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Compy v.1.0

Discussion in Hardware Hangout started by brownieapple, Jan 21, 2012

  1. Jan 10, 2009
    oh yeah i plan on using a variable 655. I've looked at those res's you linked. if they made them in a pump/res combo i would be all for it. that is why i chose the Monsoon Premium.

    those actually look pretty cool. if i had a different case, by different i mean more solid panes less mesh/plastic, i wouldn't mind mounting on the outside. the only place that really lends itself to be outside mounted is the top of the case. i dunno i might get a fat rad to go there actually.

    here are some mods people have done to the Lanboy.

    Lanboy ARTic
    Lanboy Skateboard
    Lanboy Air

    after i have looked at those. i feel the urge to go and do something crazy. >.> crap. TO THE DRAWING BOARDS BATMAN!
  2. Dec 6, 2011
    No pump/res combo? Really?



    But I'm going to buy the parts and mount the pump myself so I save $30-40. Actually, might just buy that if shipping adds up XD

    And HOLY MOTHER FUCKER at the Lanboy ARTic! That thing is sweeet! Gotta love a fully customize able case....
  3. Jan 10, 2009
    oh haha well looks like you have proved me wrong!! those res's look amazing.

    i am thinking about taking two of the ideas and combining them.

    the flat clear plexi top of the Lanboy Skateboard and the fat rad on the ARTic. but cut holes for the fans on the clear plexi. this is all i have planned so far. still can't decide on a 360 or 240 for the fat rad. also i am taking out the motherboard block as of right now. may add it later after i have the rest of the loop complete.
  4. Dec 6, 2011
    I'd say get a fat 360 on top, so you can probably get away with a one radiator setup for your 570 and 2500k (make sure it's a good radiator). Later down the line (or now if you want a 2nd radiator), I'd say to toss in a 120 somewhere inside your case if you don't want anymore junk on the outside. My friend gets awesome temps with an SLI setup + CPU in a Raven with a 360 and a 120. I'll try to find the pics if I can.
  5. Jan 10, 2009
    sweet. i was thinking about getting the XSPC RX series if i get a fat rad. its the same one that is on the ARTic. and it has a low FPI so i can use my Yate slows. :grin:.
  6. Dec 6, 2011
    Here's the pics after wasting 30minutes surfing Tom's Hardware again -.-.... (they need to organize it better lol)


    These are insane temps.....

    Here's some more to explain:

  7. Jan 10, 2009
    that raven is pretty sexy with that white tubing. :grin:

    and the rest of those are pretty awesome as well. got the Raystorm in tonight. it looks so good. i can't wait when i can buy the rest of it. I HAVE THE FEVER!!!!
  8. Oct 22, 2007
    EWWW.... it's a shitty rip off from the danger den monsoon res... Dude don't do an external rad, they look horrible...
  9. Jan 10, 2009

    lol well I'm going with the DD Monsoon. black w/ red LEDs & accents.

    I'm not at first just to get it all set up and under water. but i do plan on doing a bit of modding to the case [eventually] and what i have planned ~should~ look good.just depends on the amount of free time i have.
  10. Dec 6, 2011
    Honestly I don't know what you see in the DD monsoon, the FrozenQ Res Mod is sick as fuck. Also, have you been radiator surfing lately? You want to make sure you know you want the radiator that you get. If you have any questions and need an expert, just hit up Tom's Hardware, Rubix is the main man there for water cooling.

    Personally, I like the Black Ice GTX Radiator, because it has had amazing reviews and has out performed just about any other 360mm rad out there.

    And I'm just curious, what color tubing, coolant, and color fittings will you be getting?
  11. Jan 10, 2009

    i just really like the DD Monsoon because it will go well with the red/black theme i have and it is simple. the FrozenQ is a little much for what i want to do.

    red tubing or maybe black. not sure yet. no coolant just distilled water with a biocide and a silver kill coil i don't want the chance of a dye breaking down and gunning up my blocks. fittings will most likely be the bitspower rotary compression fittings with one or two quick disconnects.

    and no i haven't picked out my rads yet. still debating.
  12. Dec 6, 2011
    Black tubing, because you already have a decent amount of red on the inside. Plus, it'd give off a nice and bold look.

    a little much? All you do is pop that badboy in a bay and it's ready to go. It's the same as the Monsoon, except it looks better! =P

    Great way to drop $150 or more right there.
  13. Feb 18, 2011
    I just bought the Cosmos ll and my build is nearly complete. Heres what I have and will have:

    Dual GTX 260's (Just temporary until I have enough money for when the 600 series come out.)
    Intel i-7 3960x extreme edition
    MSI GD-65 Motherboard with an x79 chipset
    Mushkin SSD 120 GB
    32 gigs of g.series ripjaw z ram designed for lga 2011 processors and x79 platforms (dont ask why i have so much)
    1300 watt rosewill power supply
    LG blu-ray burner

    What I need still:
    Water Blocks for everything. (A dream until everything else is done.)
    Mechanical Hard Drive (any suggestions?)
    I am considering buying a RAID for it because the SSD probably wont last long, and If I buy a RAID what should I get?
    Sound Card: http://www.amazon.co...0/dp/B0041OUA38
    New keyboard
    New Mic
  14. Dec 6, 2011
    Shit nice, where are you getting the money for this?

    And your 3960k is screaming at you saying "feed me moar" because your 260's definitely will not satisfy it =P

    P.S. Be prepared for a world of butthurt if you do not have some pics of this setup soon... :banana:
  15. Feb 18, 2011
    It isn't even close to getting set up yet though. I kept everything in its box until I have every part.
    Being a kid has its benefits. Processor was for christmas, video cards were only hundred bucks a pop. RAM was 120. burner was like 60. SSD was 100. Everything is cheap when you look for the lowest price like I do...

    The 600 series should be out very soon so I won't have to worry about having these cards long. *Technically* this is the first computer I have built and bought without help (exception of Johnny and Clam) and I wanted it to last me a long time.

    Upload pics through phone one by one, was planning to do it for facebook anyway rofl.

    Currently coming to me: One of the two 260's, case(with power supply), and mobo. I can post individual pics and when I get my to buy list finished I will post the final product.
    Clicky below for pics
  16. Jan 10, 2009
    yeah that does sound about right. ill keep that in mind when placing my order for stuff. :grin:
    i meant the bright LED's. i'm going for a more subtle amount of light. the dim red LED's in the monsoon will fit in better. not that i don't like the FrozenQ. that and i fell in love with the damn thing after Viva showed it off. i blame him..jerk.
    yeah but they look sexy as hell!

    FFFUUUU im jelly about that 3960x. and why 32gigs of ram? i mean yes i know i have 16gigs an that is overkill but DAMN! lol. you're going to love em.

    Quietly you're not going to yell at him for his 1300 watt PSU? lol.

    i would hold off on a HDD right now in this market. the 80$ WD Caviar Black i bout a few months ago was at 250$ the other day. and the SSD's will last a while seriously it has like a billion* overwrites before failure lol.

    *made up number to prove point
  17. Dec 6, 2011
    Hi I'm Anathema and my family likes to drop $1,000 on me for Christmas. *jelly* Even the other parts are expensive, your lucky you don't have to pay for everything like I do >.< I'm only rolling in $200-$250 profit every 2 weeks. Although I'm honestly not sure why I'd need a $1000 CPU, I'd be fine with the $600 extreme one.

    Alright, I'm here if you ever need help on it. Like I've said before I build computers for friends and family, including a handful that were water cooled. So I have a nice amount of experience. Plus I wasn't always great in English class, so I won't be using words that are impossible to understand =D

    When you have a nice X79 chipset, your able to drop in 8 DIMMs of RAM. Why the hell not? RAM is cheap as fuck right now.

    Motherfucker, you trying to sneak stuff past me and think I wouldn't find out? WHY THE FUCK are you getting a 1300w PSU??? Naw I'm just kidding. I know he's going to be adding on like 690's in octuple-SLI or some shit like that. So I'm not going to argue. :tongue:
  18. Jan 10, 2009
    lol he better be getting like 12 or 15 monitors to run them 8 cards! lol :teehee:

    also. yeah i would of gone with 8gig sticks but that was just WAY to much at the time. 100$ for 4x4gig sticks. it was like 200-250$ for 4x8gig sticks. :turned:

    oh MEGA UPDATE!!!!
    purchasing the 2nd 570HD, the res, pump, tubing. and i think i am going to use some red LRT tubing. the DD Dream flex is a little too orange but the perfect red under uv. >.> wtf. but the LRT is a good dark red. if it doesnt work out i will go with black or another red.
  19. Dec 6, 2011
    a 570HD....? I hope you mean a GTX 570 =P

    And are you sure that the tubing will look good in your case? There's already a bit of red in there =\
  20. Jan 10, 2009

    no it is the EVGA GTX570 HD. and there are waterblocks for them which here is what i just hit the rape me in the butt button.

    1x EVGA GTX570 HD
    2x EK GeForce 570 GTX SE Block - Acetal + Electroless Nickel Plated - Rev 1.1
    1x PrimoChill PrimoFlex PRO LRT 1/2" ID 3/4"OD RED
    1x DD Monsoon D5 Premium
    1x 655/D5 pump
    1x Silver Kill Coil
    1x Biocide


    and i haven't even thought about rads or which fittings. the only two things i need. FUUUU. oh well. ill order those soon.