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Doc watson ABOOSE!!!!!!!!

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by doc watson, Nov 26, 2014

  1. Jul 13, 2008
    Thread is now closed so posting here but just want to say sorry to trigger and exist for the misunderstanding with the illegal spots.

    kinda 6 of one and half a dozen of the other...

    1) Trigger was in an illegal spot and I followed the rules re text warning and froze before I killed him (rather than kicking him) . I said TY in the console because I saw him get down but 1 minute later he was on the roof again... I rarely kick or ban so I no-clipped and killed him.

    He was in the wrong.

    2) As an admin I should know all illegal spots and I clearly didn't, someone who I don't know says I'm in an illegal spot I generally ignore them (people sometimes say that to get a kill although it can be a legal spot). As I was typing asking him to get down someone was telling me I was illegal but this got a little lost in translation as I was busy sorting Trigger on the roof, and I did jump down when a known admin pointed out it was an illegal spot, I didn't shoot anybody while dealing with Trigger or after ( I was on the tanks for a further 20-30 seconds) and ran towards the nearest zombie who immediately stabbed me.

    Bottom line here is that I was also in the wrong and apologise to trigger and exist.

    Now enough snivelling (I must be going soft in my old age) and back to my normal state...

    Trigger I will fuckin hunt you down for eternity you fucker......... (said with tongue in cheek...... and if Trigger takes offence then he needs to grow a pair)..... lol...
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    • May 17, 2014
      How nice!
    • Dec 30, 2006
      I think he's mad that someone took his admin abuse virginity. :S
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      • Jul 7, 2014
        Why post more information when it already said [NOT ABUSE] ? I honestly don't feel like arguing with your hard headed ass.. I accept your apology watson but you should really listen to "randoms" more when they are warning you. BY THE WAY: Look at my profile pic, that's how I look like right now.
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        • Feb 8, 2013
          On the other side, I think that he's just being a decent person, enough to apologize and to further clear things up. I do not feel he's coming off of anger. Doc is one of those lenient admins that'll let things go, so you're possibly wrong about him being hard headed.
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          • Oct 25, 2012
            Such Doc....Very Aboose
          • DeeKushMan
            This message by DeeKushMan has been removed from public view. Deleted by Tony the Tiger!! :D, Nov 26, 2014, Reason: This isn't no count section.
            Nov 26, 2014
          • Jul 7, 2014
            i'm fucking done
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              Trigger [Red], Nov 26, 2014 Last edited by Tony the Tiger!! :D, Nov 26, 2014
            • Jun 11, 2012
              Dude no, please don't be done :frownbig: . Don't take that in consideration. Please stay, let's work it out together.
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