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Emma Watsons "He for She" speech

Discussion in In The News started by Dani, Sep 23, 2014

  1. Sep 14, 2008

    via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-iFl4qhBsE

    This is one of the most powerful speeches I have watched. It's pretty wonderful. The thing that has pissed me off though is the hacker threatening to leak her compromising photos online because of this speech. It's very sad.
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    • Feb 27, 2012
      I don't mind Feminism, just as long as it isn't what it has evolved to nowadays. Which is basically "death to men, men are pigs!" shit. If you don't know what i mean, go on tumblr. It's all you fucking see. Feminism is about gender equality, not gender superiority. Emma Watson seems like she genuinely believes in the definition of Feminism, and i can respect that.
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      • Nov 11, 2011
        That was a genuine speech. This is what Tumblr needs to be filled with. The tone of her voice and the research she's done, it's so true.
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        • Mar 8, 2013
          i hate women
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          • Jun 11, 2012
            I find women to be incredibly ickky and i heard they eat your soul at night.

            They also have cooties.

            Also I didn't watch the vid.
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            • May 14, 2011
              It's a great speech. My personal opinion is that femenisim is just a bad name, it should be called gender equality. Imagine if it was called "men-isim".
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              • Jun 11, 2012
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                • Oct 24, 2013
                  You guys would probably expect me to be the last person to have a quality post on this... but

                  I actually have a huge problem with feminism and also support "it". I say "it" because I do not think feminism needs to exist, I think egalitarianism needs to replace this bias term.
                  It's an extremely poor choice of words to call yourself a feminist when naturally even before the bias of today's meaning it puts a bad taste in one's mouth.
                  My mom was one of those women who burned her bra "fighting" for women's rights. I think that was the least she could do towards it.
                  The way she has lived, lives and will continue to live is what feminism means. It's not about being an outspoken shit-stirrer, it's about truly standing up to your foes and standing strong.
                  She was born in the middle of the 50's where fat white aristocratic men ruled everything, on a farm.

                  Her mother died from smoking cigarettes when she was very young. Women smoked cig's in the day, to be fashionable and to occupy time.
                  When my mom was about five year's old she became a vegetarian and has been one till this very day.
                  That was the first example of her early consciousness of life and it's fragility. For the first 12 years of my life I was a vegetarian like her too.
                  She graduated first in her class high school and college, as well as earning scholarships. She studied marine biology but ended with a degree in geology. At one point she was even given a scholarship to Humboldt county to study marine biology, all the way from Ohio. That's something unheard of in those days.
                  During college she met my father who was studying electrical engineering and going for a foreign business degree which involves some pretty fancy math and reading.
                  They both eventually graduated and my father took a job at an engineering firm, the problem is is they shipped him to Germany and Puerto Rico.
                  My mom being a blonde haired white girl from Ohio did not speak Spanish or German. That was not her only problem as she would find it difficult to get a job in a country she couldn't even communicate.
                  So what did she do? Like a true feminist she fucking powered through that shit.
                  She went on to move with my dad to PR, and got a job with the firm as an engineer simply by needing to quickly learn.
                  During her stay she went on to teach herself Spanish, French and German.
                  That's a strong person.

                  Yes at times I hear her complaining about the chauvinists she works for, because guess what? When my parents got their inevitable divorce she got a job as a project manager.
                  A project manager for those who do not know is somebody who runs an entire commercial building project. She tells those tough guy foremen to jump and they better jump.
                  Those foremen are in charge of the basic labor crews on a construction site.
                  For a woman to tell a man in that position what to do and in such a way that he better not so much as question her, is a very rare thing.
                  I worked for one of those foremen who works under her. I did one of the hardest jobs in construction for him and did not receive any special treatment.
                  I was in charge of making sure ex-cons, neo nazis and gangbangers continued picking up debris or breaking rocks with a sledge. Not only did I manage them I did the same work with them.
                  In my mind to see that my mom struck the fear of god in one of the few men in my life I've ever been afraid of really spoke to me.
                  She'll openly call herself a bitch, or even a bad bitch. Why? Because she is.
                  Not only could she build a whole house by herself (to this day) but she could design it and grow the farm around it, and has.
                  That is the example I always keep in my head about what a woman should be. A PERSON who can take care of themselves and doesn't need a partner but allows one.
                  Not some sarcastic monotone cunt who hates men yet loves her girlfriend's strap-on and dressing like their favorite 1920's feminist author.

                  I'm 100% there's at least two women here who despise me. They think I'm some piece of shit who tells stories about vanity and fucking lot's of girls on mic.
                  Demoralizing women with my use of the word bitch or sharing pics of some girl I banged, right?
                  Maybe the reason I fuck a lot of women and feel nothing for them is because these classless fucks have no redeeming qualities.
                  FACE IT! There are a lot of weak pitiful vain neurotic girls out there. They love the idea of pleasing their man...cooking....cleaning......being bought jewelry...lot's of kids..conservative....etc.
                  That sounds good to a lot of people. Not me. That sounds like the worthless doldrums of a life in flux. The same boring shit every fucking generation.
                  That's the exact reason I do not date American women. They for the most part are dumb and carry the notion of a patriarchal society.
                  I'm only interested in women who are strong and an individual unto themselves, which is why I like my girlfriend so much.
                  The very first date I took her on, I think I spent 200$ on dinner alone.
                  I think it was the next time we hung out that she told me I didn't need to spend so much on dinner or things for her. And that the idea of a man paying for everything was not her idea of right.
                  She's from Slovenia and told me that in her country it's pretty bad with the amount of chauvinism. She constantly get's associated with being an Eastern European girl. They if you do not know have a stereotype of being "loose".
                  The more she talks about her struggle but also her achievements, I become more and more attracted to her.
                  She speaks 6 different languages and has two different master's degrees. She's also just turned 30 and I'm only 26.
                  From the very beginning of my relationship with her I said you need to know that though I am not now, I used to be really sexually active and had been involved with a lot of 3-somes, 4-somes, full blown orgies.
                  She said that actually was pretty interesting. Just recently she wanted to go meet my old friends from that scene. From that scene and period in my life I learned a lot about women.

                  There are a lot of very free women, and there are some very constrained women. I'd like to hang out with the ones who are comfortable with themselves enough to know that sex is just sex.
                  Being in a relationship is about trusting your partner and receiving the same back. She does not have an interest in participating in these kinds of actions (at least to me) but wants to see it.
                  That to me says she is a free curious individual.
                  She has told me about all the different backpacking trips or road trips she has done, through almost every continent, trying all the different foods.
                  Sometimes she sites philosophers I didn't even know and I thought I had been pretty well read on. I told her a few minutes ago I was talking to my game friends about feminism.
                  She laughed and told me to mention Virginia Woolf.
                  The other day we were talking about feminists, even though she says she is one she laughs at the stereotype with me.
                  We found it very amusing that some feminist writers are so appaulled by men and their abusive power they won't involve themselves in fellatio with a man, finding it disgusting. In fact the idea of a penis itself is horrible.
                  Yet those same individuals thought engaging in fellatio with a male was abhorrent due to the idea it is a symbol of power oppressing them,
                  probably own dildos and other phallic devices being that you can only have so much fun eating each other out.
                  I know this because my ex-girlfriend had been previously with a girl and the ex thought she could lure her back because she said she had a strap-on.

                  I think the problem with society is conservatism.
                  Those feminists are probably liberals but their minds are about as fucked as Margret Thatcher's.
                  I think just like what Emma said about us being free, is correct.
                  Though I feel myself more inclined to believe a "true feminist" would own up to the pictures and be proud of their body, not ashamed for absolutely no reason.
                  A strong individual wouldn't let the burden of society's pressure make them feel as if they did something wrong.
                  Everybody likes to fuck, take pictures of themselves when nobodies around, explore sex, get the fuck over it.
                  The people who fuss over this stuff are living boring monotonous lives.

                  My dad might have two very difficult degrees to earn but he was also very lucky to be a white male living in the U.S. to financially stable parents.
                  I have very little respect for my father even though he is extremely well read, I think he is a dumb ass.
                  He walked out on my mother and I, when I was younger having the audacity as I grew up to bitch and complain about money.
                  All the time while my mother took most of the burden, receiving absolutely no financial assistance from him, she raised me.
                  I find it very hard to respect an individual who is given the world and only takes half, throwing the rest away.
                  Maybe I do come off as disrespectful to women, and I've heard that before, but maybe I am just disappointed with them after seeing what my mother and girlfriend could accomplish.
                  Neither of them is remarkably physically strong but they have accomplished a great deal.
                  As far as men go, I think there are a lot of insecure pieces of shit binding others down due to their fear of losing power.
                  I know this because ALMOST every single client of mine is a fat rich white guy who sits at the top of his company not lifting a finger.
                  They all have the fakest, dumbest, plastic wives imaginable. I've stepped in a puddle that was deeper than them.

                  If the girls on this server notice, I generally don't talk to you. In fact I was just explaining it to someone here. It's not that I don't like you or I'm intimidated to talk to you, it's because I don't want to be "that guy".
                  The one that always becomes really chatty on the mic as soon as you come on....
                  Those guys who do that, ruin everything for the rest of us. I'm not just talking about picking up girls on the game.
                  I'm talking about how if I talk to a girl in a bar or anywhere that I have to play this stupid game of charades to let her know I'm not some rapo murderer.
                  Unless a girl even looks the remote bit interested in me, I'm not going to go bother her.
                  Why? That's called harassment.
                  Just two weeks ago I was out with my girl on a pub crawl, and this little short beta fuck in our group has the nerve while I'm in the bathroom to approach my girl.
                  The first thing he says to her, was are you Russian or Eastern European?
                  As if to say no other countries exist outside that region nor do they have similar accents.
                  Then he starts trying to impress her with his job and acting like he's smart because he works in IT caressing a servers dick all day.
                  I walked back and he realizes she is with me. Now he has his tail between his legs so he moves on to my friend Brie.
                  Then more guys start flocking to Brie. As the night goes on the little IT guy is still with us, because now we had an additional three men trying to fuck her.
                  They literally were tripping over each other like lobsters in a bucket, completely ignoring each other's presence yet firmly aware of each other.
                  I was watching our current mating process. The IT guy says to me, "hey man sorry about earlier I didn't know she was with you".
                  Like she's my thing I carry around. I just said "Nah man, I wasn't worried", passively letting him know he never stood a chance.

                  I cannot believe how stupid global society is that I as someone who is fairly large, have to help my friend who is a girl get home.
                  I have to make sure that when I take her out with us, or any girl hanging around me, I will absolutely not let them go to their car alone.
                  It's so fucking insane to me that a person cannot just go out and enjoy themselves, by themselves.
                  That's why girls have to go out in groups, not just because they enjoy each other's company, but because they need help just surviving the barrage of cretins.

                  THE END>FUCK BITCHES MAKE MONEY (girls and guys)
                • Jun 11, 2012
                • Apr 1, 2012
                  Gender equality can only be achieved when the female and male toilets are no longer separated. How can true equality be achieved when something as simple as taking a shit is sexually discriminating
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                  • Jul 20, 2012
                    Zzzz. God is a satanist.
                  • Jun 11, 2012
                    The whole thing was fake and 4chan did nothing. The people who made the site are people who represent Hollywood in a plan to shutdown 4chan.


                  • Jul 8, 2012
                    Good luck shutting down 4chan. If that happens, people will RIOT.
                  • Dec 31, 2013

                    that will never happen because of the first amendment.

                    check out this video though, this muslim woman owns this dumbass american woman haha

                    via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQbu21CHOfA
                    Ra1n, Sep 24, 2014 Last edited by Ra1n, Sep 24, 2014
                  • Mar 12, 2008

                    they exist
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                    • Oct 24, 2013
                      This most likely never would have happened in the very first place if women were allowed by conservative people to be as sexually free as they want.
                      When you start telling people what to do because you think it's the correct way for them it's called facism.
                      Because women today are expected to be this pristine being of virginity they don't get to experience life the same as men.
                      The girls in the pictures, took the pictures themselves because they wanted to show their partners or whoever.
                      The reason the girls didn't release the pictures themselves is because there is a stigma about being called a whore.
                      Men can be as sexually active as they want (except in front of nezumi) and don't see any consequences. If a guy has a big dick and great body, most likely we're gonna show you.
                      We don't have an ego from just being men, women have them just as big or bigger than men too.
                      It's just that women are conditioned to being either over sexualized or repressed. There is no acceptance for what is and just is that individual to themselves.
                      Men can be assholes or commanding and when women try to show force they're called bitchy.
                      Men are also called effeminate if they are not that way. So that's what Emma is talking about.
                      It's not a problem that is caused by absolutely one side, but does lean more towards the older generations and their less than amicable views on freedoms.
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