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Gas Guzzlers Xtreme

Discussion in Gaming started by Dirtbag, Nov 30, 2013

  1. May 15, 2011
    For a long time I ignored this game caused it seemed to be just another one of those generic, shitty shoot em ups with cars that was made by some guy in his basement. But I was bored and I saw it had a demo, so I gave it a try. Damn was I not disappointed, the game is fun as dicks and reminds me of the golden oldies like Twisted Metal, Crashday and FlatOut. (All very fun games.) Just like Twisted Metal and Crashday, GGX is hell bent on vehicular destruction, often throwing the player into a massive arena with the plain and simple objective of total annihilation. However, it also has that racing feel similar to Crashday and FlatOut's races, making the player prove his metal in straight up races, or testing their endurance in battle races as opponents shred apart your car a fore or behind. Likewise, you can do the same with your upgradable weapons. Start out with a simple Shotgun and move your way up through machine guns, rockets, and all the way up to cock rockin' rail-guns.

    Definitely one of the more fun games I've played recently and although not many people here are into racing, it still might be a good laugh, especially in Deathmatch.
    Dirtbag, Nov 30, 2013 Last edited by Dirtbag, Nov 30, 2013