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Editing illegal spots

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Super Mario, Feb 18, 2012

  1. Oct 17, 2011
    I have decided that today i made this thread to ask permission for zm mappers that have maps added on rotation and their maps have a lot of illegal spots. I want to ask u guys if u can give me permission to edit the illegal spots on ure maps by adding me to ure list and sending me ure map or i can decompile it if u give me permission to. I won't do anything with ure map. I won't touch it or play with it or make new stuff or edit spots, i just want to fix all the illegal spots even tho it will be long time and kind of hard work but some admins want to get rid of the illegal spots and it can be easier for all of us admins after all the illegal spots of a map are edied. If u have a zm map that is on rotation for plaguefest, please post the name of it and ill decompile it and edit the illegal spots if u give me permissionfor it or if u have a friend or a person that u know that has a map please tell me his name so i can add him and ask him for permission or the name of the map if he accepts. I hope this thread can be helpful for u guys and can make less illegal spots on zombiemod. (just remember i wont touch anything of ure map just editing the illegal spots and fixing them). Thank u.
  2. May 15, 2011
    It's not about the mappers here, we all make our maps to have no illegal spots. It's the mappers who are not part of PF that we have to ask. ^^ We contact them through Gamebanana.
  3. Aug 1, 2011
    My god they invented the word YOU for a reason. Have mercy on us who like to read words. But hasn't someone thought of this before? I find it hard to believe that someone hasn't.
  4. Jan 5, 2007
    Maps made by those in our community are already being made without illegal spots. If one of those maps does end up having a spot, then the original creator will remove it for us. The only maps that we end up getting with illegal spots are the ones that are made by someone outside the Plaguefest community. Posting on here to ask for permission will accomplish nothing, because if they were able to read this, then we could have already asked them directly to either edit it for us or give us permission to.

    If you want to edit illegal spots, you'll need to get in contact with the creators on websites that they use to distribute their maps.

    Also, please learn to use paragraphs and full words when making requests such as this. You've typed out basically every word properly, yet you decide to abbreviate 'you' when you could easily just type it out. I don't see the logic in that, all it does is make things look unprofessional.
  5. Feb 14, 2012
    I meant to post this earlier cause I played on your PF zm lila server and saw some of the spots in my isethen map was illegal.

    Hi it's SETHEN,

    I think you may know me and my maps from GameBanana. But yeah, I have no problem with you editing my maps. Just please leave a message on either my GameB Page or my PlagueFest Profile. The only things I ask of you is simple. For one, please keep all custom content that was pakrated into the map. Secondly, please do not add versions onto the map, for example: Current version before edit "Zm_lila_panic_sethenHD", after edit "Zm_lila_panic_sethenHD_v1 or fix". The reason why I ask you of this is simply because there are many servers that use a variety of my maps as well as others. Of course, I'm always updating and releasing fixes for those said versions. You can add PF to the name of the map, but please don't add the constant upgrading versions to it. Thirdly, if you do add txt. files and can find the original txt. files that came with the map, please add them as well. You can edit them to add Plague Fest edits, or links to the plague fest Page within the txt. file.

    Anyone in PF can edit the maps if needed.

    I don't have the original VMF. files nor the texture files. So I just decompile my maps just to fix and get the textures from again.

    List of my current zm maps.

    - zm_an_canals_classic
    - zm_an_courtyard
    - zm_an_jailbreak
    - zm_an_kapras
    - zm_firewall_aftershock_v1b
    - zm_firewall_flats_fix
    - zm_ghs_2places_fix
    - zm_ghs_flats_classic
    - zm_lila_panic_isethen
    - zm_lila_panic_redemption3_fix
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    • Jan 8, 2012
      I'm pretty sure how his paragraphs look has nothing to do with subject, just saying.

      But to be honest, I like when the maps have illegal spots, gives us something to do.
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      • Jul 28, 2011
        I will fix the illegal spot in playtime whenever I get around to releasing the final version, which will probably be after I finally fix those stupid helicopters in no mercy :razz:
      • May 15, 2011
        I do most of the Lila editing and with your permission I'll do lila_panic_isethen now. I'd rename it lila_panic_isethen_pF.
      • Feb 14, 2012
        lolz, thank you for adding the pf to the end of it. Looking forward to the fixes, cause I would love for the players to enjoy the map without having to worry about illegal spots.
      • Oct 17, 2011
        I will start decompiling maps and fix the illegal spots but I hope the maps have nothing that's custom or I will have to change it and also I sent you a friend request Sethen
      • Aug 8, 2010
        Decompiling has always removed all custom content for me.
      • Jul 4, 2011
        Use GCFScape to extract and re-pack the custom content.
      • May 15, 2011
        OH. I totally forgot why I even had GCFScape. >.< I kept using Pakrat to extract. Ha. I'm such a tard. :V
      • Feb 14, 2012
        lolz that's how I do it. (Pakrat)