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Easy demo recording

Discussion in Tutorials started by Hek, Mar 4, 2012

  1. Jan 14, 2012
    Very handy for lazy people like me and admins.

    Demo Recorder for Source Engine Readme
    This is a script that will allow the recording of 50 demos consecutively
    with the push of 1 button for both stop and start recording.
    1. Extract the demorecorder.cfg to your source game cfg folder
    |e.g. for Counter Strike: Source                    |
    |Valve\Steam\SteamApps\yoursteamid\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg|
    |                                    |
    |e.g. for Half Life 2                            |
    |Valve\Steam\SteamApps\yoursteamid\half-life 2\hl2\cfg            |
    2. Enable the developers console in game and type the command
          exec demorecorder
    |You can enable the developers console by a few methods.        |
    |                                    |
    |- simply by going to options/keyboard/advanced on the title screen and |
    |  ticking the box that says "enable developers console (~)"        |
    |                                    |
    |- add -dev command to the end of your steam game executable        |
    |e.g. \Valve\Steam\Steam.exe -dev                    |
    3. Bind any key to demo
    |e.g. bind o demo                            |
    |                                    |
    |This will make it so that when you press "o" it will record a demo and |
    |when you press "o" for the second time it will stop the currently    |
    |recording demo.                            |
    4. Press the key you bound to start/stop recording
    Demos are recorded to you game folder.
    e.g. Counter Strike Source
    "Valve\Steam\SteamApps\yoursteamid\counter-strike source\cstrike"
    To play back demos use the ingame demoui, just type demoui in the console
    to bring it up, click on load and go to the place where the demos where
    This recorder has been tested and does work.
    Alias/Ingame Name - FxFighter
    Email - fxfighter2000@hotmail.com
    Email2 - fxfighter1@optusnet.com.au
    If you wish to get in contact with me for anything regarding this demo
    recorder send me an email
    alias demo1 "record demo1; alias demo demo2"
    alias demo2 "stop; alias demo demo3"
    alias demo3 "record demo2; alias demo demo4"
    alias demo4 "stop; alias demo demo5"
    alias demo5 "record demo3; alias demo demo6"
    alias demo6 "stop; alias demo demo7"
    alias demo7 "record demo4; alias demo demo8"
    alias demo8 "stop; alias demo demo9"
    alias demo9 "record demo5; alias demo demo10"
    alias demo10 "stop; alias demo demo11"
    alias demo11 "record demo6; alias demo demo12"
    alias demo12 "stop; alias demo demo13"
    alias demo13 "record demo7; alias demo demo14"
    alias demo14 "stop; alias demo demo15"
    alias demo15 "record demo8; alias demo demo16"
    alias demo16 "stop; alias demo demo17"
    alias demo17 "record demo9; alias demo demo18"
    alias demo18 "stop; alias demo demo19"
    alias demo19 "record demo10; alias demo demo20"
    alias demo20 "stop; alias demo demo21"
    alias demo21 "record demo11; alias demo demo22"
    alias demo22 "stop; alias demo demo23"
    alias demo23 "record demo12; alias demo demo24"
    alias demo24 "stop; alias demo demo25"
    alias demo25 "record demo13; alias demo demo26"
    alias demo26 "stop; alias demo demo27"
    alias demo27 "record demo14; alias demo demo28"
    alias demo28 "stop; alias demo demo29"
    alias demo29 "record demo15; alias demo demo30"
    alias demo30 "stop; alias demo demo31"
    alias demo31 "record demo16; alias demo demo32"
    alias demo32 "stop; alias demo demo33"
    alias demo33 "record demo17; alias demo demo34"
    alias demo34 "stop; alias demo demo35"
    alias demo35 "record demo18; alias demo demo36"
    alias demo36 "stop; alias demo demo37"
    alias demo37 "record demo19; alias demo demo38"
    alias demo38 "stop; alias demo demo39"
    alias demo39 "record demo20; alias demo demo40"
    alias demo40 "stop; alias demo demo41"
    alias demo41 "record demo21; alias demo demo42"
    alias demo42 "stop; alias demo demo43"
    alias demo43 "record demo22; alias demo demo44"
    alias demo44 "stop; alias demo demo45"
    alias demo45 "record demo23; alias demo demo46"
    alias demo46 "stop; alias demo demo47"
    alias demo47 "record demo24; alias demo demo48"
    alias demo48 "stop; alias demo demo49"
    alias demo49 "record demo25; alias demo demo50"
    alias demo50 "stop; alias demo demo51"
    alias demo51 "record demo26; alias demo demo52"
    alias demo52 "stop; alias demo demo53"
    alias demo53 "record demo27; alias demo demo54"
    alias demo54 "stop; alias demo demo55"
    alias demo55 "record demo28; alias demo demo56"
    alias demo56 "stop; alias demo demo57"
    alias demo57 "record demo29; alias demo demo58"
    alias demo58 "stop; alias demo demo59"
    alias demo59 "record demo30; alias demo demo60"
    alias demo60 "stop; alias demo demo61"
    alias demo61 "record demo31; alias demo demo62"
    alias demo62 "stop; alias demo demo63"
    alias demo63 "record demo32; alias demo demo64"
    alias demo64 "stop; alias demo demo65"
    alias demo65 "record demo33; alias demo demo66"
    alias demo66 "stop; alias demo demo67"
    alias demo67 "record demo34; alias demo demo68"
    alias demo68 "stop; alias demo demo69"
    alias demo69 "record demo35; alias demo demo70"
    alias demo70 "stop; alias demo demo71"
    alias demo71 "record demo36; alias demo demo72"
    alias demo72 "stop; alias demo demo73"
    alias demo73 "record demo37; alias demo demo74"
    alias demo74 "stop; alias demo demo75"
    alias demo75 "record demo38; alias demo demo76"
    alias demo76 "stop; alias demo demo77"
    alias demo77 "record demo39; alias demo demo78"
    alias demo78 "stop; alias demo demo79"
    alias demo79 "record demo40; alias demo demo80"
    alias demo80 "stop; alias demo demo81"
    alias demo81 "record demo41; alias demo demo82"
    alias demo82 "stop; alias demo demo83"
    alias demo83 "record demo42; alias demo demo84"
    alias demo84 "stop; alias demo demo85"
    alias demo85 "record demo43; alias demo demo86"
    alias demo86 "stop; alias demo demo87"
    alias demo87 "record demo44; alias demo demo88"
    alias demo88 "stop; alias demo demo89"
    alias demo89 "record demo45; alias demo demo90"
    alias demo90 "stop; alias demo demo91"
    alias demo91 "record demo46; alias demo demo92"
    alias demo92 "stop; alias demo demo93"
    alias demo93 "record demo47; alias demo demo94"
    alias demo94 "stop; alias demo demo95"
    alias demo95 "record demo48; alias demo demo96"
    alias demo96 "stop; alias demo demo97"
    alias demo97 "record demo49; alias demo demo98"
    alias demo98 "stop; alias demo demo99"
    alias demo99 "record demo50; alias demo demo100"
    alias demo100 "stop; alias demo demo1"
    alias demo "demo1"
    bind o "demo"
    echo Demo Recorder made by FxFighter for Source Engine
    echo Bind    demo    to a button to use that button to record and stop
    Optional: add this to your autoexec.cfg.
    exec demorecorder
    bind o demo
    Q: How do I create the "autoexec.cfg" file for CS:Source? (#42)
    A: Open up this folder:
    path:\\Steam\SteamApps\<steam_username>\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg

    Right-click anywhere in the folder, and go to "New" -> "Text Document". I recommend using Notepad or another plain text editor for editing these config files.

    Open up the new text document and go to "File" -> "Save As".
    Type in autoexec.cfg for the filename.

    Once it's saved, it creates a new document called autoexec.cfg. This is where you will enter in your console commands. All the commands in this file will be executed everytime CS:Source starts.
    Source: http://www.cstrike-planet.com/faq/42

    Side note: file naming begins on "demo1.dem" every time you restart CSS, so make sure to rename the demo you recorded when you're ready.
  2. Aug 1, 2011
    this seems like a lot more work than pressing " `, record <name>, stop "
  3. Nov 29, 2010
    It's supposed to let you simply record demos at a push of a button and make recording demos less clunky and saves them as individual files. Of course it's more work, but in the end it makes life slightly easier.
  4. Jan 14, 2012
    For me it does. I sometimes record ZE maps like mako or pred, just for fun, but hoping for that great epic win of course. Now I only have to press "O" to start recording, only renaming the demo when it's worth it (hasn't happen yet :frown: )
  5. Oct 27, 2010
    Alternatively you can just do this:
    bind "KEY" "record TEMPdemo"
    bind "KEY" "stop"

    If you want multiple demos at once you can just hit the key bound to record TEMPdemo again while your already recording a demo and it will automatically stop the one you are recoding and start a new one with the name TEMPdemo2. I usually either upload a demo right after I record it or discard it so this make it easy for me.
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