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Double account mishap

Discussion in Help Desk started by HolyZealot, Oct 1, 2013

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    As my title states, I did a slight boo-boo.

    Due to an issue that I had before earlier, back at near the end of Aug, which I had gotten resolved not long ago; I managed to create a secondary account, which is this one as you see here, compared to my already donator status account that is attached to my steam account. I don't understand as to why I did this originally, but here we are nevertheless. I was wondering if there were a way merge this to my donator account, or possibly have this scraped? Reason why I say merge, is cause I like that "friendly" rating I acquired from the resolution.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.
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    • Jun 4, 2006
      Thanks for letting us know. HolyZealot has been scraped as requested. I'd transfer your ratings if I could, but alas I cannot. Please use @Holy † Zealot from now on.

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