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Getting to know me

Discussion in Introductions started by =pF= KanyoN, Apr 10, 2014

  1. Jun 4, 2012
    Well a lot of you know me from game play and what not but i been around on @Plague Fest sense 2006 and I've only been admin for coming up on a month. I been play games sense 1998, (Quake, Battlefield, and Counter Strike) Ive seen all the bs and what not over the years. Some of you may know I've been hurt due to a work related injury and pretty much my dr has said I'm disabled its to far gone, for me being only 22 its a life changer but you make the best out of it. With my hobbies I use to race dirt bikes and work on cars always a been my favorite couldn't beat it. On the side i did website for clans and close people I've know over the years. I know some gaming server configs i can figure out and fix but I'm a little rusty lol. Ive lived in California my whole live and all I'm doing now if living life to the fullest.
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    • Feb 13, 2014
      Life can certainly be a cruel mistress. Good for you for holding your head high and making the most of it :smile:
    • Jun 4, 2012
      ya I'm trying the best i can. without the family and friends i have and have made over the years without them i probley wouldn't be where i am at today :smile:
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      • Feb 3, 2012
        Nice to know you more. :grin:
      • Jul 8, 2012
        Hi. :grin:
      • Dec 27, 2012
        Yay! Glad to see you making this introduction of yourself!:cute:

        I kind of envy you, in a way. Live life to its fullest and all that can actually be difficult for quite a few, so I'm happy to see that the only thing that limits you is life itself!
        You're loads of fun on the server and it can only get better amirite?:wink: See you around!
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        • Aug 12, 2012

          another californian :thumbsup:

          is that your car on your avatar? anyways it's good to have family and friend to help you out when you need it most.
        • May 31, 2012
          Ciao e benvenuto! Great to have you here. I'm from Italy by the way, its just a thing.
        • Aug 11, 2013
        • Jun 4, 2012
          I really appreciate everything you guys have said, it feels like I've gained more family in the past 2 months being back I enjoy getting to know everyone and seeing old friends. If anyone needs to talk about anything I'm here for everyone. I'm trying to make my car look like that it's almost there and no matter what @pf4life