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CS:GO ze/zs christmas mapping contest (Mapeadores)

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Luffaren, Oct 11, 2015

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  1. Feb 24, 2011
    Hello there fellow fellas and fellower @Mapper s!
    Mapeadores is now hosting a christmas mapping contest FYI. Here's the link to official contest thread:


    You should probably read the actual/official thread for all the information, i'm just copy+pasting some of the more major things here:
    1. 50 €
    2. 25 €
    3. Thief Master Thief Edition for Steam + 3 mo. supporter (Mapeadores equivalent to donator)
    4. 3 mo. supporter (Mapeadores equivalent to donator)
    5. 1 mo. supporter (Mapeadores equivalent to donator)

    Deadline: 06/01/2016 12:00 PM Spanish time (GMT+1)
    1. Ports are NOT included in this contest. Remakes of existing maps will be, however, allowed if they are built from the ground up.
    2. Maps started before the contest will be able to compete, however, this fact must be disclosed for a more fair judging of the results.
    3. Collaborative entries are allowed and ENCOURAGED. We want the community to strengthen and grow while having fun. Members of the team developing a map will decide how to split the prizes if won.
    4. Maps submitted to the contest and uploaded to other sites (GameBanana, Steam Workshop, ...) must state that the map entered the competition.

    To participate, simply create your Christmas-themed zombie map and upload it here: http://mapeadores.com/foros/mapas.9/

    Anything goes, however, the map must be created in CS:GO for any of the following zombie gamemodes:
    - Zombie Escape (ZE)
    - Zombie Survival (ZS)

    Maps will NEED to work with Mapeadores' settings (mainly spawn in the crowd), but absolute freedom will be given otherwise. You will also need to use the Mapeadores Mapping Contest 2015 sign somewhere visible in the map. You are free to also use signs advertising your own community (if any) - no restrictions whatsoever! Just make sure the Mapeadores mapping contest sign is visible.

    The official judging (4 judges) will be performed taking into account:
    - Quality of the gameplay experience (when live tested on the mapeadores servers)
    - Overall aesthetics and visuals
    - Usage of entities in interesting, novel or enjoyable ways
    - Technical expertise and correct usage of the tools
    - Custom content of any kind (textures, materials, models, sounds...)

    All i'm doing here is spreading the word in hopes of getting new, fresh CS:GO maps out there.
    Spread the word, join in, prosper!

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      Luffaren, Oct 11, 2015 Last edited by Luffaren, Jan 2, 2016
    • May 31, 2012
      Be sure to download the material/texture packs in Mapeadores' forum to get a boost and jump into hammer right away. CS:GO doesn't have much variety, sadly, and even less so in a christmasy/wintery theme.

      I'll be one of the judges in the official contest and, if you have any doubts, I'll be glad to try to solve them in a timely manner. The big idea here is that all communities get together, have fun and we get some maps churmed out for the whole world (and gamemodes) to see!

      If anyone here in pF wants to drop something for the community pool (I'm trying to get Mapeadores' admins to finish the community voting platform), you can find Morell's (mapeadores' owner) steam profile on their forum. His english is lackluster at best, so if you post here first can I tell him beforehand and whatnot.

      I hope we all have fun, and happy mapping to those that decide to participate!
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      • Feb 27, 2012
        I'll do my best to whip something up for the contest. I haven't used hammer for a while so i'm a little bit rusty. I've still got to do something with Jailbreak, but i'll see what i can do.
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        • May 2, 2013
          yeah @Tony The Pussy get your shit together and make a fucking map u slacker!
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          • Aug 7, 2012
            do it bro!
          • Jul 20, 2014
            what is zombie survival? is it ZM?
          • May 31, 2012
            It's a deviation from ZM with pickable (think of a gravity gun)/breakable props and more of a teamwork orientation. It's pretty new, so there are few ZS-specific maps (most are ZM ports from CS:S with extra props added with a plugin). The idea is that when the edges are a bit polished, the plugins will be released and it'll become public for all servers to use.
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            • Feb 27, 2012
              I think it would be best if most mappers made ZS maps that way when the mod is published, there is already a decent set of maps out.

              I've asked this before but i've forgotten; should the map be built like a ZM map? What are things that should be done differently when building a ZS map as opposed to a ZM map?
            • May 31, 2012
              To sum up the setup in the ZS test server:
              • Ammo is limited, so (most) spots end up being legal.
              • You can spawn new props with a command, though there's a limit on how many you can buy per round, and they require credits.
              • Zombies are fully solid (they can use pushaway solidity to get unstuck) and can stack on infinite towers, meaning that as a mapper you can exploit verticality when designing hold spots.
              • Humans can't stack and make use of 'pushaway' solidity (so they can't all get in a vent and rape, but they can make use of teleports and whatnot)
              • Props are made breakable by the plugin(s), so you don't have to worry about giving them health. Prop_physics_override is recommended because they're the least wonky in terms of solidity and you're gonna be picking/freezing them anyway.
              • Zombies spawn without getting teleported back.
              So, in general, standard limited ammo ZM maps can work for ZS. However:
              • Since props are breakable, adding more is usually needed (though the plugin set allows server admins to add prop spawns to fill up maps that don't have enough of 'em)
              • Most ZM maps (in my experience) are made 'flat' (ie. holds are spread out in a single plane, or within planes at different heights. I think making use of the infinite tower feature in ZS is best, because it acts as the teamwork mechanic for zombies.
              • Although some ZM maps are absurdly broken and just offer one entry point with loads of props to block it, in general they tend to give zombies more attack routes to enter a hold. Since in ZS the barricade isn't going to be as sturdy, it might be better to compensate there.
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