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Ethernet Card Trouble (TP-LINK TG-3269)

Discussion in Networking started by Mysticlegends, Sep 4, 2011

  1. Jan 30, 2011
    I found this card laying around in a cabinet that my parents ordered off of NCIX but never used. But when I popped in the card into the PCI slot, my internet wasn't working, even though at the back of the PC the lights displayed showed that it was working, it just didn't have a driver to allow it to work on my system.

    Found a disc inside the box that the card came with and popped it in. So, I tried installing it but was given an error that it may not work with windows XP, so I thought. 'Oh alright, it could still work' and installed a driver but found that it didn't work either. Tried checking google for anything, but the only good things I could find were threads that only had one or two posts in the thread, and neither of the posts attempted to help fix the persons problem.

    Any ideas or tips? Even though I have another card I am using at the moment, I would like to check out the new one I came across to see how well it does.