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Daz 3D - Get free art rendering software now!

Discussion in Creativity started by Vadleon, Mar 30, 2012

  1. Jan 12, 2011
    I'm not sure how many of you guys knew about this, but over the last couple months Daz 3D (an art rendering software site) has had three rendering packages discounted down to be FREE. Normally these packages normally total over $800 together, but if you want some spiffy rendering tools, GET THEM NOW. The discount period apparently ends sometime tomorrow, so hop to it! The giveaway has been extended through the end of April! Link Here!

    The items marked for free are:
    Daz Studio 4 Pro
    Bryce 7 Pro
    Hexagon 2.5

    I know relatively little about these products, but I figure "Hey, why not? Expensive software for free? Sign me up!" All that I believe is required is to make an account, go to their products pages, add to your cart and go to checkout. Then the products will be added to your account for download at your leisure within a period of a few days. EDIT: If you forget to download within the window allowed, you can go to "Itemized Order History" and click on the far right side to reset your download period.

    Also, I'm sorry for the basically last-minute notice if you didn't know about this and really want the stuff. (Deal extended to the end of April.) I literately just made an account and did this myself since I really like art software to experiment with. I hope some of you artsy folks find this useful!
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    • Dec 6, 2011
      Thanks, downloading now. :thumbsup:Good find
    • Nov 6, 2011
      me 222
    • Jan 12, 2011
      Daz 3D has extended the product giveaway period until the end of April! If you missed getting it last month, now's your chance to try again! It's easy to do and worth checking out if you're into art and rendering! Also, I've confirmed that you can reset your download period if you go to "Itemized Order History" and click on the far right side where it says "Reset." The download doesn't take long and totals a size of about 2GB for either PC or Mac. Hope you guys enjoy this news!

      If I could request a mod or root to please change the thread title to "Daz 3D - Get free art rendering software now!" I'd be grateful. :smile: Thanks Dharkk!
    • Jan 28, 2012
      Gotta say, this is probably responsible for 90% of "3D" porn on the internet.
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      • Mar 31, 2010
        Thanks dude! Much appreciated man!