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Eveything about the customization of CS:S

Discussion in Tutorials started by Moltard, Jul 31, 2013

  1. Mar 30, 2013
    This is a big guide for the customization of CS:S, I made there are some months ago.

    How to install skins on CS:S ?

    There is one website to DL:
    1. First install the extract software Winrar.
    2. Go on Gamebanana.
    3. Find the skin you want, download it and Winrar will automatically open.
    4. Extract 3 or 4 files which are materials, models, sounds, scripts (the last one is not always here), in the my_custom_stuff (or an other name) of the custom folder (C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/custom/my_custom_stuff).
      All files will go in the proper locations.
    5. Launch CS:S, and watch the skin.

    If I'm bored of the skin, I delete the weapons folders in the 4 folders:
    • materials
    • models
    • sounds
    • scripts
    Don't delete all the weapons folder if you have more than one skin and if you want to delete only one of them. Just delete good files (those with the name of the weapons of the skin).


    How to put or change a spray ?

    Change the spray is very easy, here I only explain for spray which don't move.

    For english players:
    1. Save the spray in My Pictures (.jpg or .jpeg)
    2. Launch CS:S, go in Option, Multiplayer, and click on Import spray
    3. You search your spray in My Pictures, and you make a double-click on the picture you want.
    4. Create a LAN server, and watch your spray :smile:
    For non-english players (language):
    1. Save the spray in My Pictures (.jpg or .jpeg)
    2. Open Steam then go in Parameters, you change the language to English.
    3. Restart Steam.
    4. Launch CS:S, go in Option, Multiplayer, and click on Import spray
    5. You search your spray in My Pictures, and you make a double-click on the picture you want.
    6. Create a LAN server, and watch your spray :smile:
    7. Quit CS:S, return in Parameters and re-change the language to yours.
    Now you can change the spray without put Steam in English.

    Resolve the invisible spray problem:

    Some players have this problem.. They neither see their own sprays nor others players sprays.
    The solution, if this happens on every servers you play is easy (I said, "every servers" because some servers don't activate sprays).


    How to add a map on CSS ? (Outside of servers)

    There is one website to DL:
    1. First install the extract software Winrar.
    2. Go on Gamebanana.
    3. Find the map you want, download it and Winrar will automatically open.
    4. Extract the map's file, in the maps folder (C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/maps).

    Information: Maps download from servers go in cstrike/download/maps, and if you want to play them on a LAN server, you need to manualy move these maps to cstrike/maps (a bug that Valve didn't fix yet).


    Resolve the missing map problem

    A lot of players have this problem when they try to download a map.
    Either at the beggining or at the end a message like that appear:
    • "missing maps/surf_forbidden_ways_reloaded.bsp,disconnecting" (just an exemple)

    There are 2 solutions, when the first don't work, try the 2nd which work at 100%:
    • Type in the console: cl_allowdownload 1 Then re-try to download the map, but if it still doesn't work, use the 2nd solution.
    • Download the map from Gamebanana, 17buddies or an other website of maps. To install follow the tut above this one.


    Resolve Red error problem

    You may have this problem, either with a player model, or with a parachute, trail, props, etc..
    There are some solutions, which depand of the problem.

    For Red Error models:

    Really easy to solve, you just need to type in the console: cl_minmodels 1.
    Then, all models of players wil become the original of the game, now you need to deco-reco (leave then join the same server).

    Normally, once you are on the server, the skins must appear without error.
    But if the problem persist, you need to delete the file of the model, then re-DL it from the server.

    Attention: Use the command on a zombie server (zm ; ze), can crash your game (saw that one time).

    For Red Error parachute, props:

    For this problem, only one solution:
    • Delete the file and re-DL it.


    How to change the background of CSS ?

    Bored by the background, you have when you launch CS:S ? So change it by following this way.

    1. Download Winrar.
    2. Find a nice BackGround on Gamebanana.
    3. Download it.
    4. Then extract it in C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/custom/my_custom_stuff/materials/console (if you don't have the console folder, you need to create it)
    IMPORTANT: For backgrounds work, they must be named:
    • background01.vtf
    • and be with a background01_widescreen.vtf

    You can also create your own background with the software VTFedit, really easy to use. I will explain how, below this tut :smile:


    How to create my own background ?

    As I said above, if you want to create your own background for Counter-Strike: Source, you need VTFedit. So download it with the link (in the name of the software), install and launch it.
    You will have an interface like that:


    1. Now, click on Files, then Import.
    2. You will choose the picture you want, so go in the location where it is saved. When chose, click on OK.
    3. A windows will open, touch nothing and click on OK.
    4. Wait some seconds, and your picture will appear.
    5. Now, go in Files, then Save As.
    6. Save the picture in C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/custom/my_custom_stuff/materials/console, and name it background01.vtf
    7. Then re-save the picture in the same location, and name it background01_widescreen.vtf.
    8. Launch CS:S and admire your background.
    IMPORTANT: Don't make a mistake in the syntax of the picture's name, otherwise your background won't work.


    The Console

    The console is very usefull in CS:S, in it you can type a lot of commands which allow you to:
    • Customize things like: the crosshair, enable the net_graph (to show fps and pings), disable the HUD, tchat, and more
    • Make binds (= associate a key to a sentence, a command, or to buy weapons quickly)
    • Make records (about cheaters or skill)
    • ...
    To activate it, follow these steps:
    1. Launch Steam
    2. Go in Library
    3. Right click on Counter-Strike: Source
    4. Select "Properties"
    5. Click on "Set launch options"
    6. Type "-console" and click OK (don't forget the - )
    7. Start Counter-Strike Source
      Now there are 2 differents case:
      • The console appeared direcly
        You enabled the Console, you can now read the paragraph about binds.
      • The console didn't appeared for the moment
      So follow these new steps:
      1. Click on "Options"
      2. Select the "Keyboard" tab
      3. Click on "Advanced"
      4. Select the 2. option - "Enable developer console (~)"
      Thats all, the console should work now
    Information: Players with an english game, will only have to do the second case.



    Introduction about binds

    Bind are combinations of keyboard key (or mouse key) to one or several commands, that you type in the console.
    With this sentence, you understand more what binds are, but you will ask me:
    What is the utility of associate a key to a command ??
    So, it will be usefull when you will play. I will take an example:
    • You press a key, and it automatically type a word or a sentence in the tchat. And this word can maybe activate a menu (ex: !zmenu in the zm/ze modes), in one second instead of typing it.
    Now, I will teach you how to create your binds.

    Commands binds
    These are the easier binds to create, you just need to associate a key to a command which will be enabled when you press the key.

    The syntax is that:
    bind "key" "command"
    Example: bind "g" "net_graph 1" (for the key, " " are not required, it will change nothing in the bind)
    So in this case when I will press G, net_graph will be enabled.

    Tchats binds
    These binds are a little more hard, you will bind a key to a message which will appear when you will press the key.

    The syntax is the following:
    bind "key" "say the_message_will_appear"
    Example: bind j "say Hello World :)"
    In this case, when I will press J, Hello World :), will appear in the tchat.

    There is also the possibility to make appear the message only for your team (CT or T), the syntax is:
    bind "key" "say_team the_message_will_appear"
    You can see, I added _team after the say

    There is also the possibility to display a message on the Console, you need to use the command echo instead of say.

    Buy binds
    Long but not too much hard, to type, they are very usefull. With them, you can buy all your weapons, in one second and with one key.

    The syntax is that:
    bind "key" "buy name_of_the_weapon"
    And of course they can be more big than this one, so the syntax is that:
    bind "key" "buy name_of_the_weapon; buy name_of_the_weapon; buy name_of_the_weapon"
    (they can be very long but don't forget to separate each "buy name_of_the_weapon" by a ; and a space)

    Example: bind f1 "buy m4a1; buy ak47; buy deagle; buy hegrenade; buy smokegrenade; buy vesthem; buy defuser; buy flashbang; buy flashbang"
    In this case, when you press F1, you will obtain the weapons pack for players who play on FFA.

    Unbind a bind
    If you want to unbind a bind, type this in the console
    unbind "key_you_want_to_unbind"
    Example: unbind g
    There, it will unbind the key G that I binded with net_graph 1 .

    That's all for normal binds, now we can pass to advanced binds :smile:

    The BindToggle is very usefull, it allow you to allow a enable and disable a command with only one key. But it only work with commands which have 2 modes:
    • 1 = On
    • 0 = Off
    The syntax is:
    BindToggle "key" "command"
    Example: BindToggle k "cl_drawhud" (of course, don't put a number)
    So, when I press K one time, the HUD is display, then when I re-press K, it disapear (re-press the key to display the HUD again). This is the same effect than ON/OFF Aliases but really fast to type (you will see what are these Aliases)

    Attention: The BindToggle must have the B and the T in capital letters.

    At the beginning, incrementvars are a little hard to understand, but after some try, its easy.
    They are usefull, because they allow you to create a cycle with a command, that you need to bind. In summarize, the effect is like the BindToggle but you can use it, on commands with more than 3 or illimited values (net_graph, cl_yawspeed,...).

    This is how, a incrementvar is divided:
    • bind "key" ➭ it's the basic, you will bind the incrementvar.
    • incrementvar ➭ The obligatory CVAR if you want to make a cycle.
    • command ➭ The command which is the reason, you make a cycle.
    • minimum value ➭ You give the minimum value for the command (not always 0, you can give a more high value).
    • maximum value ➭ You give the maximum value for the command (not always the max value of the command, you can give a less high value).
    • delta ➭ The value which specify the switch of the command. For example, I put 2 and the command will switch of value 2 by 2.

    The syntax is that:
    bind "key" "incrementvar commande minimum_value maximum_value delta"
    I suggest you an example, to understand, with a command: net_graph
    bind f2 "incrementvar net_graph 0 3 1"
    In this example, I press F2 one time, net_graph don't display, I re-press the key, and net_graph appear in mode 1, I re-press, it go to the mode 2, [...] I think you understood how it work.

    Information: If you want to start by the end, you just need to replace the delta value by a négative value. So in my example, I replace 1 by -1. And it will start by the net_graph in mode 3 instead of mode 0.


    Specific Keys

    These keys are good to use when you made binds in all your keyboard, and you can't find new key.

    Numeric keypad
    • KP_INS - Numeric Keypad 0
    • KP_END - Numeric Keypad 1
    • KP_DOWNARROW - Numeric Keypad 2
    • KP_PGDN - Numeric Keypad 3
    • KP_LEFTARROW - Numeric Keypad 4
    • KP_5 - Numeric Keypad 5
    • KP_RIGHTARROW - Numeric Keypad 6
    • KP_HOME - Numeric Keypad 7
    • KP_UPARROW - Numeric Keypad 8
    • KP_PGUP - Numeric Keypad 9
    • KP_ENTER - Numeric Keypad Enter
    • KP_DEL - Numeric Keypad Del
    • KP_SLASH - Numeric Keypad Slash
    • KP_MINUS - Numeric Keypad -
    • KP_PLUS - Numeric Keypad +
    • MOUSE1 - Left Click
    • MOUSE2 - Right Click
    • MOUSE3 - Middle button
    • MOUSE4 - First button at the side (only on gamers mouse)
    • MOUSE5 - Second button at the side (only on gamers mouse)
    • MWHEELUP - Wheel Upwards
    • MWHEELDOWN - Wheel Down

    I found a very nice picture, that give all keys of the keyboard (+ the mouse).

    PS: The mouse5 can be at other locations (there or next to mouse4)


    Weapons Name (for binds)


    • glock / 9x19mm Sidearm
    • usp / KM .45 Tactical
    • p228 / 228 Compact
    • deagle / Night Hawk .50c
    • elite / .40 Dual Elites
    • fn57 / ES Five-seven


    • m3 / Leone 12 Gauge Super
    • xm1014 / Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun

    Sub-Machine Gun

    • mac10 / Ingram Mac-10
    • tmp / Schmidt Machine Pistol
    • mp5 / KM Sub-Machine Gun
    • ump45 / KM UMP45
    • p90 / ES C90

    Assault Rifle

    • galil / IDF Defender
    • ak47 / CV-47
    • sg552 / Krieg 552
    • famas / Clarion 5.56
    • m4a1 / Maverick M4A1 Carbine
    • aug / Bullpup

    Sniper Rifle

    • g3sg1 / D3/AU-1
    • sg550 / Krieg 550 Commando
    • scout / Schmidt Scout
    • awp / Magnum Sniper Rifle

    Machine Gun

    • m249 / M249


    • defuser / Defuse Kit
    • vest / Bulletproof Vest
    • vesthelm / Bulletproof Vest + 1 Helmet
    • flashbang / Flashbang
    • hegrenade / Grenade
    • smokegrenade / Smokegrenade
    • nvgs / Nightvision


    Change Colors in your ScoreBoard

    You need an autoexec.cfg (instructions in tut just below). And now I will give you the basic scoreboard colors.

    cl_scoreboard_ct_color_red "150"
    cl_scoreboard_ct_color_green "200"
    cl_scoreboard_ct_color_blue "255"
    cl_scoreboard_t_color_red "240"
    cl_scoreboard_t_color_green "90"
    cl_scoreboard_t_color_blue "90"
    cl_scoreboard_dead_color_red "125"
    cl_scoreboard_dead_color_green "125"
    cl_scoreboard_dead_color_blue "125"
    cl_scoreboard_clan_ct_color_red "150"
    cl_scoreboard_clan_ct_color_green "200"
    cl_scoreboard_clan_ct_color_blue "255"
    cl_scoreboard_clan_t_color_red "240"
    cl_scoreboard_clan_t_color_green "90"
    cl_scoreboard_clan_t_color_blue "90"
    cl_scoreboard_dead_clan_color_red "125"
    cl_scoreboard_dead_clan_color_green "125"
    cl_scoreboard_dead_clan_color_blue "125"
    Put this into your autoexec.cfg. And you will start to edit it, with explanation of the commands.

    The commands values work with the RGB code

    You should go on this website, to find all colors with RGB code.
    RGB to Color Name Mapping (Triplet and Hex)

    You can easily change the colors now :smile: If you don't understand, ask me.



    The autoexec.cfg is a special file, that is executed automatically when you launch Counter-Strike:Source. It's usefull, if you want to execute a file (.cfg), a command or others things. In it you will put Alias (read below for explanation).

    Follow these 2 steps, to create the file:
    1. First go in the cfg folder (C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/cfg)
    2. Copy and paste the config.cfg file, then delete all his contents, and rename it autoexec (you need to copy the config to be sure the autoexec will be a .cfg)
    You can also directly create the autoexec.cfg, with the Notepad of Windows, but if you do something wrong, the file will be a .txt instead of a .cfg.



    What is it ?

    An Alias is an association of a word to one or more commands, which will be introduce in a bind like a command.
    It allow you to activate a lot of commands in the same time, or:
    • ON/OFF commands = Same effect than BindToggle (but, you can't always make a Bindtoggle with some commands). And with Alias, you add the echo command, which display a message in the console (you know when the command is ENABLED and when it is DISABLED).
    • Cycle commands = You can do that with incrementvar, but with alias, there is more possibility (you will see below)
    • Loop commands = It's like a spam of a command, you maybe know the Script Bunny (hold space bar to automatically jump) or the Auto-Pistol (very good with the Dual Elites). But of course these scripts are not allowed on servers, and using them will result you banned by Admin or the SMAC (it detect you launch more than 100 commands per seconds :razz: )

    Teach how to make Aliases is dificult, this is why I show you examples. Better to understand if you watch their structures.

    ON/OFF commands

    I start with Alias which allow to enable and disable a command by simply pressing one key (I created them).

    // Alias to speak in the mic without holding a key
    alias "micro" "micro_on"
    alias "micro_on" "alias micro micro_off; +voicerecord; echo **MICRO ENABLED**"
    alias "micro_off" "alias micro micro_on; -voicerecord; echo **MICRO DISABLED**"
    // Alias to hide and display the tchat
    alias "tchat" "tchat_on"
    alias "tchat_on" "alias tchat tchat_off; hud_saytext_time 12; echo **TCHAT ON**"
    alias "tchat_off" "alias tchat tchat_on; hud_saytext_time 0; echo **TCHAT OFF**"
    // Alias to hide and display the HUD
    alias "hud" "hud_on"
    alias "hud_on" "alias hud hud_off; cl_drawhud 1; echo **HUD ON**"
    alias "hud_off" "alias hud hud_on; cl_drawhud 0; echo **HUD OFF**"
    // Alias to hide and display the radar.
    alias "radar" "radar_on"
    alias "radar_on" "alias radar radar_off; drawradar; echo **RADAR ON**"
    alias "radar_off" "alias radar radar_on; hideradar; echo **RADAR OFF**"
    // Alias to activate and desactivate voices
    alias "voice" "voice_on"
    alias "voice_on" "alias voice voice_off; voice_enable 1; echo **VOICES ENABLED**"
    alias "voice_off" "alias voice voice_on; voice_enable 0; echo **VOICES DISABLED**"
    The first alias is a better way to speak IG, and the others are usefull to make videos. If you want, you can copy-paste and put them in your autoexec.cfg (C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/cfg). Create it if you dont have the file (follow instructions above).
    After that you can bind a key to the command you want.
    Exemple: bind i "tchat", so when you press I, the tchat is display, and when you press I again, the tchat disapear. This example wasn't possible with a BindToggle and I added the echo command, so you can see in the console a message.

    You can also create your own ON/OFF alias, by taking the base of my Aliases.

    Cycle commands

    I created this script which allow to change the color of the crosshair by pressing one key. It's a cycle which return to the beggining when you reach the end.
    // Script to switch between 20 colors of crosshair !!!
    // Press f1 to change the color of crosshair
    // The color is write in the Console, when it change
    // You can replace f1 by the key you want 
    alias "colorcrosshair" "colorcrosshair_0"
    alias "colorcrosshair_0" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_1; cl_crosshaircolor 0; echo **CROSSHAIR IS GREEN**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_1" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_2; cl_crosshaircolor 1; echo **CROSSHAIR IS RED**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_2" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_3; cl_crosshaircolor 2; echo **CROSSHAIR IS BLUE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_3" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_4; cl_crosshaircolor 3; echo **CROSSHAIR IS YELLOW**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_4" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_5; cl_crosshaircolor 4; echo **CROSSHAIR IS TURQUOISE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_5" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_6; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 0; cl_crosshaircolor_g 0; cl_crosshaircolor_b 0; echo **CROSSHAIR IS BLACK**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_6" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_7; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 84; cl_crosshaircolor_g 84; cl_crosshaircolor_b 84; echo **CROSSHAIR IS GREY**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_7" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_8; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 168; cl_crosshaircolor_g 168; cl_crosshaircolor_b 168; echo **CROSSHAIR IS LIGHTGREY**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_8" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_9; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 255; cl_crosshaircolor_b 255; echo **CROSSHAIR IS WHITE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_9" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_10; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 138; cl_crosshaircolor_g 43; cl_crosshaircolor_b 226; echo **CROSSHAIR IS BLUEPURPLE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_10" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_11; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 72; cl_crosshaircolor_g 61; cl_crosshaircolor_b 139; echo **CROSSHAIR IS DARKBLUE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_11" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_12; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 0; cl_crosshaircolor_g 78; cl_crosshaircolor_b 138; echo **CROSSHAIR IS SKYBLUE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_12" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_13; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 139; cl_crosshaircolor_g 69; cl_crosshaircolor_b 19; echo **CROSSHAIR IS BROWN**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_13" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_14; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 165; cl_crosshaircolor_b 0; echo **CROSSHAIR IS ORANGE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_14" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_15; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 105; cl_crosshaircolor_b 185; echo **CROSSHAIR IS HOTPINK**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_15" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_16; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 191; cl_crosshaircolor_g 62; cl_crosshaircolor_b 25; echo **CROSSHAIR IS PURPLE**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_16" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_17; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 215; cl_crosshaircolor_b 0; echo **CROSSHAIR IS GOLD**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_17" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_18; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 0; cl_crosshaircolor_b 255; echo **CROSSHAIR IS MAGENTA**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_18" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_19; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 192; cl_crosshaircolor_b 203; echo **CROSSHAIR IS PINK**"
    alias "colorcrosshair_19" "alias colorcrosshair colorcrosshair_0; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_r 0; cl_crosshaircolor_g 100; cl_crosshaircolor_b 0; echo **CROSSHAIR IS DARKGREEN**"
    bind "f1" "colorcrosshair"
    You can replace F1 by the key you want.

    Loop commands

    Really hard script to make, where you need to use the wait command (wait about 0,1 second).
    Try to understand, how I made these two scripts, which are of course not allowed on online servers.

    I created this Auto-Pistol script, which work (work 100% on LAN server, and it depand of settings on Online servers).
    // Alias Auto-pistol
    // Press "0" to activate the script and "." to desactivate it
    // When the script is enabled, press and hold mouse1 to shoot automatically
    alias "+elite" "elite_on; shoot"
    alias "-elite" "elite_off; -attack"
    alias "shoot_command" "+attack; wait; wait; wait; -attack; wait; wait; shoot"
    alias "elite_on" "alias shoot shoot_command"
    alias "elite_off" "alias shoot"
    bind kp_ins "bind mouse1 +elite; message1"
    bind kp_del "-elite; bind mouse1 +attack; message2
    alias "message1" "echo Autopistol is Enabled. Press . key (digital keyboard) to disable it"
    alias "message2" "echo Autopistol is Disabled. Press 0 key (digital keyboard) to enable it again."
    You can replace "0" and "." (kp_ins et kp_del) by key you want.

    /!\ Attention:
    • Your game can crash if you use it on a server which dont allow the "wait" command (I add this problem).
    • And of course, you will probably be ban by the SMAC (Source Mod Anti Cheats) of servers when using this script.

    Don't ask me the question: Can I get ban by VAC for using this ? The answer is NO (same for the script bunny below).
    // Alias Auto-Bunny
    // A Script auto-bunny that work with digital keypad.
    // Press "1" to activate the script, then hold the Space Bar to jump automatically.
    // Press "2" to disable the script.
    alias "+bhop" "bhop_on; jump"
    alias "-bhop" "bhop_off; -jump"
    alias "bhop_command" "+jump; wait; wait; -jump; wait; wait; jump"
    alias "bhop_on" "alias jump bhop_command"
    alias "bhop_off" "alias jump"
    bind kp_end "bind space +bhop; bhopmessage1"
    bind kp_downarrow "-bhop; bind space +jump; bhopmessage2"
    alias "bhopmessage1" "echo AutoBunny Enabled. Press "2" (numérique keypad) to Disable it."
    alias "bhopmessage2" "echo AutoBunny Disabled. Press "1" (numérique keypad) to re-Enable the script."
    Be warn, this script can crash your game.
    You can replace "1" and "2" (kp_end & kp_downarrow) by key you want.


    Fast Connection with Alias

    I will show you a little tip, but very usefull, to connect to servers fast, even if they disappear from your Favorite servers.
    Or to connect on these server by using a reserved slot (often when you are VIP/Donator for this server).

    Follow these steps:
    1. Go in your autoexec.cfg
    2. Create alias like this (I will explain what it do):
      alias "ze" "connect"
      With this alias, I just need to type in the console ze, to join the server with this IP = Zombie Escape :: PlagueFest.com - FastDL
    The syntax is that:
    alias "the_word_you_want" "connect IP_adress"
    Fast explanation of the syntax:
    • alias = Always put this word
    • the_word_you_want = In my example it was ze (don't put the name of an Official map)
    • connect = Always put this word
    • IP_adress = You put the IP of the server + the port (can also be find on Gametracker)

    If you have any problem, to create Alias or Bind, don't hesitate to ask me for help :smile:


    The GameMenu creation

    I made a guide on Gamebanana, that explain how you can create your own GameMenu (I never saw a lot of guides for that).
    Re-write it here will be very long (because Gamebanana work with HTML code), so I just post the link :smile:



    Play Musics

    The game allow you, to play some sounds, when you launch the game, join a server or win. Here are the differents playable sounds.

    The Background Music

    If you want to play music when you launch CS:S (after the Valve logo), follow these steps:
    1. First, find the music file you want. It must be an .mp3
    2. Set the khz (kilohertz) of the music, to ~44000, otherwise, it won't work.
    3. Go in the sound folder (C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike: Source/cstrike/custom/my_custom_stuff/sound).
      • Of course create the my_custom_stuff and the sound folders, if you don't have them.
    4. Then in the sound folder, create a folder named UI (with caps or without caps, it change nothing)
    5. In it, you will put the .mp3 file but rename it gamestartup.
    6. If you did everything correctly, it should work. Otherwise, re-try and re-read the 5 steps.
    I thank 'Leo Diiablo for this little part of the guide. Because by helping him with his problem to add the background music , I discovered that the khz neet to be at 44000.

    Music when CT Win

    • .wav files are ofc more big than .mp3 but, they always work (sometimes .mp3 don't load)
    • If the server you play, have a custom sound. Yours won't load.

    Music when Terrorist Win

    • .wav files are ofc more big than .mp3 but, they always work (sometimes .mp3 don't load)
    • If the server you play, have a custom sound. Yours won't load.

    Music when you join a server

    • .wav files are ofc more big than .mp3 but, they always work (sometimes .mp3 don't load)
    • If the server you play, have a custom sound. Yours won't load.


    More tutorials ?
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      Trololol, thanks for putting this up. I knew most things but some are new, thanks!
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      Thank you for taking your time making this thread Moltard!:angel:
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      This is a very great and useful thread thank you for putting your time in making this for us!
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      This really smells like copy paste.
      I'm sorry i can't take any of this serious until you prove you have written this yourself.

      Edit: After doing some research myself, i apologize. "Nymphali" seems to be one of your aliases.

      Good Guide. Respect.
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      The conversion to html is done. You can now correctly read the guide. Blue Dragon thank you :smile:
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      Thanks for posting this! I had no idea about the alias thing to connect.
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      Thank you I shall do this when I fix my computer lol
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      Just as a heads up for the alias connections, you can also use ze.plaguefest.com and so on.
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      Saw this when it was 1st posted and kinda glanced at it a bit..didn't look into it much, but after taking a second look it was definitely worth it. Learnt some new commands for the console when shit slightly hits the fan like that stupid "Red Error" problem and the "missing maps" problem. Thx @Moltard. Really Nice guide! :thumbsup: I will also take a look at you're updated version of the guide ^__^.
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        Hi, everyone. I wanted, to complete my guide, with all informations which are in the Gamebanana version. So it's done, and i added some tutorials, and changed some things:
        • Play Sounds, when you win, join a server, or start the game
        • Resolve invisible spray problem
        • Added a picture, that give all keyboard keys
        • Space problem, and color problems fixed

        It should be the last update (except if i add more tutorials on Gamebanana guide)
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        1 thing i need to mention, the "wait" command is useless in source now. It does absolutely nothing. They removed the "wait" command a while ago.
      • Mar 30, 2013
        It depend of server setting:
        sv_enable_wait_command 1/0
        Or a something else

        Most of the servers, don't activate it because we can use script like Auto Pistol / Auto bhop.