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CSS ZE (sometime in next several weeks)

Discussion in Setup an Event started by meeko, Aug 14, 2015

  1. Oct 29, 2010
    Yes, I'm thinking about hosting an event in that ZE server.

    The dead one.

    The one you all neglected in its final days.

    Anyways. . .

    A person who used to be a ZE regular before The Great Death recently suggested I host an event on the ZE server, with the challenge being to win the final level of one of the newer "epic" maps (e.g. Westersand v2_7, Sunlight, etc.) I told him, sure, I'll give it a try.

    I'm not gonna pretend this event is not another attempt at reviving ZE, but I also don't give a fuck if my efforts prove futile. I already tried once to keep ZE alive before its final death (thanks for the help, nobody), so whatevers. ZM can get fucking monotonous, and MG is essentially nonexistent. But I digress. . .

    All I really want is to partake the challenge of experiencing, exploring, conquering the newest generation of multi-level maps in our own server. Sunlight looks delicious, the newest Westersand is much more than a facelift, there's a slew of other quality ZE maps that were published in the past several months, etc. Any suggestions?

    This thread is rough draft.


    1.) When is competition?

    Very end of August or mid-September. It will give ample time for word of the event to spread across the globe.

    Event will be on a Sunday (the only day I have ample free time), on early afternoon PST (I'm thinking 12 or 1 PM PST, so that Europeans will be able to join).

    2.) Where is competition?

    ZE server on CSS. Type in console, connect ze.plaguefest.com

    Admins that never played on ZE before, please review ZE rules and learn the nuances of the game. . .

    3.) Winners?

    Winners: those who triumph the final level of the map we play AND/OR the MVP's of the session.

    4.) Prize?

    TBD, though will come in form of admin/donor or cash for games/items/etc. Prob top 3 per map.

    I'm probably gonna throw down $40/50USD for this event, to be distributed in the form of prizes. If there is evidence the event will be well-attended/well-received, I will possibly throw down even more USD, but I appreciate sponsors as well.
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      meeko, Aug 14, 2015 Last edited by meeko, Aug 14, 2015
    • Feb 27, 2012
      and i'll be matching whatever he throws down.
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      • Apr 28, 2013
        I'm pcless for now (hard drive broken). I hope to get back and better than ever (possibly before the event starts). I might have to resub for admin incase any troublemakers show up.
      • Jan 5, 2012
        You should probably throw in ze_mountainescape, I think most regs and new players would enjoy it.
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        • Oct 29, 2010
          I'll probably use this as a warm-up map (even brand new players will understand they have to reach the top).
        • Oct 25, 2013
          In that case I'll join after that map.
        • Oct 29, 2010
          No worries. But I need to remind you that this thread is in its brainstorming phase, any aspect of this map is subject to change(s).

          I forgot how polarizing of a map Mountain Escape was. Maybe we do Hypernova instead? Or Biohazard? We'll see.

          I also want to try out ze ffvii cosmo canyon (brand new map) that's currently being played on other servers.

          The event is gonna require some effort from management themselves, as the current maplist is OUTDATED, and needs to be updated with several more maps that have come out since the death of ZE.
        • Oct 25, 2013
          FFVII cosmo canyon sounds fun (totally not because of the correlation to my name). I'm up for a good range of maps, hypernova or biohazard would do. I've been playing quite a lot of biohazard rpd, crash bandicoot and doom on csgo but the 2 latter ones are rather try hardish maps. So probably not the best for a warm up.
        • Aug 7, 2012
          sure, let me know what you pick.
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