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extended ban plea

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Griff, Mar 20, 2012

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  1. Dec 30, 2010
    i don't no how to get to my unban thing so ill post here

    i never mic spammed like way earlier on i sighed on the mic which was like the closest thing. i was just in a talkative mood . when i said the n word on the mic it wasnt on purpose and it wasnt used racially i was just singing a song. after that i was just poking fun at 1/128 asking him if certain ways of saying it were against the rules i never argued that it was against the rules. i also didnt type the n word albeit was hinting at it but i didnt think he would ban me over it. i think 1/128 took things i was saying to personal i didn't mean to piss anyone off. it was an error in judgment and im sorry. if i dont get unbanned it was a fun 1 and a half years on the server nice meeting most people
  2. Jul 24, 2011
    prob wont get unbanned.

    3-4 Other admins were present, your perma ban was legitimate. Even after he warned you not to, you said it twice in chat.

    While you say it was accidental: "It wasnt on purpose, i was just singing a sing", you typed the n word out twice in chat even After several warnings were given out to you.

    If 1/128 wouldn't have done it, I would have; along with the other 2 admins present.

    Seeing how you were once an admin, I'm surprised a warning was even needed.

    EDIT: Ultimately it's up to 128. Wish you luck on the unban.
  3. Oct 17, 2011
    Here are the rules you have broken ingame:
    1. You said you did not mean to say the n word but you were singing a song and said it and first, singing is against the rules.
    2. You can't just say you did not mean to say it because it already came out of your mouth and the n word is racist which is against the rules here.
    Here are the 2 rules I see you have broken in our servers my friend, that is why 1/128 baned you but thank you for apologizing here on the forums. I wish to you good luck with getting unbaned because I cannot unban you. I just gave you the 2 things that you needed to realize you have broke and now it is up to 1/128 for the decision.
  4. Jul 24, 2011
    To add:

    You were also singing in the mic, overly-talkative with the mic, and making obnoxious noises in the mic(IE: Burping).
  5. Apr 9, 2007
    Since you didn't file a protest... I'm totally locking this.

  6. Oct 27, 2010
    I want to first point out that you are a regular and that you were at one point in time an admin.

    When I first join MG this morning you were the only one talking, that was fine there was nothing wrong with that. But then you began to constantly complain over the mic that you were bored and made a very long moan about your boredom. I warn you about that in chat and you began to argue that long moans are not a form of mic spam. A short time passed an you continued to talk constantly over the mic about how you were bored. I muted you for a round to get your attention and that seem to largely resolve this issue of miscommunication we were having (however you did argue about what constituted mic spam once you were unmuted, and said that you were going to bring the issue up on the forum. For clarification: burping on the mic is considered mic spam).

    The issue here is not that you were mic spamming, or arguing about mic spamming, but rather that you knowingly chose to use racist language in several derivative forms in order to try and circumvent the server rules which you are very well acquainted with. You said the n word over the mic and you were warned about it. I, and others, made it very clear that if you used that language again that you would be gone; you read the message out loud over the mic. You then began to argue about what constituted racist language over the mic and we made it very clear that that word and it's derivatives were against the rules; we shouldn't of even had to do this as I'm sure you were already well aware of them. You continued to argue over the mic so I muted you, in response you used the word twice more in chat in blatant defiance of the rules.

    You knew exactly what you were doing and you did it in an attempt to troll; you admitted this in your ban protest.

    Yeah he did.
  7. Oct 27, 2010
    I had unlocked this so that he could have a chance to respond as he had posted a ban protest, but since he opened up another thread I might as well lock this one again.
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