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Insufficient Evidence goddess raging

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by craigslistdotorg, Jun 10, 2015

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  1. Oct 6, 2010
    I came into the server mid rage.

    Bans were flying

    I asked what was going on and she said i was the problem and trolls like me were the issue.

    i was being polite because i knew there was something going on but her thermostat was at 1000 degrees.

    it sucks when players disrespect the admins but they have to rise above the trolls and not become a hate monger themselves.

    With great power comes great responsibility. That was lost when she lost her cool and started raging on anybody that was slightly threatening to her. It was a hot mess.
  2. Feb 27, 2012
    Do you have any evidence? What is your steam id? What the flying shit are you talking about?
  3. Oct 6, 2010
    wow i did not think i would have to go on the uber offensive so quickly. i apologize for being kind and considerate and being constructive about a tough situation on one of your servers.
  4. Feb 27, 2012
    So would it be accurate to assume that you have no evidence to provide as per what you are accusing this "goddess" of doing? (evidence can be chat logs, screenshots, demos, or even time of when the events occurred)
  5. Apr 9, 2007

    However, do you have anything at all? maybe a fellow player has a demo?
  6. Mar 26, 2012
    We greatly appreciate that you are attempting to bring an issue with us. If we don't know what is wrong then it is unlikely we will resolve it. There are unfortunately some issues with your abuse report that is preventing us from resolving anything if there is an issue.

    The first issue is that you are not clearly describing who is doing what. I have no idea which admin you are talking about. There is no admin with the name "Goddess". I don't know what they have done. The current time is 22:31 and the last ban was at 17:59. The last ban was about four hours ago. You said that bans were flying around, but I see that there has been no recent banning. Is it possible you mixed up "banning" with "kicking"? Is it possible that you are reporting a problem from another server and thinking that server is pF when it is not?

    The second issue that Tony the Tiger brought up is that we do require some form of proof. We cannot just take what you say and discipline our admins. Do you know how often people say "this admin wrongly kicked me" or "that admin wrongly banned me"? Almost every player we discipline will claim that we wrongfully disciplined them. This is why it is essential to provide us with some sort of proof that there was abuse. The proof doesn't even need to be as perfect as a demo or screenshot. You could simply do something like copy and paste from console the situation.

    Sometimes if you bring up an issue without the evidence, maybe the admin you are reporting or other players that are involved will have evidence. We have admins and players who are recording demos (video) of what is going on, use condump, or take a screenshot of what is going on. It is preferable that you provide evidence though.

    If you check out the three stickies posted on this section of the forum...

    Abuse Thread Reminder [Everyone Read]
    How to Post Player Abuse and Admin Abuse complaints
    Reporting Players & Admins

    You'll see that we emphasize providing evidence and tell you how to obtain it.
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    • Oct 6, 2010
      sorry.. just jumped into the server. crazy kicking / banning / inappropriate behavior by players and admin. got screamed at multiple times by admin. Did not record anything. Just wanted to let yall know one players perspective. the server dropped 40% since i posted this.. fatty and a few other players were trying to play nice.. but the heavy handed admining was too much. Thanks for responding kindly.
    • Jul 14, 2010
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        PeNguiN, Jun 10, 2015 Last edited by PeNguiN, Jun 10, 2015
      • Jun 4, 2006
        http://stats.plaguefest.com/playerinfo/1497 an alt of his that matches a recently recorded (yesterday) IP associated with his forum account (steam aliases are the same too), but last connect was Apr 24th... so still no idea where this 'abuse report' is coming from (perhaps he has yet another alt...). Banned the known alt for evasion.

        As far as 'goddess' goes... http://stats.plaguefest.com/search?si=players&rc=css2&q=goddess&x=0&y=0 -- only 4 recorded players have used that name at one point in time or another, and only 1 has activity above 0%: http://stats.plaguefest.com/playerinfo/27457 -- not a Plague Fest admin, nor is there anything recorded in the chat logs, so all of OP's claims would have had to occurred over mic. Additionally goddess's last connect was June 7th, and OP makes no claim that these events occurred several days ago.

        Report appears to be bogus, but on the off chance anyone knows what craigslistdotorg is talking about (as in you were there when it happened and can provide some evidence), feel free to PM me. If there was an incident where PF admins were involved we of course want to know about it.
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