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ESO Beta Key Giveaway

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Kloud, Feb 27, 2014

  1. Apr 3, 2013
    I got sent another beta key in my mail. Since I already have the beta, i will give it out.

    I will use a randomiser to see who wins, just post in this thread with a joke, preferably about meeko or mako reactor.

    This ends in 2 hours or when the thread reaches 10 replies. GO!
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    • Jul 27, 2008
      I got one too! It's this weekend isn't it?
    • Apr 9, 2012
      Let me tell you a joke by telling Mako Reactor is the best map ever. There, you got your joke.

      I hope I win :grin: But I probably won't!

      EDIT: I won thanks
      JorisCeoen, Feb 27, 2014 Last edited by JorisCeoen, Feb 27, 2014
    • Aug 26, 2012
      I have a key as well
    • Oct 13, 2011
      Seems like everyone got a key. Just give it to joris lol
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      • Jul 27, 2008
        Yeah, I bet they are just slangin' em! I hear it's nothing too great though but I'm interested to try it.