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Dawn of Survival - ZM Event

Discussion in Setup an Event started by Madman, Mar 29, 2014

  1. Mar 24, 2014
    Host : [pF] Grizzly Bear
    Co-Host : Madman [pF]
    Zombie Mod - Event

    What is this event ?

    This event will be based on being on the top on all 3 maps of zombie survival, whether you will be a zombie or human you must come on top on every map we go on.


    Date/Time ?
    This will be held around 7:00 PM EST on a Saturday night.


    Basic Rules To Follow :
    Server-based rules apply, but try not to break them.
    • If you are spectating do not go AFK for a long period of time or just sit there and complain about something.
    • Do not give any troll comments, Example : Hey Cartman, go jump under that elevator and stand there.
    • Follow all the ZM rules.
    @Gizzly Bear is going be buying the winner (Admin) for 1 month.

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      Madman, Mar 29, 2014 Last edited by Madman, Mar 29, 2014
    • Nov 5, 2013
      Grizzly Bear be feeling generious today:smile: :silly:
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      • Oct 13, 2011
        :confused: Why :frown:
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        • Jan 3, 2013
          :zombiekiller: So... what is the date?
        • Mar 24, 2014

          If it is accepted it will be sometime around April 26
        • Feb 21, 2007
          I should be able to attend this. What are the winner selection criteria?
        • Feb 3, 2012
          I'll be able to attend this as well. :thumbsup:
        • Mar 24, 2014

          Do you mean the selections you get to have for rewards?
        • Aug 12, 2012
          I think he meant how you going to decide the winner.
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          • Mar 24, 2014

            If that's the case, basically how i put it in the thread we'll go through 3 ZM maps the person that is number one on the list after 3 rounds will win it :razz:
          • Dec 11, 2013
            @Madman can i ask something? First, can zombie killed human? Second, u mean come on top of the map is the score ?third, if i a human, i hide and survive the round does I has any score? Fourth, if a person is a human, he quitted the game and joined the game back on zombie round does it is a fault? Fifth, can I had a confirmed date? (*not something like April 26) sixth, but if no one take the *number one on 3 map? Who the winner? Seventh, how many winner in the event? #thanks for your answering and reading it :grin:
          • Sep 7, 2010
            1. What counts as top score? k:d ratio, or just highest number despite deaths?
            2. what maps? Will they be random? will they be zombie or human sided? (will you make sure to omit maps that give a point reward for arriving at a secret spot?)
            3. What about those with donor/admin level skins? Do they get a point reduction for a handicap to make it less unfair for the non-donor?

            I think matrix might have asked something similar; but it was so hard to understand I gave up trying to read it.
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            • Jan 25, 2014
              everyone getting technical haha

              any idea what maps or is that open to suggestions?
            • Mar 24, 2014
              1. K/D Ratio
              2. Open Suggestion
              3. No, i'm actually thinking about making it regular skins only so we don't have a problem with that, for instance the half zombie is pretty hard to kill at times and can bhop into a window without a problem.

              Open to Suggestions

              1. Yes, zombies can count as your K/D ratio
              2. Yes, come on top of the score most "kills"
              3. No, you will not because you wanna kill zombies to gain your score to the highest
              4. That's just causing him sacrifice of him winning, so if he does that it's alright.
              5. Yes, this will be held on April 26th, on a Saturday at 7:00 PM EST
              6. Someone will most likely be on top for at least 2 maps, if they are really good at ZM
              7. We'll probably make it 2 winners, 1st and 2nd place.
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