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Free Game Giveaway!!!!!!

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by redeye, Sep 4, 2012

  1. Nov 28, 2010
    ASK FOR HELP if you dont get it. Do not post stuff like "i dont get it"

    Hello there!. You all remeber "Tony Montana" "Free copy of CS:GO".
    well here is another one: its not Cs:Go.

    via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYTpkU9zE3Q

    Redeye tells only the truth (this is so you dont get confused on what is type).

    Jimmy: Ben always tells the truth!.
    Ben: Jimmy says nothing but lies!.

    Ok there is a 10 (TEN) Character passwored winrar file uploaded DOWNLOAD HERE!!!
    (you may have to copy and paste it, or ctrl + click it)

    You must figure out each riddle from the hints there are a total of 10 each hint that you figure out will give you a character for the password of the winrar passwored file.
    It will be either a weird statment or conversation with hints inside the POST or tips or advise on how to seek out the answer.

    NOTE: Ben/jimmy are there to screw with you :smile:.

    HINT #1: Time to STOP YOUR GAMING and STOP DOWNLOAD watch the Youtube video you may see it in a min!.
    via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax_6LRjaiD4

    HINT #2:
    Ben: i Heard In mako Near a Trashcan there is 2 signs with Information Showing you where the big cross is Marked telling you the next charater.
    Jimmy: How so? did you have some sort of deal with mapper? or are you pulling these guys legs? or is there a mark spot that was made by accident?.

    HINT #3:
    Jimmy:Hey i couldn't figure that hint 2 out? but i figured out what hint 3 is: hint 3 = k
    Ben: Really? how where
    Jimmy: WHAT? are you coloured blind? i just told you!.

    HINT #4:
    Redeye: Man! how much i love the Legend of zelda series!.
    Ben:Yeh? well myself i found that i did not like it that much i got stuck alot also its to hard and boring.
    Jimmy:What this game rules you just didnt like it, casue you suck!.
    Ben: NO its annoying Navi giveing hints every 10 sec "LINK go here for treasure" "HEY HEY HEY" "OI OVER HERE" annoying much.

    HINT #5:
    Jimmy: Have a look an view image.
    Ben: WTF is that a hl3 pic?.
    HINT #6:
    Figure this one out its not to hard a bit of an grey area?.

    [IMG] [IMG]
    HINT #7:

    HINT #8:
    Here is a simple word search puzzle find a word that is a fruit its the first letter of that.

    HINT #9:
    This is the hardest one of them all. Hint 9 = j

    HINT #10:
    There is a picture below of a machine guess his name there a 1 in 4 chances not to hard.
    There are 4 levers you must pull the one you think the machine name is.
    lever#1: 01 = u
    lever#2: 11 = 3
    lever#3: 00 = p
    lever#4: 01 = z
    which one do you pull?

    what will you win
    1x Painkiller Hell and Damnation Beta Key

    1x indie game choose one

    Oddworld Inhabitants Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee + Exoddus (steam)
    Tripwire Interactive Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 (steam)
    Dead Mage Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (Desura)
    Ironclads collection (steam)
    Space Empires IV: Deluxe (steam)
    Bad Rats: The Rat's Revenge (steam)
    This list may change

    Rules to participate:
    #1 You must Be a member of Plaguefest, if your account is created after this post, you will be "Disqualified"
    (5th of sep 2012)
    NOTE: exceptions may be made "if you win and want to give to freind" this is unavailable for now!
    #2 You cannot own the game you choose.
    #3 DO NOT discuss or give hints to other people.
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      redeye, Sep 4, 2012 Last edited by redeye, Sep 22, 2012
    • May 14, 2011
      Sign me up! :smile:
    • Feb 24, 2011
      Sure thing, why not?
    • Nov 11, 2011
      Sure. But your troll picture is not too convincing.
      • Informative Informative x 1
      • Nov 28, 2010
        its legend of zelda Major mask a game with many masks, i had the idea of a troll mask so i made it. ask around people know me
      • Jan 30, 2011
        Sure, I'm in.
      • Aug 1, 2011
        I'll play.
      • Apr 9, 2007
      • Jun 2, 2012
        why not.:cool:
      • Jan 10, 2009
        I'm in for anything free!
      • Feb 27, 2012
        I'm down on this competition :grin:
      • Jul 16, 2012
        Can you win this for anyone else?
      • Nov 28, 2010
        read rules
      • May 14, 2011
        I dont get what I do in this comp. :frown:
      • Nov 28, 2010
        i added a how to play to post. if people get to confused ill show every one how to do hint# 1 as an example
      • May 14, 2011
        I understand, i got the first 4 letters of the pass, i think
        Post Merged, Sep 6, 2012
        Lets play, person with the fastest PC wins: Link

        I'm only kidding :razz:
      • Nov 28, 2010
        you go the 4 characters your the best so far the "i think" makes me think you dont :smile:

        lol yeh How many combinations in a 1 digit number? There are 10. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9.
        How many combinations in a 2 digit number? There are 100, from 0 to 99.
        a 10 digit code is 10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10= 1 billion lol that would take about 10 days by http://howsecureismypassword.net/
        lol wonder why i havent upload the file yet?
      • May 14, 2011
        Well if i already got 70% of them. Its worth a go if your missing just 4 clues or something. :smile:
      • Nov 28, 2010
        BUMP!!! let the RIDDLEING BEGIN everything is ready for a winner!!!!
        rules may change keep an eye out!