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Enticing Ideas

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by ClearlyTrying, May 5, 2011

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    These are just some ideas I've had that I feel potentially can lead to a better community, resulting in more money and an increase in population. Some of these ideas may have been brought up before so forgive me if its something you've heard before. Also, if the outcome of the idea would result in a decrease of money, or any general negative effect in/on the community- then of course nullify it. But anyways here they are:

    -I'm not sure if our rank system is up right now or not, but if and when it gets up I think it would be a good idea to offer "free" donor skin to the top (1 to 3?) ranked players after X ( x = 1 to 3 ) amount of months- and the rank system will reset every (1-3?)months, giving others a new chance.
    ex: Pretty self explanatory, I know regulars who have been playing in the pf servers for so long, and I also see new people EVERY day join our servers asking about admin and/or donor, unfortunately not all can afford it, and I think it would benefit us to offer "free" donor skin if at the end of the cycle-they get the option to use the donor skins as reward. I think it gives people who play a lot and win the rank system, a chance to experience what its like to use our skins.(Enticing them to purchase admin or donate, also keeping server population steady/competitve). I sure know my initial reason for buying admin was for these skins.

    -After an admin has purchased admin for X ( x = 3-6 ) amount of months, and then their admin expires- they receive "free" donor skins for half of the amount of months they have bought admin for(doesn't even need to be half, could just be one bonus month of free donor skin after a purchase of (3?) months admin, some sort of "deal". Only applies to those buying admin more then X amount of months.
    ex: Someone bought admin for 3 months, once it expires- they get to use the donor skins for one "last bonus/reward" month .. thus enticing them of the benefits of our skins, and showing our appreciation for contributing.

    -After an admin has gone X ( x = 2-6) amount of months, with NO reported or confirmed admin abuse inflictions, they receive "free" donor skin for (1?) month after the expiration of their admin experience .
    ex:Someone goes 6 months with no admin abuse accusations or inflictions/warnings, It would help entice admins to be on their best behavior to receive longer benefits.

    -I don't want to talk down on any of the trainers or single any of them out, but I really think that we need to do a better job of training new admins. There has been a significant influx of new admins coming on everyday asking several questions about commands. And misusing/abusing their powers. It doesn't bother me that people use admin chat for stuff other then enforcing rules, but I thought that was the ONLY reason we are "allowed" to use it, is for enforcing rules; and when I see brand new admins come in and having conversations using admin chat and msay and csay, just seems like someone didn't tell them that isn't how to properly use these special privileges. ( Sorry if any trainers are mad at me for saying that, but these new admins need to learn how to use commands and when to use admin chat!, and it probably/maybe isn't the trainers- could just be the admins lack of respect for the rule.So by no means trainers am I saying you guys aren't doing your jobs properly.)

    -I know it's a lot of work and it's probably on someones to do list, but I think we should keep a better track of the !illegal list. Before we add a map I think it would be wise to test it with admins or whoever to check for crouch spots, vents, illegal spots, how many, if we should clip/edit them. We have many good maps that have spots that us admins constantly have to regulate and watch. I don't mind it, but I think it would make it easier on us admins, and for the players sake so they can't and won't go in there. (I know this may be a lot of work for mappers and/or anyone involved in the process, so please keep in mind these are just ideas/suggestions!)
    ex: Admins constantly have to argue with players over illegal spots, their defense is that its not in the "!illegal", though that defense doesn't hold much ground when it is in fact illegal, I think it would make our server look better and help prevent disputes and dilemmas.

    -I think the promotion system could use some re-evaluation and/or adjustment. I just feel that if an admin is putting in lots of in-server game hours/time and enforcing rules and just being and playing in all the servers constantly, they should get recognition- although they aren't "active" on the forums.
    ex: (blahblah) has been playing everyday all day in almost all of our servers, bringing in all his friends through-out the day and having fun in all the servers. He's been doing this for X (x=1-6) months, and goes on the forums when their is an issue/poll; to post server outage; or say something worth posting- but remains a level 2 after X amount of months. I do understand that we need traffic on the website, but I just think its maybe something to think about.

    -I noticed new skins for higher level admins, which is totally badass by the way! but I think that if it isn't to hard maybe it would benefit us if each level of admin gets one "special" skin. The higher the rank, the better/cooler the skin looks.( and possibly better features, jump/run slightly faster/higher) so it is easier to recognize their rank.
    ex: level 1 admins get to chose from the donor skins ( they get everything that is standard right now )
    level 2 admins get to chose the above with a new "level 2 skin" ( they get a cool(er) skin, with all the standard features)
    level 3 admins get to chose the above with a new "level 3 skin" ( same as above, but can also run slightly faster then others)
    ..etc. Maybe not the best idea, but I think by doing this it would not only entice admins to want to get promotions, but would make it easier for players and other admins to recognize status from their skin.

    -I think we should *maybe* experiment with special features like parachute and some other things i've seen in other zombie servers. It may have been attempted before, but I do know on SOME maps I can think of off the top of my head- using a parachute would be neat and make things a lot more interesting. Again, this may not be popular, but hey- it's just a suggestion.

    -I think *maybe* adding "paint bullets" may be a "fun" feature to have. I don't know if it causes lag or not, but if it doesn't effect anything. I think it may be a cool unique thing to test out. Sometimes when your solo or just waiting for zombies and you're shooting at the wall, it would be more enjoyable to see rainbow bullets splatter. But I do enjoy bullets, so I don't know that idea may be a fail. Worth a try to see what people think about it.

    Now, I know some of these may be very hard or impossible to even accomplish. But anyways, those are just some thoughts I had that I really think would not only improve our community and atmosphere, but benefit everyone. I will possibly edit this as I encounter ideas that could possibly lead to an increase in money, server population, and server problems.

    ps: I'm not trying to put more work on anyone or get anyone in trouble, these are just ideas people so please can I not get random people talking shit about my ideas. but if anyone reads this, constructive criticism will be noted and appreciated.
  2. Jan 12, 2011
    I'm not going to quote all that, so I'll number it.

    1) I thought pF used to do something like that, except it was for 1 month of admin. I wouldn't mind an idea like that for donator perks instead, but that'd require the ranks to be fixed up. Whenever I check them I'm always jumping around rank 700 or 2000. :confused:

    2) Sounds awesome. Might be difficult to keep track of, with all the admins that have been here for a long time, and all the new admins that are coming in. It's a numbers and names game that might get messy. Ask Ray for input.

    3) Also neat, since it would help admins try to keep their act clean.

    4) -> http://plaguefest.com/index.php?/topic/6289-msay/

    5) Always a work in progress. Currently the rule is for the admin to use wise judgment on a spot that's questionable (or ask other admins online) and for players to not argue with the admin's orders. Disputes are directed to the Forums.

    6) Forums participation isn't so much of a must from my impression. If you're new and good after the 1 month mark, you can ask to be promoted to Lv.2. After that it's all about players keeping their behavior up and productive and being noticed for their hard work. Lv.3 gets earned at some point after and whatnot.

    7) Also sounds cool. We'd need to ask the server heads what they think about more skins and perkier skins. It might not be necessary though, since people like playing with certain appearances, and it'd become confusing playing with a skin regardless of rank or ability. If different skins had different abilities though.... not sure how well that would fix the variety used.

    8) I can't say anything about coding, but I'm already trying to imagine the knock-back playing with the parachute physics..... Could be fun, or just be messy. Can't be sure.

    9) Donator and admin perk? I say that because having 30+ people painting the walls before zombies spawn might be funny, but it'd become an eye sore after a few rounds.

    Interesting ideas and keep suggesting new ones! :thumbsup:
  3. Jan 21, 2011
    The new skins are for lvl 3's and 4's and I like the set up the way it is. You don't get a jump boost until lvl4 and the root jump is even greater. Given that lvl 2 is pretty much automatic, having a special skin for them wouldn't really entice them much, but because lvl3 is earned it should make them want it more for the extra skin.

    Parachutes are for noobs.
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    Thanks for the replies :smile: Forgot to add a few, for anyone who cares they areeeee:

    -With the help of our wonderful mappers :thumbsup: , we construct a new type of zombie play. We enable low gravity so everyone jumps higher, figure out a good gravity, and air accelerate. Make it easier to bhop(like we have on the megabox map we play). Then create a map- according to the new aspects of physics. Would be pretty wild, could possibly be extremely fun or a fail.

    - My idea is that we make an Extreme UnlimitedAmmo NoReload Zm Server. The humans guns attack power is decreased to a determined amount. Also the zombies get much more health, and less of a knockback- and perhaps the zombies have special features(jump slightly higher,run slightly faster). This is another wild idea, I know lol. We could make a restriction to only machine guns, or only shotguns, only pistols- something we'd determine later- or just leave it so you can use every gun. ZM is very fun, but I think it is a bitttt human sided. I think it would be fun to see it more challenging for humans- but we keep no reload and unlimited ammo.
  5. Jan 12, 2011
    Continuing the numbering...

    10) I fully support this, and have actually suggested a low gravity map for some time. I know it's a gimmick that would have to be carefully balanced, but I bet if each of the servers had at least a few distinctly gimmick maps (low grav, super air control, no friction, etc.), it would add some flavor to our selections. Just my thoughts, being a goofball. :razz:

    11) Theoretically, couldn't that be included into the "gimmick map" idea? I mean, people should definitely know what they're voting for or else there'll be tons of raging, but I don't quite think that's enough for a full server. I might be wrong, though. Suggest it to the owners to see what future servers they have on their list. I'm still looking forward to the DR server that should be getting done sometime soon.