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Discussion in Gaming started by iProbie, Aug 20, 2013

  1. Apr 1, 2012
    I hope this is not "advertising others"

    but anyway, for you Dota 2 players, there's this cool custom mods site that you can check out here at: d2ware.net
    so basically you can use Steam sign-in there,create or join a game lobby and the lobby will queue up for one of d2ware's own servers to host the game for you. there are even multiple regions and servers available all around the world, from NA to EU, AU and RUS.

    a lobby can have a maximum of 3 plugins at a time. so you can combine plugins to make interesting games.
    the full list of plugins available for hosting at http://d2ware.net/plugins
    some of the notable plugins include Lucky Items, LoD/BLoD, Random OMG/Better OMG, Multipliers.

    so far, the playerbase is very low compared to dota 2 itself and the number of active players at a time rarely exceed 250-300. it's free and if you feel like trying out something whacky in dota, d2ware is a great choice.

    I myself, have been playing BLoD (Better Legends of Dota) all the time here. Probably if you see me in Dota 2 "Playing Against Bots", that means I'm playing in a d2ware game.

    the downside of d2ware so far is the lack of severe leavers punishment system.