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Computer desk

Discussion in Hardware Hangout started by FluffehKitteh, Mar 11, 2014

  1. Oct 18, 2012
  2. Oct 18, 2012
  3. Dec 30, 2006
    Luffaren would be upset.
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    • Apr 1, 2012
      make one yourself, or seduce the hunky guy next door to make one for you

      and then kill him.
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      • Jul 8, 2012
        I agree.

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      • Jun 23, 2010
        If you got extra, the ikea Galant is a beautiful desk. That is what I am getting next.
      • Nov 17, 2012
        I built my own desk. None of the shops had my dimensions or anything close to it. I wanted a deep, rather small desk. I think it was 80 x 140 I wanted, but anything 140 was 60 or wasn't the type of desk I wanted.

        I went to a kitchen Benchtop place and they gave me an offcut of one of their laminates (which looks / feels so good) for $60. They cut it to size (80 x 138).

        Next I chucked some Ikea Legs on the desk and boom. Easy :smile:

        Pic from a while ago.

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        • Mar 26, 2009
          I'd just go find an office supply liquidation and grab a desk from there. They'll be worn, but way better than the garbage particle board/glue/plastic sandwich board desks they sell at Target/Walmart/etc.

          And the office supply liquidations are generally dirt cheap.
        • Mar 19, 2011

          Big and spacious, probably one I'm gonna get myself, you have until 3/15 to purchase.


          If you use this link you get a access to a code for $30 off a $60 or more purchase for Staples. Be sure to turn off location services and wifi on your phone or the code may not work. I was able to receive the message but the code didn't work until I got help from another individual so YMMV.


          Proof: staples code proof
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        • Oct 18, 2012
        • Oct 23, 2013
          Glass is nice, I used to have one but unless it's high quality you'll start getting worried about stress cracks and dropping hard objects on it by accident. Mine actually chipped after a couple years from dropping something on it and had to file it down so I wouldn't get cut/gouged in the wrist every time I used it. Eventually replaced it with medium quality wood, no more stress! Though, the glass does look nice!
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          • May 7, 2012

            Only one thing there not cheep for what they are :struggle:
          • Dec 30, 2006

            Luff has an employee/resident discount. He'll hook you up. How else did you think he got LSA?
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            • Jun 23, 2010

              Oh heeeeeeey!
            • Jun 11, 2012
              I have a Ikea desk that I got quick when I moved because my lap is not made for a desktop....it's made for lasagna