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Resolved Dnied admin abuse

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Clearly Trying, Jul 21, 2016

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  1. Jun 14, 2012
    1:28 PM - Clearly Trying: you let us in....
    1:28 PM - Clearly Trying: i didn't shoot your cade
    1:28 PM - Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: yes
    1:28 PM - Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: I know

    I was frozen for a round for "cade breaking". Unfortunately that's not the case AT ALL. I even asked Davina over the microphone to be allowed in, she complied and let me and a few people in. According to Davina:
    1:28 PM - Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: but a guy broke it last round
    1:28 PM - Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: the same way
    1:28 PM - Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: that's why he got mad
    1:28 PM - Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: cause he didn't pay attention
    1:28 PM - Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: so I did about it myself"

    So.. The evidence is clear. It's not even the fact that he froze me, it's the point that i'm on the mic, davina is on the mic, and we are saying I didn't cade break. He has a hard on for me, if you play in these servers you can see.... There comes a point where you have to tell these admins if they are going to enforce rules, make sure they are doing it when it calls for it.

    My demo was taken after he froze me, and during the freeze you can hear dnied literally screaming at me. I won't get in to the mic spam, ask anyone whos playing in here if he's been asked to chill out on screaming. I don't know if he's having a bad day or what. But it should be clear that he got this case wrong.

    I am receiving an error trying to upload the demo: "
    The following error occurred

    The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension.

    I will upload it to youtube and repost it here, although it isn't show much besides me being frozen, dnied SCREAMING on the mic, saying he saw me cade break.
    All i'm saynig is admins should have consequences when they abuse their powers, I know back in 2010 when I was admin, I couldn't just freeze and use my powers without any consequences.

    I tried Google drive but am getting the EXACT same error. This seems to have worked: http://www.filedropper.com/adminabuse
    Clearly Trying, Jul 21, 2016 Last edited by Clearly Trying, Jul 21, 2016
  2. Jun 11, 2012
    Upload your demo to google drive or dropbox and post the shareable link. Will be faster and efficient for all parties. It's odd, I've seen others upload .dem files.
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    • Jun 14, 2016
      Clearly crying was caught shooting a cade, stating "Let me in!" on the microphone, screaming. You were frozen for 120 seconds for cade breaking, in which you did not die.

      You are always on, trolling all of the admins, and get all pissy about it when you get called on. You broke a rule, and you were corrected by freezing. End of story.
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      • Jul 19, 2016
        In my mind it was a minor thing, and this is just making a minor into a major problem. We could all just forget about 5 minutes in our life or spend the next 2 hours debating about why we lost 5 minutes... Seems Logical..

        *I was in the cade and was frozen too if anyone was to blame, I took the first shot on the bookcase*

        Doesn't seem like abuse, it seemed like he was clicking through people and just saw us shooting the bookcase to let us in... Anyway, 5 minutes or 2 hours. You choose.
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        • Jun 14, 2012

          It's the principal of the matter. He abused his admin. There is clear evidence from the person who was behind the cade, which should ultimately end any allegations....
          Post Merged, Jul 21, 2016
          Dnied didn't read my post, or perhaps he is choosing to ignore the part where Davina says in clear english, " I LET YOU IN"
        • Jun 14, 2012
        • Jul 19, 2016
          Here let me help you out.

          1.) Admin Name: [SuCλ]dnied
          2.) Steam_ID: 2392 "[SuCλ]dnied" [U:1:12076178] 1:00:33 69 0 active
          3.) After about 30 seconds into the round we went to a secret on the map, Davina was there, Clearly verbally said "Let us in". After we got in 2 Randoms, Clearly and I were all frozen for 120 seconds. "dnied" told us to not cade break over admin chat, and then after Clearly insulted him and his admin ability's, "dnied" made some aggressive insult back to him. After all was said and done apparently all this was said in chat that I didn't notice

          [Source Mod] [SuCλ]dnied: froze Midnight Ninja.
          [pF] Marco (RADIO): Fire in the hole!
          [Source Mod] [SuCλ]dnied: froze Clearly Trying.
          Mr [C]ru[c]h0t: !zsapwn
          Spooky Flakes Tasty Spooks: ima see if i can catch pokemans in this room
          [Source Mod] [SuCλ]dnied: froze Spooky Flakes Tasty Spooks.
          [Source Mod] [SuCλ]dnied: froze Darkkran [David].
          dragon death (RADIO): Stick together, team.
          (Admin) [SuCλ]dnied: no cade breaking.
          ScottyJoe27: dragon ur gun is hanging out :wink:
          Midnight Ninja: why im freezed
          (Admin) [SuCλ]dnied: all of you fuckers.
          Clearly Trying: she shot it you fucking clown
          Clearly Trying: unfreeze me you admin abusing faggot
          The Dark One: alright now beacon on me :smile:
          Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: it's good, I opened it
          Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: Noob is the retarded bitch (Guessing the guy that broke her cade the round before was named Noob)
          Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: freeze looks good on you, Clearly

          http://imgur.com/wwd65sD (All of us being frozen)
          http://imgur.com/z894yiQ (Admin Chat messages)
          http://imgur.com/8QbJmSV (Davina saying she let us in.. and Clearly insulting the Dnied)

          As for the Demo, that's up to Clearly if he can manage to figure that out.
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          • Jun 14, 2012
            Post Merged, Jul 21, 2016
            Awesome. Thank you for that screen shot and proof. As you can see from MORE posts in the chat, I will post again in bold... :Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: it's good, I opened it
            Davina♠ #QueenofSalt: Noob is the retarded bitch (Guessing the guy that broke her cade the round before was named Noob)

            ...It is more then obvious what happened. Dnied froze people he shouldn't have, it's that simple. I don't want some harsh or crazy punishment, fuck I don't want anything to happen that would prevent him from being an admin. I just want him to acknowledgehe is wrong. He was belligerent on the microphone trying to defend his actions and it is more then clear he was not right. Thanks for the posting David. I have posted the demo in my first post.
          • Oct 29, 2010
            @dnied I would love to see the demo, if you could upload it.
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            • Oct 29, 2010
              So it looks like dnied may have jumped the gun on the freezes, it's not an unreasonable reaction, assuming he thought they were cade breaking to get in. However, after Davina explained that she was letting them in the freezes should have been removed. The hostility from both parties was unnecessary and only exacerbated what should have been a simple situation to deal with.

              @dnied, freeze is not a punishment for cade breaking, using it to halt a cade breaking in progress is something commonly done, but leaving them frozen as a form of punishment is not it's purpose.

              Just to re-emphasize, if you were both polite about the situation, this thread probably would have never happened. Try to play nice.
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