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Discussion in Gaming started by mis bong, Mar 3, 2013

  1. Dec 8, 2012
    Is DayZ worth 25 dollars?? Do people even still play it? If people do play it, will the player population die soon? I am not used to spending money on games so $25 is a HUGE stretch for me.
  2. Jul 23, 2012
    DayZ is fun, but mainly if you have friends that play it. I believe the DayZ standalone game is already being made, so save your money for now.
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    • Feb 18, 2011
      Well right now for just DayZ, there are over 4000 servers and majority of them have players even now.
    • Sep 18, 2011
      DayZ is a very fun game, but the amount of hackers will turn you off to it very fast. Unless of course if you even the playing field :wink:

      So if you wish to not deal with that, then the best suggestion is to wait for the standalone which should be right around the corner ( a few weeks, hopefully not months )
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        ZombieSlayer, Mar 4, 2013 Last edited by ZombieSlayer, Mar 4, 2013
      • Jan 12, 2012
        Hackers If only we knew some "Rolls eyes Jokingly"
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        • Mar 30, 2012
          I'm 12 and what is this?
        • Feb 27, 2012
          I play DayZ daily. I have my own server for it. It's not that popular yet, though. We've had the most of 12 players at once, 3 of which were our admins. We have yet to encounter a hacker. To our knowledge, we have been hacker free. I have hopped from sooooo many servers, and my experience has been absolutely terrible. Everywhere from hackers to admin abuse. Any kind of hack there is for DayZ i have ran into. And the admin abuse is outrageous. Always they are using the live map to look for players and players bases to kill and loot them, or just spawning whatever they want to better themselves. Every server i went on, which was well over 25, i was either admin abused or trolled by hackers. Right now, Battleye is a completely useless Antihack. I have only ever found 1 server that didn't have an enormous number of hackers or admin abusers, but that is because they admins were not at all active and it wasn't a very popular server. So, my group of friends decided to purchase a DayZ server and not do anything of that nature. Only 1 person has access to a live map, and he doesn't even play all that often. The rest of us just have rcon access.

          With that said, I would recommend waiting for the standalone. They don't have a confirmed date for it yet, however. They are throwing out all sorts of dates for it, so i wouldn't believe any of them are true right now. Standalone will look much better, and hopefully contain ALOT less exploits. But if you enjoy military simulators, ARMA 2 alone is just fun. It's very fun with a group of friends, but also has it's own campaign.
        • Oct 22, 2012
          Vote 1 for [pF] Dayz Server :cool:
        • Feb 27, 2012
          I would agree with you, but it will be a much better idea for when the standalone comes out. When that happens, there will be tons of new players without a server to go to, increasing the chance of them joining the Plaguefest one. Just like if you try and start up a server for an older game, you won't get much traffic at all because everybody already has a server that they enjoy to play on. With that said, its a better idea to make one for standalone. I am having a hard time getting players on my server, and we've added a bunch more vehicles, choppers, etc.