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Dear Plaguefest

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by MuffinFuhrer, Aug 14, 2012

  1. Sep 26, 2010
    Hey everyone!

    I have decided that I'm leaving the community because I've been so inactive for the past couple of months and haven't been helpful on both the servers and forums. Two jobs, school, and other responsibilities have been straining but worth my attention and I've been settling into this new life style. Unfortunately this means I don't have much time for video games and when I am able to play, I find that I don't want to deal with screaming adolescents and hackers. I just want to ease and relax a bit. But even then I don't play games as much as I used to, and can't stand to play for more than an hour.

    To any new members who read this, I hope you find a place and make PF your home for some time because I certainly did and it was worth it. I've met some great people and the lawls never cease to pop up, although it's the internet and that's to be expected. I feel as though I've given everything I can to PF and I'm proud of the work I've done here.

    Take care and I may catch ya'll later!

    Yours Truly,
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    • Nov 29, 2010
      Farewell my fellow carb.

      May you one day return
    • Jul 8, 2012
      Fair well. I hope where ever it is you're headed you find success my friend.
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      • Dec 2, 2011
        NAOOOOOOOOO Who will i cry to muff?

        Edit: I disagree because i dont want you to leave.
      • Apr 1, 2012
        good bye sir muffin

        I'll miss that sig of yours and your posts of humorous pics
      • Nov 14, 2010
        We will miss you, Aaron. :frown:
      • Nov 11, 2011
        Are you pretending to be the boy who cried wolf? coughhhh meeko coughh. In any case, drop by mumble and say hi whenever you want budddy! Take care.
      • Jun 23, 2011
        good luck to you and hopefully you will drop by every now and then
      • Dec 19, 2008
        Fair Well. :smile:
      • Jul 14, 2010
        Good luck to you muffin, stop by anytime!
      • Aug 5, 2010
        Love you MuffMuff!

        Comeback soon!
        And good LUCK!
      • Oct 27, 2010
        Peace dude, you'll be missed but I wish you the best. Hope to see you again sometime :wave:
      • Sep 14, 2008
        Not my muff...I'll miss you Aaron <3
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        • Dec 6, 2011
          @MuffinFuhrer You are a non-replaceable IA. I've appreciated everything you helped me with, and wish you could stay, but you obviously have bigger things to do. I enjoyed The Power of Now, and I plan on getting the other book you mentioned too. Many things you said have had a great impact on life that I'll never forget. Hopefully you will be able to come back in the mere future, or at least stop by once in a while.
        • May 27, 2008
          Muffin, I can't thank you enough for all you've helped us with in your time being here. I wish you good luck and hope to see you around these parts in the future.
        • Jan 12, 2011
          Crud, and I was hoping to join IA at some point so you weren't the only one. You've done a great much mending issues with others and helping keep the server in order. Like others have said, you will be missed. It's been great meeting and playing with you, Muffin, and hopefully we'll see you again sometime when life cuts you a break. Take care of yourself and I hope you do well with your studies/work. [IMG]

          Also, obligatory muffin picture (which I've spent the last hour editing):
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          • May 15, 2011
            Bai bai Muffy! Maybe someday, we'll see you again. :D
          • May 5, 2011
            Going to miss you muffin! Vulets out there's :smile:
          • Jun 17, 2011
            I've said this many times before...:crying: forever sad.
            But you gotta do what you gotta do.
            You will always be remembered and loved~! :heart:
          • Feb 18, 2011
            Muffin, ima miss yo ass.