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Ender's Game

Discussion in Movies started by Badgriuel, May 9, 2013

  1. Jul 20, 2010

    I loved reading that book and it's being made into a movie :shock:. Harrison Ford is in it also.
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    • Feb 18, 2011
      I did not realize they were making a movie....Ender's Game is an amazing book, I just hope they don't screw it up.
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      • Jul 8, 2012
        ^^ That. I loved the book.
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        • Feb 21, 2007
          This is my favorite book. Am definitely excited they are making a movie!
        • Jul 23, 2012
          I"m wondering how the hell they're going to put in so much internal monologue into the film.
          Plus the trailer kind of gives away key points about the storyline /:
        • Jun 11, 2012
          As I've been told that I was a derp to not have read the book, even though I am a huge Sci Fi buff. Also I've been told that the trailer gives the ending (as @iProbie knows I hate spoilers but eh).

          It's Sci Fi and I am dedicated to watch it. But here's something weird I noticed and this is my uninformed opinion (as in I never read the book and just got it as of 1hr ago). The kids are enrolled in this schools to be trained and harness their powers to use in the fight for mankind -> This is seen in ME3 where the same ideology is being followed. Also the same thing is in Halo 4 : Forward Unto Dawn a prequel movie to Halo 4. So I can now see where these games pulled some of their inspirations.
        • Feb 18, 2011
          Bender I'm sorry but you can not call yourself a "huge Sci Fi buff" if you havn't read Ender's Game.
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          • Nov 29, 2012
            Can't wait to see it! Loved this book in highschool
          • Apr 12, 2012
            I have hopes, but the book is so damn good that the movie almost has no chance to compare.

            Not my favorite book, but definitely top5 xD

            Yeah, that's my one reservation as well. Although, the fighting/training scenes have promise to be pretty cool, so maybe that'll save the movie. But it's good that they are attempting it with Ender's Game and not, oh, Xenocide or another one of his Ender books.

            Orson Scott Card is one of the best modern authors, in any genre. He is incredibly creative as well as an amazingly captivating writer. Read Children of the Mind, Xenocide, and his other Ender book (I'm blanking on the 4th's name.. also, there are 4-6 more about Bean also written by Card that are well worth reading, that are considered part of the "Enderverse")

            BTW - if you havn't started Ender's Game, and you can make yourself wait, don't read it until after you see the movie. I don't think there's any way the movie will be better, and it could be a letdown :/

            edit - uh, just reread what you wrote and seems like you've started it lol. Nevermind.
          • Feb 3, 2012
            I think i'll see it.
          • May 14, 2012
            i hate books.
          • Nov 11, 2011
            Same, but I liked Of Mice and Men and there was some other book way back in highschool about a family restaurant or something. And of course, can't forget:

          • Dec 30, 2006
            I had to.

            7:37 PM - SecProtocol: enders game
            7:37 PM - SecProtocol: helix
            10:31 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: what
            10:31 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: I haven't watched it; is it good?
            10:31 PM - SecProtocol: just finished enders
            10:31 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: I don't know what that is
            10:31 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: is that the episode name?
            10:31 PM - SecProtocol: enders game?
            10:31 PM - SecProtocol: THE MOVIE?
            10:31 PM - SecProtocol: What the fuck. Are you serious
            10:32 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: Enders game...
            10:32 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: lets see
            10:32 PM - SecProtocol: WOW. You are serious.
            10:32 PM - SecProtocol: I'm speechless.
            10:32 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: oh it's with Indiana Jones
            10:32 PM - KyleS | @:< | [22&B]: and a bunch of kids
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            • Aug 7, 2012
              That's a pretty useful commentary on the movie. Indiana Jones with a bunch of kids. Plus Sad Kid = Sadmovie
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              • Apr 9, 2007
                Now I know there's a film; thanks. Usually when you say something following a series, or preceding it's an episode name. Alternatively there's a reference in the show, which is why you'd say that in relation to Helix (what aired when you messaged me with that).

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                • Jul 1, 2010
                  Helix is good as well so far.
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