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Cyborg Rat 5 gaming mouse

Discussion in Hardware Hangout started by marine1217, Jul 7, 2012

  1. Jun 17, 2012
    Well recently i did a new OS install of windows 7 and my mouse has started to move up whenever i use it. i can still move it up, down, left, right and so on but it always tend to push to the top of my screen. Now i can make it go down and such but it will randomly move up on me when i touch the mouse or try to use it. and ingame it does the same on CSS. anyone have any ideas? iv tried reinstalling the drivers and it didnt work.
  2. May 14, 2011
    My friend recenlty got this mouse.

    Mad Catz software.

    Says enough. Things are bound to go wrong.

    Well I would try to use a different surface for the mouse, maybe a mouse mat?

    Also I would try installing the drivers + the software to try and fix it and tweak around with the settings.

    Also check out the acceleration in Windows settings and in the software and switch them both off.
  3. Apr 27, 2012
    I just bang my mouse on my desk. Hope this helps.
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    • May 14, 2011
      I reckon it would fall apart if he did so.
    • Apr 27, 2012
      Prove it :3 You goddamned girl from the Ring
    • Nov 29, 2010
      Read up some other forums about this issue, if it's something that's not worth fixing, then just go take it back if it's within store policies.

      Try changing your mousepad first to see if it's really not a software issue, if so go hit up google and look for fixes and solutions
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      • Jan 21, 2011
        It won't. I've had one for 2 years and I slam it all the time. It's still working fine.

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      • May 15, 2011
        Ur. Had this too. It's the surface you're using. Get a propper mouse pad and it should work fine. It's EXTREMELY sensitive. Also, blow on the bottom of the mouse, wipe it with your hand, ANY little insignificant specs that you can't see will drive the mouse nuts. It's like the old NES games. Always blow on it before using it. I have the R.A.T. 7, so maybe this wont help but I'm sure it was the same issue as me, it's just the sensitivity of the optic thingy maboober.
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        • Mar 20, 2012
          Have sometimes the same problem (but instead of "up" movement its in "perfect 90° right" direction) with my mx518...but i think its only in css
          This problem isnt very old for me only some months now ...
          I really think its some software problem in the background maybe even steam itself.

          because it occurs not evry minute i dont pay much attention to it....but would be nice 2 know if anybody has a solution for this lol^^

          How do u explain, that its always the same direction?
        • May 15, 2011
          Don't know. I only had this problem when I first installed the mouse. Played around with some shit, got some mouse pads (I used paper but still counts.) and oh ya, I deleted the drivers from the install disk and installed clean from the website. Maybe that was what fixed it. For some raisin installation CD's suck.
        • Nov 11, 2011
          Different pads have different grainage. I won't go into the details but suffice it to say, your horizontal and vertical pads have different grain patterns (even the SteelSeries suffers from this but I still love mine).
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          • Jun 17, 2012
            On my mouse i changed the settings by clicking the face on the left hand side and changed my mode and it seemed to work. Slamming it wont break it but continously doing soo will after months. i have had other mad catz products which were pieces of crap. keyboard DOA software issues... I will try uninstall all software and reinstalling sometime this day to see if it helps im thinking one of the modes for the mouse is messing up beacuse when i click the modes untill i reach blue then it starts moving up again so it must be a software issue.

            Also i do use a mouse pad its cloth and quite smooth.
            marine1217, Jul 7, 2012 Last edited by marine1217, Jul 7, 2012