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Counter-Strike: Source Zombie Escape Giveaway

Discussion in Setup an Event started by Who_er, Sep 23, 2013

  1. Jan 13, 2013
    Today, i bring to you the second ze_lila_panic_escape Zombie escape competition. On a date (TBD) we will be playing on Lila Panic for a total of 2 hours (Less if a full win is accomplished). No more than 2 hours will be played. I wanted to do this because i know the map can be beaten. We at pF just need a great deal of teamwork and the win will be ours. A Screenshot will be taken at the end of each round as well as a "status" check to make sure i miss no users in this competition.


    1. You will not be able to enter more than 8 random numbers after the competition has ended
    2. You must not glitch points in any way shape or form.
    3. You must be sportsman like and support the team. Wallhuggers and door squeezers will receive an infraction calculated after the map is finished.
    4. Do not post more than the given number of chances allotted or the amount you earned or a penalty will occur.
    5. Admins and Current Donators are allowed to participate, but if the given person automatically resubs, they will not get the prize
    1. Wallhugging and Door squeezing will result in -10 points
    2. Posting too many numbers will result in the loss of the number(s) which exceed your amount, and 1 extra.
    3. Resubbing automatically without using the winnings will automatically remove your prize from you, and it will be given to 3 runner ups decided based on points and teamwork at the players watching during the competition
    • 2 2 Month Donater Subscriptions
    Sign-ups for watching duties.
    • Responsibilities include:
    1. Watching for door huggers
    2. Watching for good teamwork
    3. And if possible, taking screenshots of points to ensure everyone gets their points correctly.
    List of Currently Enrolled "Watchers"
    • Who_ER
    • Narthalax
    • John Doe
    Point System:
    • Guess will be assigned based on the following standards
    1. All users (Not "Watchers") get 1 guess by default for joining and playing
    2. Points are allotted per 150 in-game points. (Points can be gained in any way you wish, as long as there is no glitching)
    3. Bonus points (Can be negative) will be given out at the end for best teamwork, worst teamwork, and most door hugging.
    EDIT 1:

    • -??? points for activating DJ secrets. (??? = Randomly generated after the competition)
    • "Watchers" may be anyone who wishes to NOT participate in the event and either demo the event, or do the responsibilities as listed above.
    *Rules may be revised at any time up-to the competition Date*
    *Awaiting LSA/Root approval*
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      Who_er, Sep 23, 2013 Last edited by Who_er, Sep 25, 2013
    • Feb 3, 2012
      pF has no clue what teamwork is.
    • Jan 13, 2013
    • Apr 1, 2012
      can you also penalize fuckers who activate the secrets as the dj?

      -200 points or something.
    • Jan 30, 2013
      @Who_er Can watchers be non donators/admins? I assume they need to be in spec, and i know you'll get kicked if your not a donator/admin and your just sitting in spec. If not, might wanna make that a requirement, to be one. :<
      - 1000 for me!
    • Jan 13, 2013
      I think i could add that :smile: Makes sense for sure though. It's quite annoying.
      Post Merged, Sep 23, 2013
      Edited rules, thanks :grin: As long as they are active, they won't be kicked from spec.
    • Oct 4, 2012
      I'm gonna join just to activate all secrets.
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      • Jan 13, 2013
        Cuni -???*5
      • Apr 3, 2013
        Why are DJ Secrets not allowed?

        Low gravity at the end on some stages are actually useful. Let's say level 4, where pedobear begins to use his spells. Most of the time, alot of people dies by it, and the end players can be something like 15 players against 30 zombies. (and 18 spectators)

        Unless you have every item and good teamwork, you would usually get overrun by the zombies at the top of lila. But if you just jump/derp around with the low grav, you can just climb up to the top and win.


        A lvl 5 item is not needed. Plus, it's ZM after stage 4, so you can just easily achieve level 5.

        Lvl 5 items are like the Daedric and the Dragonpriest, both kills one team. But in this case, the Dragonpriest runs 90 miles an hour and can easily kill the whole human team.
        Plus, there's only one round of Low Gravity, once that is triggered, it's gone.
        Kloud, Sep 23, 2013 Last edited by Kloud, Sep 23, 2013
      • Apr 1, 2012
        secrets are allowed, it's just discouraged in the form of negative points.

        we've beaten level 4 many times without the "help" of the low grav secret, only difference between level 3 and 4 is the pedo fight, which is easy to do with good ammo box, heal and people stop buying awps and auto snipers. the best record I've seen with pedo fight at level 4 so far is 2 deaths max in the boss fight, which is impressive and doable.

        the problem that I have with secrets:
        -it discourages teamwork, it allows people to "solo win" at the expense of others. no, it's nigh impossible for 30 humans to win as a team when there's fucking low grav for everyone.
        -it's annoying to some people.
        -it's very unlikely for people to actually solo win with the gravity, I've yet seen anyone managed to solo win with the low grav and drugs since low grav is disabled roughly 5 seconds before the ending.
        -since it's unlikely for people to win with the low grav, it's a waste of time since people have to restart the level.

        tl;dr pointless, even with the low grav, it's hard to solo win because low grav gets shut down around 5 seconds before the ending and it's a waste of time while it annoys other people.

        Aside from low grav, here's what I observed:
        Encoder secret kills a lot of people unless someone has Heal.
        Nyan cat secret is annoying to some people.
      • Jun 19, 2013
        I'd like to watch if I'am available whenever you decide to do this.
      • Mar 30, 2013
        Nyan cat is not a problem. You just get a nyan cat overlay on your computer :razz:, you can still see

        Encoder, is a problem if you don't destroy the chopper. Anyway, at stage 7 and 8 the same chopper come automaticaly, and you need to destroy it (if you are touch by one bullet, you die... HARD)

        Level 5 item, is a zombie item, like DP in Skyrim, with ~200.000 HP :bugeyes:
      • Aug 12, 2012
        we will need the best of the best players on the mic to lead if we got any chance of winning.
      • Mar 30, 2012
        I might be around for this. Maybe.
        No promises.
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        • May 12, 2007
          I think -5000 should do it, it causes too many issues for A WIN
        • Jan 13, 2013
          Once this gets approved, im gonna ask if someone can delete all the posts but mine so we can have a fresh thread for volunteering to be a watcher and suggestions rather than complaining about the rules i have in place already :razz:
        • Feb 8, 2013
          You guys are hilarious... only do your best and wear your try hard hat on when it comes to an event? You guys should always play your best instead of fuckin around all the time. Good players are good players because they always try, not only when it comes to an event.
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          • Apr 3, 2013

            Hosting donator events is what makes all/most of the try harders join in. Last time Zimmy held a donator contest we had star players there.
          • Feb 8, 2013
            Ehhhh... those are different. Those aren't good players. Those are just hungry for their prize.