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Ghosting and how it is cheating

Discussion in Server Suggestions & Bugs started by h dilla, Dec 25, 2015

  1. Dec 28, 2014
    Ghosting should absolutely be illegal. The act of sitting in spectate to look where a person is hiding then turning intentionally into a zombie to go Stab them is griefing. I am kind of surprised that the rules around this are so slack. It's equivalent to killing yourself to grief and stab teammates, or leaving the game to avoid a stab.

    Ghosting enables online bullies that can target a certain player and only go for them each round to ruin their experience.

    It gives an unfair advantage to whoever is ghosting, and the people that leave the game to ghost can also refill their hp, which is cheating.
    Not to say this completely eliminates the possibility of ever hiding. Ghosters will just find wherever someone is hiding who chose to not seek to cade.

    I suggest we should start enforcing this more officially for it can totally ruin the fairness and fun of the gaming experience. Why would it be illegal to ghost and tell other people where someone is hiding, but not looking yourself?
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    • Jan 3, 2013
      you mad? So you made two threads?
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      • Dec 17, 2007
        This has been discussed numerous times in the past
      • May 31, 2012
        Gotta learn to just get over it. If it was a big enough deal to alter it probably would have been done by now.
      • Apr 26, 2015

        I think there could be ways for it to be harder though. Its mainly just players who are intentionally disconnecting to kill a certain player most of the time, which is when it becomes apparent. If it was that big of a deal though it could be a solution such as: No spectate on joining, x number of disconnects/ reconnects in x time/ per map allotted, something else etc.
      • Mar 20, 2011
        Don't suck and then you don't have to be worried about getting turned. I am not saying you suck but in general. Some players do just like to be zombies.
      • Apr 18, 2014
        It´s been discussed tons and tons of times in the past, there´s NO WAY of knowing if someone is doing that in a malicious way, you´re just ending up banning half of the server.
      • Jul 14, 2010
        I would've liked to see this in the rules, but it's been discussed many times and the cons outweigh the pros.

        1) This issue is a very rare occurrence

        2) It would cause more issues with innocent players getting banned for misinterpretation of rules

        3) There is no viable plugin that could help us identify ghosters without disabling free spectate, which no one wants free spectate disabled

        Ghosting was added to minigames for players saying where people were in spec, but in this case a lot more issues arise with a rule being added.
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        • Mar 26, 2012
          Your abuse thread is a great example of why we don't have it in the rules. You strongly believed tfreeman456 was ghosting you, but he provided demo proof that he wasn't (most people wouldn't be able to provide demo proof so we can't rely on players having that if the rule existed). He was looking at a popular tree spot while sitting in spectate at the beginning of the round. He joined the round as a zombie and started going for you. You were out in the open and not hiding. If you kept going to the same spot every round like he said, it would make sense for him to keep going to same spot to get his kills. It is clear he wasn't ghosting.

          Players who have been regularly playing on the server for awhile, like tfreeman451, will usually know good spots that people go to and will go straight for them usually. To people unfamiliar to people like tfreeman451, it might seem like they are cheating (eg wallhack) or ghosting "there is no way he would've known I was there without ghosting!"
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          • Dec 28, 2014
            thanks penguin yeah i guess that makes it hard to get concrete evidence.
          • Aprz
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            Jan 5, 2016