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CSS bind help! Thanks!

Discussion in Gaming started by Ghost, May 14, 2012

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  1. May 14, 2011
    This can be moved to no count once someone has replied :razz:

    How do i bind the connect key (deafult is F3) what is the bind called, because i overwrote the F3 bind and now I cant connect to a server via the !servers command.

    This happens when it says server is offering to connect you to:.....

    It just says "Please configure a key to connect"

    Thanks for all help in advance.
  2. May 5, 2011
    Type unbind f3
  3. May 14, 2011
    That did what it said... It unbound F3, now what do i bind it to?
  4. May 5, 2011
    You don't bind f3 leave it as nothing and server will make you connect if using !servers :smile:
  5. Dec 2, 2011
    I dont think soooo! I belive there is command.
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    • Dec 2, 2011
      F3 is default set to "askconnect_accept". Set a key in your ../counter-strike source/cstrike/cfg/config.cfg to that, and use that key instead.
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      • May 5, 2011
        I have nothing set for f3 and I used !servers last night and i can connect to other servers.
      • Dec 2, 2011
        Your wrong, Umad?
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        • May 14, 2011
          bind "KP_HOME" "askconnect_accept" <---- worked. Thanks richard!
        • May 5, 2011
          Haha Richard helped!? jk jk, i never heard of KP_Home, i never binded my f3 at all and works fine for me using !servers
        • May 14, 2011
          kp_home is aka. NUM_7.

          the number 7 key on your num pad.
        • May 5, 2011
          oh ok, but yea i never touched my f3 keys unless binds for ze warnings but i used f5 and up
        • Dec 2, 2011
          Name to use when bindingNormal Name
          1 One
          2 Two
          3 Three
          4 Four
          5 Five
          6 Six
          7 Seven
          8 Eight
          9 Nine
          0 Zero
          A A
          B B
          C C
          D D
          E E
          F F
          G G
          H H
          I I
          J J
          K K
          L L
          M M
          N N
          O O
          P P
          Q Q
          R R
          S S
          T T
          U U
          V V
          W W
          X X
          Y Y
          Z Z
          F1 F1
          F2 F2
          F3 F3
          F4 F4
          F5 F5
          F6 F6
          F7 F7
          F8 F8
          F9 F9
          F10 F10
          F11 F11
          F12 F12
          ` Left Quote or Tilde
          ' Right Quote
          - Hyphen
          = Equals sign
          ] Right Bracket
          \ Forward Slash
          , Comma
          / Backslash
          SPACE Spacebar
          ENTER Enter
          ESCAPE Escape
          PAUSE Pause/Break
          BACKSPACE Backspace
          TAB Tab
          SEMICOLON Semicolon ;
          SHIFT Shift
          CTRL Control
          ALT Alt
          UPARROW Up Arrow
          DOWNARROW Down Arrow
          LEFTARROW Left Arrow
          RIGHTARROW Right Arrow
          INS Insert
          HOME Home
          PGUP Page Up
          PGDN Page Down
          DEL Delete
          END End
          KP_HOME Keypad Home/7
          KP_UPARROW Keypad Up Arrow/8
          KP_PGUP Keypad Page Up/9
          KP_LEFTARROW Keypad Left Arrow/4
          KP_5 Keypad 5
          KP_RIGHTARROW Keypad Right Arrow/6
          KP_END Keypad End/1
          KP_DOWNARROW Keypad Down Arrow/2
          KP_PGDN Keypad Page Down/3
          KP_INS Keypad Insert/0
          KP DEL Keypad Delete
          KP_SLASH Keypad Backslash
          KP_MINUS Keypad Hyphen
          KP_PLUS Keypad Plus
          * Keypad Star
          MOUSE1 Mouse Button 1
          MOUSE2 Mouse Button 2
          MOUSE3 Mouse Button 3 (Middle Button)
          MWHEELUP Mouse Scroll Wheel Up
          Mouse Scroll Wheel Down

          Found this on http://www.counter-strike-source-tips.com/counter-strike-source-binding.html
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          • May 5, 2011
            Instead of having a long post why didnt you just post the link itself? and not all that LONG LONG list lol
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            • Feb 14, 2012
              I have all my weapon buy scripts bound to the keypad. I like being able to have 10 different unique buys.
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