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Not Abuse Detonator mass-perma-ban? no proof (Already protested, just wanted to bring this up here)

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by henry, Jun 3, 2012

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  1. Jun 3, 2012
    Hope this doesn't affect my protest, cause I don't even know detonator, nor do I want detonator to get in any trouble for this. But if this is common practice, it shouldn't happen.

    1) Detonator STEAM_0:0:14675552
    2) Was perma-banned for 'griefing' and 'admin tag' when I didn't. I don't have proof of abuse, and clearly it'll be my word against his, but this is just to point out some questionable admin discretion and tactics. I already protested the ban in the proper forum, but wanted to bring this up cause I thought it was weird.

    According to the ban list captured below (I wasn't banned in-game, it occurred some time after I had left), Detonator banned five people relatively at the same time [5/31/12 @ 12:01] for the same violation of "pfgriefing" and "admin tag"... I dunno what "pf"griefing is, but I recall that night someone was indeed cading on others on minas, but it wasn't me and I don't recall anyone ever finding out who it was. Also, if admin tag means wearing or impersonating an admin tag... uhm I don't even know what the plaguefest admin tag looks like lol.

    I don't know Detonator, I'm sure he's a decent guy if he's an admin, but i'd certainly like an explanation for the out-of-game ban and why it's perma and what proof he has against me, or the other 4 randoms who i don't know (i guess i'll just post on their behalf too). Thought it was weird that there were 5 guys banned at the same time without any proof and with copied+pasted allegations of 'pfgriefing' and 'admin tag'. Maybe admins don't need proof when they see it... but what was seen by these five guys with a history of playing on the server and no history of misconduct?

    I'd love to get back and tear up them zombies, since plaguefest is on my favorites list, but if not w.e. Just think the conduct on this occasion was awkward and unexplainable :/

    3) [IMG]
  2. Dec 7, 2010
    Since the pfgriefers group was established for the sole purpose to disrupt play on pF servers, everyone in that group has been permanently banned. You can only blame yourself for participating in that group.

    Since I see no remorse or acceptance of responsibility I see no reason for any reversal of the bans.
    Harvey, Jun 3, 2012 Last edited by Harvey, Jun 3, 2012
  3. Jun 3, 2012
    Oh wow, I accepted that invite because I thought it was the plaguefest group... And I actually don't recall who invited me into it.

    So it was guilt by association (which you think is okay to permaban someone for?), and you are presuming that I 'participated' with them, when I joined by accident thinking that it was a legit plaguefest group?

    btw i just left the group :3

    edit: that's the last i'll post in this thread unless someone requests more input, apparently this isn't the place for discussion from non-admins. but if it is guilt merely by association, then I suggest you change that practice since stuff like this can happen where someone like me didn't even do anything with this 'group'. lol

    P.P.S. this is 'SK'
  4. Dec 7, 2010
    Did you even read the purpose and goal for the members of the group? Since you are more interested in blaming Detonator for your foolish decision I see no reason to reverse your ban.
  5. Jun 3, 2012
    since you are asking, I will tell you what i just told 911trigger. I suspect they sent everyone in the server at the time the invite. I recall getting it that night, and was sleepy, so no i didn't read the group thoroughly like i would a contract lol. If i knew that there was perma-ban for guilt-by-association then i would've... however, and i told trigg this too, i didn't know what griefing was until i looked the ban up (cading etc), so i don't think that woulda sent off any alarms if i did see it (and i still don't know how to cade, 'e' doesn't work for me)... all i recall seeing was plaguefest as the name and joined cause i thought i was joining a cool community. apparently i was duped. anything else?

    also, i request you change the title since i understand detonator's actions and don't want people to think this is a blemish on his actions.

    i see you've made your decision... but still, hopefully this thread will expose the dangers of having blanket guilt-by-association rules :/

    Edit: btw, i wasn't intending to blame detonator, if you look at the initial post.. it was intended to bring up any weird admin procedures... directed more generally. the format of the posting requires one to name names buddy.

    "i don't know detonator, i'm sure he's a decent guy" ring a bell? but yea if you aren't gonna unban it's fine, just close the thread and this account.
    henry, Jun 3, 2012 Last edited by henry, Jun 3, 2012
  6. Dec 7, 2010
    This will be discussed with Detonator and a final decision will be made.
  7. Sep 25, 2010
    In the future make sure you look at the groups that you get invited to. I'll go ahead and unban you.
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