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Do game sequels tend to suck?

Discussion in Gaming started by Brett, Sep 17, 2012

  1. Dec 6, 2011
    I was sitting here thinking about the good old times logging over 150 days played on Test Drive Unlimited, and how the sequel to it, Test Drive Unlimited 2, was a lot worse (but still playable) than the first one. So it came to me that it seems a lot of sequels to good/popular games tend to suck. This is almost as if the producers tried to fix all of the bad things in the previous game, but just made them worse. I don't mean that all sequels are bad, I'm saying that a lot of insanely popular titles usually don't capitalize on the sequel to the previously popular game, and usually aren't so great. I may be wrong, but as I think about it more and more, other games start popping into my head about this.

    Here's a rough sketch of a list of games that come to me so far:
    TDU -> TDU2
    COD:MW -> COD:WaW
    COD:MW2 -> COD: Black Ops
    (Gunna throw it out there) CS:S -> CS:GO
    Halo 3 -> Whatever all that shit is that came after it. Seriously, the fuck? (Hoping to god Halo 4 makes Halo great again)
    (Grouping here) NFS Illegal racing -> NFS Legal, track racing
    Timesplitters 2 -> Timesplitters: Future Perfect

    Will probably add more to this list later, my brain is fried right now.

    If you guys know any more that you believe to be not-so-great sequels, feel free to post them.
  2. Aug 1, 2011
    Considering half the games you listed as the greater are sequels themselves, I would have to say that not all sequels suck. They may put out some bad games out there, but new developers have new ideas, and no all can come to fruition.
  3. Dec 6, 2011
    I meant more along the lines of the game following the "big hit", etc. I don't expect everybody to agree, this has just been in the back of my mind for quite some time now.
  4. May 27, 2008
    Halo: ODST wasn't very good. I never was attached to the storyline in the slightest, and I'll admit. I did it because Halo. Halo: Reach was fucking amazing though.
  5. Nov 29, 2010
    Thing is for the call of duty series, two different studios work on it. Treyarch did WAW and Black Ops series while infinity ward does the MW series.

    Both studios do pretty well, however they have been exercising with old mechanics for far too long on the same engines.
    Halo reach was a fantastic prequel for the series and had a good story, regardless I'd still like to see master chief's story unfolded on halo 4

    There have been disappointing sequels out there, yes. I'll share mine:
    At the top of the list is for sure:

    Duke Nukem forever. They had so many people on the hype wagon and at the last minute crashed it so hard into a brick wall.

    Final Fantasy 14 - Initial release. I don't care how pretty this game was, but it's graphics engine was the Crysis of it's time even making high-end rigs shed a tear (Pun intended). Throwing you blind into the game with little knowledge of what to do other than go hit monsters and move around and level up. Square Enix even resorted to firing one of their head developers for such a disastrous NA Launch.

    Halo ODST: While a great change in perspective, the game felt cartoony and was not worth the full price. It should've been priced the same as an expansion.

    Any Castlevania after the first - This game was the fuckin hardest game out there, however was so good. Every castlevania afterwards had cheap enemy placements and contrived mechanics. Or was dumbed down to the point a toddler could beat the game.

    Assassins Creed: Brotherhood/Revelations - By no means was were these bad games, however the contrived and un-needed tacked on mechanics did not need to be added, dragging on Ezio's story for far too long, I cannot wait to see Assassins creed 3 to be a reboot to the series.

    Battlefield 3: Despite it being a fantastic game that I still love playing, there are mechanics I wish they included from battlefield 2 just for the PC, Specifically, I'm talking about the commander slot and intel structures that made battlefield 2 a riot to play. Also the single player story had little depth and just was not good in general.

    Supreme Commander 2: A fall from grace imo as they neutered the game's core gameplay from Supcom 1/FA. Making the game way too cartoonish and taking a step back in terms of graphics.

    Command And Conquer 4: Another fall from grace that ended with a whimper, completely butchering the storyline and removing what made CNC... CNC

    Mass Effect 3: We all know how notoriously bad the ending is, not to mention the attempt to fix the leaks that still left us scratching our head at places. A solid game with a solid story with solid gameplay... Just a bad way to end a great series.

    Megaman ZX/ZX Alpha: Never have I gritted my teeth so hard at bad voice acting. Perhaps I'll give the series a second chance, however the characters were obnoxious and annoying.

    Sniper V2: As entertaining as the bullet cam is, it got old really fast. The game essentially boils down to a shooting gallery and removes the real stealth mechanic of being a sniper.

    Any Kingdom hearts after 2: As much as I do enjoy them fleshing out the other characters, I'd rather not be playing them ALL on handhelds..

    Bayonetta 2: Wii-U exclusive. Nuff said.

    Diablo 3: Blizzard south ruined what blizzard north envisioned. With a disastrous release and had a severe brick wall effect on inferno mode. There are a ton of unexplained holes in the story, hopefully expansions will fill them up along with more fine tuning with the mechanics.

    Medal of Honor: Not a bad game either, however there are certain parts I do wish they changed with the single player. Some enemies were beyond cheap in terms of difficulty and would react in godlike ways that would make you tilt your head.

    Dragon Age 2: With around a year of production, Bioware has churned out uninteresting and annoying characters, bland environments that they attempted to pull off a "watercolour" look, but wound up making the game look ugly in the end. If the characters were actually compelling to talk to, I probably would've stayed longer.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: A button masher that is a shadow of it's former self. With unimpressive graphics to boot. I enjoyed the first one, but there was fun to be had in the second. I could not bring myself to enjoy the game.
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      Clam Chowder, Sep 17, 2012 Last edited by Clam Chowder, Sep 17, 2012
    • Feb 27, 2012
      It's because game companies are all like "Hell yeah man! We just made a shitload of money because people actually liked our game!" So time comes around for the sequal. Lets say, from CoD1 to CoD2. Sure, CoD2 was bad ass as well, but CoD1 was still better. So again, "Yeah, another success! Good job everyone!" But, when CoD3 rolls around, they get lazy, make it only work on consoles which was a bad idea. But, since everyone liked the first 2, why not the 3rd one? So everyone buys it, mixed emotions about it (personally i thought it sucked donkey dick). Next is CoD4. A completely different feel and placement to CoD. Not alot of work was put into it and it didn't really look that great, but it was fun. CoD5 comes out, only good thing was the zombies and the campaign. So at about this point, the company is saying "You know, we didn't really put that much into our last product as our first 2, and people still seem to like our stuff. I guess if we just over-hype it and advertise the crap out of it people will buy it. Maybe even pay people to write good things about it". MW2 comes out. The laggyest, shitty no dedi server so easy to exploit and hack piece of crap ever comes out. Sooo many people hated it, but all the kids whos mommy bought it for them on christmas are all like "well, IGN rated it 9.5/10, so it must be good!" Then Black Ops comes out, same crap. MW3, same crap. And soon to be Black Ops 2. Ever since MW1 (Excluding CoD5) its just been the same recycled stuff over and over again with modified sounds, a new texture slapped on a multiplayer map, and crappier looking textures that somehow require more computer power to run. So now, they think to themselves "Man, this is so easy! Just pay people to say good stuff and over-hype it and we got sales through the roof! Alright, so for Modern Warfare 15: Year 2095, lets take Modern Warfare 14 and put a Galil rifle into it, take maps from all previous CoD's for multiplayer and just add a slightly less pixelated texture to them! (Meanwhile still using a modified Quake 3 engine)"

      Now, i know not all game companies are like this, but Infinity Ward/Treyarch are the worst for that stuff.

      Holy TL;DR