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'gameinfo.txt.' error, help

Discussion in Technical Support started by Pearlsnaps, Apr 29, 2013

  1. Sep 8, 2012
    Hi, I saw Cuniczek's map get released so I downloaded it really quick and went off to CS:S, but I got this error:
    View attachment 5118

    I can't open CS:S and what I've seen from the internet, people are saying to uninstall CS:S (which I don't want to do). If anybody else has any further knowledge of this please respond.

    PS, it's all cuni's fault. :giggle:
  2. Apr 28, 2013
    your missing a file ?? did you move your folder or something?

    Edit: Maybe do Verify Intergrity of Game Cache... Right click on game... properties > Local Files
  3. Sep 8, 2012
    Nope. Didn't do anything to cstrike folder.
  4. Apr 28, 2013
    Verify the game?
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    • Mar 12, 2008
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      • Feb 27, 2012
        Go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike folder, open up gameinfo.txt, and copy everything from this, into your file.

        game "Counter-Strike Source"
        title "COUNTER-STRIKE'"
        title2 "source"
        type multiplayer_only
        nomodels 1
        nohimodel 1
        nocrosshair 0
        advcrosshair 3
        bots 1
        "test_speakers" 1
        "test_hardware" 1
        nodegraph 0
        SteamAppId 240 // This will mount all the GCFs we need (240=CS:S, 220=HL2).
        // Setup engine search paths.
        // If a search path contains "_english", and the current language is not english, then
        // another search path will be inserted above the english one by replacing "_english" with
        // the appropriate language.
        // To debug how the engine has parsed this file, type "path" at the console.
        // Search paths are relative to the base directory, which is where hl2.exe is found.
        // |gameinfo_path| points at the directory where gameinfo.txt is.
        // |all_source_engine_paths| points at the directory cintaining HL2 shared content.
        // First, mount all user customizations.  This will search for VPKs and subfolders
        // and mount them in alphabetical order.  The easiest way to distribute a mod is to
        // pack up the custom content into a VPK.  To "install" a mod, just drop it in this
        // folder.
        // Note that this folder is scanned only when the game is booted.
        game+mod cstrike/custom/*
        // We search VPK files before ordinary folders, because most files will be found in
        // VPK and we can avoid making thousands of file system calls to attempt to open files
        // in folders where they don't exist.  (Searching a VPK is much faster than making an operating
        // system call.)
        game+mod cstrike/cstrike_english.vpk
        game+mod cstrike/cstrike_pak.vpk
        game |all_source_engine_paths|hl2/hl2_textures.vpk
        game |all_source_engine_paths|hl2/hl2_sound_vo_english.vpk
        game |all_source_engine_paths|hl2/hl2_sound_misc.vpk
        game |all_source_engine_paths|hl2/hl2_misc.vpk
        platform |all_source_engine_paths|platform/platform_misc.vpk
        // Now search loose files.  We'll set the directory containing the gameinfo.txt file
        // as the first "mod" search path (after any user customizations).  This is also the one
        // that's used when writing to the "mod" path.
        mod+mod_write+default_write_path |gameinfo_path|.
        // Add the cstrike directory as a game search path.  This is also where where writes
        // to the "game" path go.
        game+game_write cstrike
        // Where the game's binaries are
        gamebin cstrike/bin
        // Last, mount in shared HL2 loose files
        game |all_source_engine_paths|hl2
        platform |all_source_engine_paths|platform
        // Random files downloaded from gameservers go into a seperate directory, so
        // that it's easy to keep those files segregated from the official game files
        // or customizations intentially installed by the user.
        // This directory is searched LAST.  If you visit a server and download
        // a custom model, etc, we don't want that file to override the default
        // game file indefinitely (after you have left the server).  Servers CAN have
        // custom content that overrides the default game files, it just needs to be
        // packed up in the .bsp file so that it will be mounted as a map search pack.
        // The map search pack is mounted at the top of the search path list,
        // but only while you are connected that server and on that map.
        game+download cstrike/download
        EDIT: not sure if it matters, but the forum wont put in all the indents and whatnot. If that doesn't work for whatever reason like that, try this. http://pastebin.com/v0GYnV0s

        EDIT 2: Delete everything that is in your file, then put this in. You're replacing everything that is in your current file.
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        • Sep 8, 2012
          Verified the game cache and it started working again. Thanks all for the responses. :thumbsup:
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