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Games You Played When You Were Young

Discussion in Gaming started by Brett, Oct 21, 2012

  1. Dec 6, 2011
    What were your all-time favorite games that you loved to play when you were younger (8-13ish)? Were you a console gamer or did you play on a PC? List as many as you want!

    One of the games I always wanted, and the first game in the NFS series that I got was Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, the original, which followed up with NFS: Underground 2, and the rest of the NFS series. The first three on the list, I got from this huge weird collection of pink CD's that had 2-4 games on each one (legit CD's, not pirated), anything from Christian Bible programs to explicit material like Deer Avenger 4.... lol

    via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-sp5wH3d5A&feature=related

    I was trying to look in the basement for just one of the 50+ CD's that there were so I could figure out what they were, but I couldn't find a single one.

    -Real War: Rogue States - Strategy
    -Deer Avenger 4: The Rednecks Strike Back - Hilarious shooter
    -Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour - Plane shooter
    -Halo: Combat Evolved
    -NFS: Hot Pursuit (original), Underground 2
    -Lego: Rock Raiders

    -TimeSplitters 2
    -Timesplitters: Future Perfect
    -Super Smash Bros.: Melee
    -Kirby's Air Ride
  2. Aug 10, 2012
    Spyro the dragon!
    Spyro Year of the dragon was my favorite
  3. May 14, 2011
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    • Jun 18, 2012
      Pffffffffft I started playing games thanks to my brother so let's see, this is what I played since 5-7ish till 10-11ish I guess.


      -Super Mario Kart.
      -Fifa 1998.
      -That Power ranger game.
      -That Jurassic park game.


      -Mortal Kombat.
      -CS 1.6
      -Unreal Tournament 1999.
      -Unreal Tournament 2003.
      -Tony Hawk pro skater.
      -Sim City 3000.
      -GTA 1/3/SA.
      -Destruction Derby.
      -Tomb Raider.
      -Resident Evil 4.
      -Red Baron.
      -Brothers in Arms.

      I bet there's loads more but this is all I remember now.
      Fornax, Oct 21, 2012 Last edited by Fornax, Oct 21, 2012
    • May 14, 2011
      Who could forget runescape back in the day.
    • Dec 6, 2011
      Loved Carmaggeddon lol. Didn't it get banned for being too violent and they were forced to change the people to aliens or something?

      pre-2010 Runescape ftw.
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      • Apr 9, 2012
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        • May 14, 2011
          It was fine up to the point where they tried to stop cheaters ruining the game, (which no one really minded). Which then ruined the game itself!
        • Apr 20, 2011
          All kingdom hearts series
          Final fantasy XXI
          Resident evil 3,4,5,6
          Fifa 2008-2013
          Call of duty 4,6.7
          Battlefield 2,bad company,3
          But kingdom hearts is my favourite game of all time
        • May 11, 2011
          First halo when it found its way to pc.
        • Aug 10, 2012
          How old are you? :shock:
        • Jun 18, 2012

          Gotta agree I played lots of Runescape too, and idk, it's not like I payed attention to that 10 years ago, I just had a great time killing pedestrians while driving drunk. (which 9 year old doesn't like running over people with a purple and green shakey screen?)
        • Dec 6, 2011
          Making it completely P2P and having a hard copy like WoW or Tera with activation would fix 99.9% of the problems that Runescape faced. The average amount of players on at a time is 110-120k, and when right after an update when all bot clients are down, there's 50-60k. That just shows that 1/2 of Runescape is gold farming botters. Too bad we can't fix anything because the moneygrabbing investment company from New York that owns half of Runescape now won't let any "profit decreasing" changes take place. So that's why they now ignore any bots and just continue to update the game with buyable items such at the premium Solomon's General Store, or the Squeal of Fortune. With thanks to the Squeal of Fortune, a skill such at Slayer, that used to take years to get 99, is now easily accessible within a few weeks of training and buying Squeal of Fortune spins (between levels 90-99, each level costs about $70-$80 Squeal of Fortune spins.) Sadly enough, I achieved 98 Slayer just before all of this bullshit happened.
        • May 14, 2011
          Runescape went shit because they tried to fix all the bots. I don't understand why they couldn't detect bots at work without making changes to the actually game.

          I stayed around till when hunting was introduced.


          Omg, I wanted to check high scores, went on http://www.runescape.com/. And I puked.
        • Dec 6, 2011

          Yea, just more advertising to try to get people to buy more stupid premium shit. Just shows how terrible the game is.
        • May 15, 2011
          I started out with Super Mario and Duck hunt. Fucking love Duck hunt. I played that shit for hours, and I beat Mario about 4 or 5 times in that age, something like, 6 or 7. Then I got Super Mario 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3.


          Then I moved to the xbox. I had Halo/ Collin Mcrae Rally 04/ Forza Motorsports/ World Racing 2/ Destroy all Humans... That's all I can remember. I am a huge fucking nerd for Racing and FPS games.

        • Dec 19, 2008
          Dirtbag I played all those games including:

          Halo 1, 2, 3
          Mx vs. Atvs
          Gears of War and 2
          and alot more
        • Dec 6, 2011
          Oh, you reminded me to throw Forza Motorsport 2 out there.

          Still waiting for all Forza's to be available on the PC =[
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          • Apr 1, 2012
            Age of Empires 1 + 2
            Age of Mythology
            Sid Meier's Sims Golf
            Nonsense Madness 3
            C&C Generals and RA 2
            Warcraft 3 (still playing WC3: DotA now)
            CS 1.6 Zombie Mod (was full of fun shit, Nemesis, Survivor, ammo packs, Climbing Zombie lol)
            South Park Mario Bros (basically playing Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny as Mario)
            Metal Slug 4