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Fapescape - Final Boss guide (Extreme 3)

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Kloud, Jan 14, 2014

  1. Apr 3, 2013
    After seeing all these guides, I thought, why not.
    Map: ze_fapescape_v1_2

    (Stuff that you won't read)
    So first off, Fapescape is rarely played on a full server now. Mainly because people are terrible at this game, they think this map is one of those early legoland maps or they think the map is too easy and goes afk in spectate with 22 other players to vent about how we spam 1 all the time.

    Anyways, when people are actually tryharding in Fapescape (they reach the extreme stages), the difficulty changes. Alot. You have to deal with more stuff, and one important factor that almost nobody cares about is time.

    By the time you reach the final extreme level, you barely have enough time, because you wasted too many attempts at the earlier stages. This makes it hard to practice on the final boss. The times I see people get to the final boss, they have no clue what to do, and the team wipes.
    (end of stuff that you won't read)

    Before we begin, let's talk about items.

    Items are mandatory in the map, if you don't pickup them, you might aswell go and die. Because the forums suck, i'm gonna have to spoiler this part, or else your bandwidth might die.

    Alright. Let's go over to boss tactics.

    Before you fight the final boss, make sure EVERYONE is fully healed. If you are the healer, make sure you use the Oreo box when everyone is near you (check the minimap). Once that's ready, be ready to hold for a few seconds and then step into the arena. DO NOT jump into the arena, there's a chance you get launched forward, and fall into the fiery lava pit.

    Also, there are zombie platforms during the boss. YOU MUST COVER THEM. Do not place too many on the platforms, you want to have a high DPS on the boss. While you're fighting the boss, look over to the platform sometimes, incase they all suck and dont cover the platforms.

    Phase 1: The Eye

    During Phase 1, you want to have some people on the zombie platforms.
    BOSS HEALTH: 500 (Base HP) + 150 for every CT

    The boss here is stationary. It means it cannot move, but fires a thick, red laser beam at people. It can also ignite people behind it's back by farting out fire. This phase is pretty straightforward.

    When it spawns, make sure you nade it. Nades can be very helpful.

    If you have a hand cannon, spam it. Gauss cannon should not be used in this phase, better to save it for phase 2. Flamethrower, if you want to, use it. Your choice. There are also rollermines from the Predator battle in this battle to ruin your day. Lightnings can hit the arena, be careful! This phase is pretty straightforward, hold zombies, keep moving around the boss, dodge lightnings and fire at it.

    Phase 2: The Eye's Vengeance (unofficial title)

    BOSS HEALTH: 800 (Base HP) + 220 for every CT
    Special Ability: Life Restore, can restore HP from the blood puddles on the ground.

    When the boss is defeated in Phase 1, you will notice a bunch of lightnings and mirrorish particles around the boss. This means you have successfully beaten phase 1. The eye is now transforming into a fierce looking creature, growing arms and legs, and equipped with two flaming swords. The boss is no longer stationary, but moving. It is also kinda huge, so make sure you spread out and don't stack around in eachother. Use whatever you have here, Ammo box can be used to restore ammo, Gauss cannon should be used here at the beginning to damage him (as i said, it's like the alien device).

    Getting hit by this boss is pretty nasty. With it's full combo it can deal around 150 DMG.
    This fight shares almost the same tactics as for the Predator battle. You need to have as many survivors as possible, as there are more holding spots, and they are tough with all the zombies you gotta face.

    Video of the boss (No heal, so it was a total failure)

    Boss fight starts 4:10 into the vid
    Video of server win on v1fix (Glitched boss) - Vid by @Doctor

    Anyways, if you actually learned something from this, good. Maybe you won't be bad next time we ever get to this boss. It's gonna happen soon.
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      Kloud, Jan 14, 2014 Last edited by Kloud, Jan 14, 2014
    • Feb 3, 2012
      Nice guide Kloud! :thumbsup:
    • Apr 9, 2012
      This guide, is a guide. It's so guidy, I guided my guide in the guiderness
    • Apr 28, 2013
      So far, 3 guides are made in 1 day. I need to update my guide with images. I personally like this guide the best especially if this map isn't as played. Also, the vid doctor made was on the map version v1fix, not v1_1. v1fix had the ragemode glitched and was defeated quickly. v1_1 had too much hp in its first form but that was fixed in v1_2.
    • Aug 12, 2012
      everyone read it and now let's beat it!!!
    • Dec 8, 2013

      4 now!