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CS:GO [Blog] - Braaaiiiins!

Discussion in News started by Josh, Aug 16, 2012

  1. May 27, 2008
    Read my last post, please. I explained that the server needs to be updated.
  2. Aug 23, 2012
    After an hour of playing the zombie servers, I realized that a lot of them are missing. Would love to see more classes of zombies, darkness, the card is not unlimited ammo, laser mines. Just sometimes after login and game selection for the zombies become "blind" to the end of the round. I propose to create one darkness on the cards, and that the zombie "afraid" of light, that is, when the output of the light became blind as a zombie on the effect of blindness, and slowly lose health.
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    • Mar 12, 2008
    • Feb 21, 2007
      While those are all possible options...we don't have those on our css servers. Since we used alot of our stuff from css to get the cs:go servers up and running, we don't have those on here now. Our current focus is bug fixing.
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      • Aug 22, 2012
        Nobody is playing anymore :frown:
      • Apr 9, 2012
        GO needs some months, but even then I just feel more and more that currently GO seems to lack some important things for ZE. I won't abandon it, however I wait for other players to start up. I already made a map for it and I feel that's all I needed to do for GO. I gave it a shot and it just seemed too early. I hope it'll be played frequently when it gets serious updates
      • Nov 11, 2011
        Boy I wish we had those in CSS. xD !lm
      • Jun 18, 2012
        Your map is great Joris, GO just sucks. :smile:
        Post Merged, Sep 23, 2012
        Stick to css for now.
      • tweeky
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        Oct 27, 2012