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Don't drink and make videos!

Discussion in Creativity started by KILLERSandCOMPANY, Nov 17, 2014

  1. Sep 9, 2012
    So today me and a few friends started drinking pretty early haha and decided to shoot a "youtube skit"

    Shot and edited in a day :wink:

    **Watch at your owe risk*** Its wacky!

    Taylor Swift leaves Spotify.

    via http://youtu.be/3iAv6DKKjDw
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    • Dec 10, 2013
      I want that beard on my face at once
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      • Jul 7, 2014
        Is it weird that Luffarens avatar looks like that nicolas cage goat person?
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        • Sep 9, 2012
          hahahah MR. Snuggles!!!!