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DMV California

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Kosuki, Mar 27, 2012

  1. Apr 14, 2011
    Oh MY G()|)...
    5 weeks ago I went in to DMV for a Renewal Licence. Its been a few years since my origional and it was going to expire, plus I wanted a new photo my original one looked like a terrorist... Not good when you go on a military base alot ad you look like one of the dead hijackers because of a bad camera ^^

    So I go in get my renewal, new picture, pay my fee and get my temp licence till my renewal shows up. Now 5 weeks later I am like WTF where is my licence. So I call DMV this morning and get this nice lady on the phone and she says
    DMV LADY: "OH YESSSS I SEEEE... Your licence did not go through we could not process it"
    Kosuki: "Wait... I pay my fee and my renewal is not processed."
    DMV LADY: "Well You did not have a picture so we can not process a new licence with out a picture"
    *TIME OUT*
    Ok if you read up you will read that I took a new picture.
    So I go in get my renewal, new picture, pay my fee
    Kosuki: "I took a picture though the guy took my picture"
    DMV LADY: "Yes I see that, but you have no picture, the camera broke"

    *TIME OUT*
    Ok I did not think is was that ugly but lets continue with the story...

    Kosuki: "Ok So now what?"
    DMV LADY: "We need to get you back in for a renewal picture, new picture ok, so lets set up an appointment"
    Kosuki: "Do I have to pay another fee for a picture?"
    DMV LADY: "No, No, No, we just take picture, let set it up for tomorrow at 0900..."
    Kosuki: "Ok, 0900 works for me Thank You"
    DMV LADY: "Your Welcome"
    I am so happy I only have to deal with DMV once every four years, if this was an every year thing I would jhave to kill someone.. :hypnotized:
    So here goes another 6 weeks waiting for a renewal to show up...:bugeyes:
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    • Nov 6, 2011
      i hate the dmv in california
    • Dec 6, 2011
      I was expecting for them to make you pay a second fee.... LOL

      Funny thing is, that's like a 'best-case scenario' for the DMV :ROFL: