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Gabe Newell on the future of Valve.

Discussion in Entertainment started by Anathema, Jul 11, 2013

  1. Feb 18, 2011
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    • Nov 11, 2011
      I'm sorry, how many W's were there again?
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      • Apr 9, 2012
        He said www.www.com xD

        "And what that means, is that our games... can go on a plane" xD
      • Apr 12, 2012
        Actually - wwwwww.www.com, LOL

        And: "We have to start thinking about, what are the ways that we can take advantage of millions of people all over the world?"

        Also, he looks very sweaty.
      • Feb 3, 2012
        Wow, it works! :thumbsup:
      • Feb 18, 2011
        He's never wrong, always great solutions.