • Jun 11, 2012
          I grew up on the getting the bean on the pan cooking it on the pan and grinding it up french press style and immediate serving coffee and miss it but now can only have it at my parent place. Also there leaf variant of coffee that you finely boil it on low that comes out superbly nice and isn't bitter is awesome. They get it from overseas family so we have some sort of cache of it.
        • Oct 13, 2011
          Usually white, but doesn't matter.
          No need for strainer.
          Yup, that is the most common one in Turkey. Well there are others in Turkey but finely grounded is more popular.

          Also, teaspoon sizes are different in Turkey. We have regular ones too but this one is usually for tea & coffee, I'm pretty sure that the dude who translated the recipe didn't mention spoon sizes.

          Ehh, I guess you could use honey instead of sugar. Never tried it before and might try it one day. People don't usually change recipes in Turkey. I mean, they may make the coffee with 5 sugars instead of 3, but they'll never use sweetener or honey instead of sugar.

          I learned how to make this from my grandmother who considered herself as an Ottoman not Turkish. (She died at the age of 116 ).
        • Sep 10, 2014
          Turkish Coffee is the ish ! Been to Serbia and its an awesome place !
        • Oct 24, 2013
          I forgot to update you on this. I had my gf make me some because shes from slovenia and it was pretty good.
          I had to add sugar because i think when she made it it accidentally boiled over and we lost some flavor.
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          • Jan 5, 2014
            ^Ye, sometimes my boils over as well xD it's a mess afterwards haha I'm glad you liked it :coffee:

            So ye, I got some Mehmet Efendi coffee and it's trully delicious.
            What I did is to put 2 teaspoons (no heaped) of sugar and 2 (slightly heaped) of coffee inside the pot. Then I filled it with some water and I gave the substance a gentle stir before putting the cezve onto the gas stove.
            Let the coffee raise 3 times - for good health, for happiness, and for love. Transfered the foam from the cezve into the cup then slowly poured the ready coffee as well.

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            • Nov 29, 2012
              Definitely going to try this out, I'm quite the coffee addict.:grin:
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              • Jun 27, 2011
                Thanks this is incredible!

                A friend in college made this for me once, but wouldn't tellhow to make it. It was strong as hell but very tasty flavor... I'll be giving this a shot soon!

                Also recommend some small pastries, it might help offset the strength of this coffee for those of us with Western palettes.
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                  SFMasa, Sep 25, 2014 Last edited by SFMasa, Sep 25, 2014
                • Oct 24, 2013
                  My gf from brought over a bunch of cookies to eat with them. She brought over those wafer sandwich cookies and some other ones that had a mild-sweet chocolate coating on one side. They went well together.
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