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General Admin issues

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by s_w, Apr 4, 2012

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  1. Apr 4, 2012
    I play on your minigame server often and many times I see admins that seem to go on power trips and think that every little thing is racist or discriminatory. I was recently banned for saying: (taken straight from console)
    "*Dead* SW: there is a bar by me called nigs and they have T-Shirts that say "I took a swig at nigs" kidna funny actually." Which there really is:

    Nig is far from being racist. I could understand if someone said it in a way which was clearly being racist, but nothing in the statement I said was racist at all and I was banned for that. I was only banned for 60 minutes so that is why I'm not making an unban request, but seriously, your admins need to distinguish between what is and isn't racism. This bar and the sign is in one of the most touristy cities in my state which brings in over 3 million people a year, mostly families, and that sign is still up. You know why? Because it isn't racist!

    Also today the same admin got mad at a player for having the name "Jewosaur". Seriously?!? Because 'Jew' is in the name he felt it was bad? That isn't a racist/discriminatory term at all! It is a term used to describe a jewish person, just like saying someone is Christian or someone is a Muslim. There is ZERO difference. Now if they use it in a bad way, then yes I can see where an issue could arise. But seriously, this guys name is a problem?!!?

    2 days ago I was playing and another one of your admins claimed something was racism and just started gagging people left and right. This caused a shit storm where essentially the whole server 'blew up' because what the person said was far from racist. Then the admin gagged the whole server and just unmuted himself.

    Mainly the purpose of this thread is so you guys can hopefully see that there are issues with some of your admins and you really need to teach them how to distinguish what is and isn't racism/discriminatory or overall what can and cannot be punishable.
    I like the server but the more and more I go on it, the more and more I see problems like this.
  2. Feb 18, 2011
    Admin didn't see the picture when you were punished. And Jew may not be racist, but it still has a direction leaning towards derogatory slang, and in addition to that it is just plain immature and inappropriate.

    Saying nig in your context may not be racist, but how are you supposed to take it when you see a guy you know nothing about that starts saying it. Not to be an asshole or rude, but before you assume it is a problem you should take things like this in an admins perspective.
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    • SkyCloud
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      Apr 4, 2012
    • Mar 6, 2012
      I personally believe any sort of racial etymology should not be used on the servers. It opens the doors for a lot of issues that will cause others to abuse. With the case of your bar in your city. If an admin is not from your city how could they possibly make the determination that it is in fact a bar? The short form of nig is constantly used as a racial slur and is therefore not allowed. I believe your case is the exception NOT the rule.

      As far as Jewosaur goes, what if someone of the Jewish faith saw that name? Do you think they would believe it to be okay?
    • Nov 29, 2010
      If I was online and you guys were legitimately talking about bars and drinks, then I'd be fine if you said something like that to be honest. However a lot of people like to use phrases completely out of context to cover up their shit like "Niger is my favorite country" and thinking of it, that admin probably took it into that context

      However "Nig" is a word that is widely viewed slang for the actual word. As for Jewosaur, Eh, the name struck my eyes earlier today, but I let it slide unless someone actually came up to me and told me his name was offensive to them.
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      • Fat Cat 3000
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        Apr 4, 2012
      • Mar 5, 2012
        My opinion:

        First Nig, the word, itself opens a whole can of worms. Was it really necessary to bring it up in the first place, or were you just trolling to get an up on someone?Also, it’s not game related; it shouldn't have been brought up at all.

        Second Jewosaur, I don't think it’s the greatest name in the game. I think it would fall under how the person used his name to take advantage or troll others. Also I agree with "if someone said something about it, I may have asked him to change it."
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        • Mar 12, 2008
          Saying this as this i believe was brought up many, many times before.

          We have rules, and true, some can be unclear as to what is allowed and what is not. There's another, unwritten rule called common sense. Put yourself in our shoes for a bit. You log on, come to play in the server, and you see someone using that term. Being an admin, you are inclined to tell that person to stop using that word. If he refuses, or uses it more, then a punishment has to take place. If an example isn't made then everyone would most likely be jumping on the bandwagon, and try to test the waters as well. Our rules are there for a reason, and i doubt we would just allow partial words such as that to fly under the radar. I know, for one, that I don't. The use of the word "Nig" in any context cannot be applied in a non-racial way.

          For example, You could say: "Oh, i got nigged" or "Shut up nig" or even "Sup nig" "lol you nig" "nig what?" "nig you crazy"

          Either way, it cannot be applied to communication without it sounding racist. I get that some people were raised that way, (and to be honest, i don't care) but this is how we run our servers. Rules are in place for a reason so that everyone has a good time, and that nobody gets discriminated against. If you feel the urge to say crap like that, then i'm sorry our servers can't accommodate you. I hear Hellsgamers doesn't care much about that kinda stuff.
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          • Nov 6, 2011
            Agreed 100% of what you just said homie
          • Jul 14, 2010
            Besides you not having any forms of proof to backup your statements, the admin who did not know what you were talking about did right. Nig is 99% used as a racial slur on our servers and the way you used it would seem racist to me, had I not known about that bar. I would avoid using that phrase 'swigs at nigs' from now on.. The admin should have warned you to stop, which you should have.

            As for jewosaur, I wouldn't say that name falls against our rules. So yes you could be right here, unless they were trolling. You don't have any proof so nothing we can really do. Names that have jew in them aren't always racist, it's all context.

            As for the gagging, you still have no proof and I don't have much to say on that unless I saw it or heard the right story. I'll take a guess and say that word was naggers, which is not allowed.
          • Oct 17, 2011
            Try to get a demo or screenshots of chats next time so you can have proof. also, I agree with Marshall's opinion here for jewosaur or whatever name it is that a Jewish would think it is racist and react completely different and might start problems. Also, Why would you even put that sigh? Heh, I guess you wanna do it on herpes so admins can start warning you and you act right. Next time, if admin warns you, just do as he says, problem solved. If you ignore his warning, then you will find youreself punished.
          • May 14, 2011
            Tbh i think your the sort of person who just tries to push an admin to see how far you can imply to be racist and yet get away with it with always some back-up excuse in mind. This is like poking a sleeping tiger in the eye. He might react or he might just carry on sleeping.

            All in all, you got what you were asking for.
          • May 27, 2008
            It's all about context, Penguino. We've never disallowed the use of that word. What happens is that people often tend to push the boundary with the word nagger, and mean something completely different [you know which word I mean], which is completely unacceptable and punishable.

            We also don't typically encourage any admin to mute/gag/silence the entire server. But as I recall, every server we have has needed the quiet round sometime or another, which is usually done by an admin who understands what he/she is doing at the time of initiating it, which would be when things start getting out of hand in chat, or over mic. However, we cannot rely on your claim of hearsay. I won't disagree with you completely, bad judgement is used and someone will make a mistake, which is why we ask for sufficient proof [screen-shots, demo, chat logs, etc.] before we send out any kind of punishment. It's either that, or you find an LSA or Root admin [Yellow or Red plates on the forums] so that they may assist you.

            Everyone has kind of summed it all up just fine. If I've repeated anything, it's honestly because it's almost 6 in the morning and I haven't had a wink of sleep. I'll leave the thread open in case anyone else has a closing statement to add.

            My final thought is this: Join our servers with a good amount of common sense. I cannot stress that enough.
          • Apr 4, 2012
            This will be my last reply as honestly I just don't care enough. You guys seem to be set on your ways so it isn't worth responding anymore than this.

            I have been an admin of many servers, I've been the developer and super admin of a popular server for over 3 years, I've had many leadership roles in my jobs, and have had to watch out for stuff like this many many times. So I know what it is like to be on the other end, and I probably know it better than almost all of you. I didn't provide any proof or a name because I didn't come here to get an admin in trouble. I came here so you guys would be informed of what is going on and could better educate your admins on some of the issues at hand.

            Now, I and many other mature admins I've dealt with look purely at context. Someone could just say 'N' or even some random word in place of 'Nigger' and depending on the context I would punish them for it. The way I used Nig was in no way derogatory. You don't even have to know about the bar, all you have to do is base it on context and know that I didn't mean it in a racist way. The reason that the bar even still exists is because it plays on the fact that people nowadays freak out about and cry racism about the smallest thing. People need to stop being so overly sensitive and just look at everything instead of focusing on one word.

            And Jew! Really? some of you still think that is a bad word? Please tell me then, what do you call a Jewish person? Now if you called someone a 'kike' then yes I could see a problem there. If I went up to you and said "hey look at that Italian over there" or "Hey look at that Christian over there", would you feel I was being offensive? No because it is a word to describe someones race/ethnicity/religion. So then why would you have a problem if I said "He look at that Jew over there"? Seriously guys, just think about it for a second instead of getting all worked up about it.

            So next time you guys see a single word that you think is bad, don't just straight away go all power hungry on that person and ban them. Look at the context and how the word was used and then base your punishment off of that.
          • Oct 27, 2010
            With no context or proof there is no admin abuse present. This is not the appropriate place to discuss this and it has been gone over many, many times already.

            From the documentation of the ban and what has been said the situation is this: People were warned not use discriminatory language on these servers and you chose to mock those rules by trying to skirt around them with technicalities. Do not do this.
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