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Dark Souls

Discussion in Gaming started by Badgriuel, Apr 1, 2011

  1. Jul 20, 2010
    Now if any of you ever played Demon Souls for the PS3, you will want to get this game. Looks amazing so far and a must buy if you like JRPG's. From Software doesn't mess around when it comes to making hard games.

  2. Jan 5, 2007
    Was really excited for the first game in the series until I found it was PS3 exclusive. There's just not enough titles coming out for the PS3 that I can't find on PC/360 already, so this game will just be next to its prequel on the list of 3-4 games that are actually decent for the PS3. :confused:
  3. Jul 20, 2010
    This is coming out for the fail60, so you get to enjoy it. Some games are just better on a PS3. And there's plenty of titles that are for the PS3 that are great games. If you like RPG's or others. I own most of the JRPGS. Love them all.
  4. Nov 29, 2010
    oh hell yes
  5. Jul 20, 2010
    Yea just be prepared to have dumb downed graphics on your 360. Along with multiple disc's lol. This seems to have about the same graphics as Demon Soul's.
  6. Jan 5, 2007
    These days, the detail level between the 360 and the PS3 is not really significant. Even then, if I'm going to sit down to play an RPG for a few hours, I would prefer the larger 360 controllers instead of the poorly shaped PS3 ones. I have somewhat larger hands, so trying to hold a PS3 controller means I'm pretty much making a fist the entire time while a 360 controllers is just large enough to fit comfortably.

    As for multiple discs, that's not really an issue. Especially with installing titles to the HDD on a console. Just install all the discs, and play away without ever needing to swap them out.
  7. Jul 20, 2010
    Reaper you haven't played many PS3 only games i take it lol. I had a 360 along with my PS3 and noticed a huge difference. There are major details in graphics. PS3 games will have some of the best graphics around. Take a look at Killzone 3 for example amazing graphics, don't see a game for the 360 so far that comes close to it. I for one have big hands, and love the PS3 controller hate the 360 one though. The 360 controller is to bulky imo. Where as the PS3 controller fits perfectly and everything is within easy reach. Love the triggers on my PS3 controller also :grin:.
  8. Jan 5, 2007
    Can't really compare a PS3 exclusive title to graphics on the 360, since there's no version of it that you can actually compare it to. Honestly, the PS3 graphics are not as impressive as a lot of people try to make them out to be. You don't even need super shiny graphics to make a great game. As long as the game play is done well then who cares if the graphics are not "the best" that you can get? As for the controllers, it's really just personal preference. The PS3 controller has never changed its design since the first dual-shock controllers were released for the PSX. Now before you go and say how that must mean it's a great design since they never changed it, remember what I just said a moment ago. I know plenty of people who find the 360 controllers to be more comfortable to hold due to the design, and I also know people who prefer the PS3 controller. Unfortunately though, most of the PS3 fans are also borderline Sony fanatics who obsess over anything they make, so they're opinion on it can't really be used seriously.

    All that aside though, I'll probably get this game on the 360 when it comes out. I'm a sucker for really challenging RPGs.
  9. Jul 20, 2010
    If you take the best graphics wise game from the PS3 and put it along side the 360 you could see the difference. Because we all know that they want to make their game look so good that people want to buy that console to then play said game. There is a reason why Killzone 3 has done so well. Same can be said about Halo to a lesser extent I guess lol. The graphics are amazing, along with a great story, good gameplay and awesome multi player.
  10. Nov 29, 2010
    Each system has it's own strengths and it's weaknesses.

    Two exclusives I've seen use the 360's processing capacity pretty well was Alan Wake and Gears of War. Also, developers seem to have an easier time porting games for the 360, as reaper said, the controllers feel more natural to the hand. The xbox 360 also consumes less power than the PS3. Sad to say, I'm slowly pondering over to selling my xbox because of the lack of titles and games its launching, most ports I get for my pc.

    However, with developers learning how the ps3 works they're finally beginning to use it to it's maximum potential, with games that are comparable to movies, I have yet to see a character on the xbox 360 rendered as beautifully as Kratos from God of War 3, or the war-like feeling of the Killzone Series, and did I mention the beauty of the Uncharted series?

    Sony had a slow start with the ps3, which is why it got a bad rap, however with so many quality exclusives coming out, and the fact it was built to be the "all in one" machine, (You can download any movie and basically transfer it over to the ps3's HDD and play them, unlike the xbox 360's limited formatting)

    Currently on the market, both Sony has about 2 triple A titles about to launch and Microsoft has 1 (and only 1 expected so far)

    Sony had amazing exclusives launched in 2010, and continuing on with more amazing launches in 2011, also with a handheld console that has the processing power that rivals the ps3.

    Resistance 3
    Uncharted 3
    Infamous 2

    Gears of War 3

    Microsoft is slowing down in terms of releases, and looking at gamespot and scrolling, their last well known exclusive to launch was Halo: Reach. I'm trying to be fair for the xbox because I own one, but looking at the cold hard facts, it's not looking good. Only thing keeping the xbox out of the water is the multitude of ports being launched, I'll also admit, in terms of graphics, Microsoft has yet to deliver something that surpasses Uncharted 2.

    Xbox Sold over 41 Million units in 2010, and Playstation reaches over 13 million for the PS3, 9.9 Million for the PSP, and 7.7 Million for the PS2. Still, numbers are showing that majority of users are buying the xbox 360.

    The xbox is built for one thing predominantly, and that's for games. With a huge array of games to play you can never run out of games on the xbox. Their way of showing off how hardcore you are as a gamer is showing "gamerscore" getting achievements gets you gamerscore, and every game you play and get achievements for increases the score. The way they integrate for users is well-built, allowing for parties to be played online and just have a fun time with buddies online. I have yet to see this feature to be used on the ps3.

    Also, to note, every sale gets you a free headset to go along with the xbox so you're set to chat with people the moment you get online, while ps3 being compatible with any bluetooth headset making it flexible if you want to get intense gamer headphones, it's still a setback, since you gotta buy a headset first.

    Majority of games play better on the xbox due to it's "huge" hard drive, and loading times are cut significantly and all games can be installed to it. However, in terms of hdd's the ps3 is more flexible because you can simply swap out the hdd and install any regular laptop hdd, so you can have a terabyte hard drive if you wish, however, only a limited amount of games allow you to install them.

    Each system as I said, has features that outweigh each other, however, each system also has weaknesses that blalnce things out.