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Gold Nugget Trading Table!

Discussion in Minecraft started by Taters, Jan 24, 2012

  1. Mar 12, 2008
    Bringing around these new plugins, there has always been trouble with the minecraft economy. Some people used to cheat it, and would have tons of money and buy stuff from other people then re-inflate prices, and this threw off the balance of everything.

    iConomy is dead, and will never come back.

    Simple answer?

    Gold Nuggets.

    "The Gold Nugget is an item that was first introduced in the 1.9 Pre-release. These are obtained by killing Zombie Pigmen, and can be crafted into Gold ingots, making Gold a renewable ore".

    So you can see where i am going with this. Thorazine pitched this in Plugin Ideas, and seeing as how a physical (so to speak) piece of gold is hard, if not impossible to duplicate and cannot be exploited (unless someone with creative mode drops tons of gold block everywhere), this seems like a logical approach to adding an economy into the server.

    Each gold nugget (piece), would be that exact value, 1. That, in turn combines into 1 gold bar, or 9 nuggets. 9 bars turn into the gold block, worth 9 gold bars, or 81 gold pieces.

    Explanation can get boring, but what the idea is to use this as grounds to base the trade on. With a solid value for money we can start pricing things to sell, buy, and even loan, if you wish.

    I'm currently working on a table that i will post up here in the OP, with what i believe are fair prices given the amount of people that would possibly use this. The pricing may fluctuate, but as i said, i believe these are fair as we usually get ~6-9 people AT BEST during a peak time.

    This table is by no means complete. I want everyone's thoughts on it, because THIS will affect our Market for Survival Trading

    I will edit the Table as it goes, but i want answers and opinions from the community about how expensive/cheap each given item would/should be worth.

    To cut down on multi-posting, simply make your post, and edit it anytime you wish to add anything else to your thoughts. Make sure to clearly show an "EDIT:;EDIT2:;EDIT3:" etc...and to use the "Show 'Edit by' line" box when you do. This will help keep track of recent comments and allow fast reception

    This will keep the thread nice and neat, and allow everyone to review each others thoughts.

    If you need to respond to someone, however, you may make another post. Just keep ideas/concerns to your main post.

    Also if any of this might not sense because i'd have been drinking a bit so im piecing this together as best I can right now. Will edit later if it doesn't make sense.


    Excuse me if some of my math is wrong, please correct, if need be.

    Reliable trade value

    1 gold piece= 1 gold nugget

    9 gold nuggets (pieces)= 1 gold bar

    9 gold bars= 1 gold block

    Diamonds NOTE: This section could change, and may, to reflect some profit gained from acquiring the materials.

    1 diamond= 9 gold bars = 81 gold nuggets(gold pieces) OR 1 Gold block

    24 diamonds (whole diamond armor set)= 1944 gold pieces= 216 gold bars OR 24 Gold Blocks

    Food NOTE: This section could change, and may, to reflect some profit gained from acquiring the materials.

    Apple: 2 gold pieces per

    Bread: 4 gold pieces per

    Beef (raw/cooked): 2 gold pieces per

    Bucket of Milk: 15 gold (extra value because of iron used for bucket, which is NOT consumed)

    Cake: ~7-10 gold pieces (if you procured your own materials)

    Cocoa Beans (very rare): TBA

    Cookie: TBA (cocoa beans are very rare)

    Egg: 2 gold pieces

    Melon seeds (rare): 6 gold pieces per, may de-value after everyone has some, unless griefers strike

    Melon Slice: 6 gold pieces per (can be crafted for seeds, that's why the value is slightly higher; See:Melon Seeds)

    Mushroom Brown/Red: 3 gold pieces for 3 of each kind

    Porkchop (raw/cooked): 4 gold pieces per

    Pumpkin seeds (semi-rare): 3 gold pieces per

    Spider Eye: 4 gold pieces per

    Sugar/Sugar Cane: 2 gold pieces per

    Wheat: 2 gold pieces per

    Wheat SeedS: 1 gold piece per 5

    Zombie Flesh: 2 gold per


    Coal: 5 gold pieces for every 15 coals

    Diamond: 81 gold pieces per (9 gold bars)

    Gold ore/Bar: 9 gold pieces (yeah, i know, whatever :confused:)

    Iron: 3 gold pieces per ore (5 for bar)

    Lapis: 4 gold pieces per Lapis

    Redstone: 3 gold pieces per 5 redstone
  2. Jun 30, 2011
    I like this idea alot, but how would people get them, could they only go to the nether? Or you could give every person a certain amount, and thus they spend it on certain things, that will then keep the minecraft economy flowing, and blah blah blah.

    EDIT: I also dont like the designated price list, if its the main shop prices then okay, but people should be able to change the prices in their on way the way they see fit.
  3. Mar 12, 2008
    I suppose if anything, people could acquire their own supply of gold. it will be exchanged between us eventually, and people will always constantly mine/kill mobs for more, so running out will never be a problem.

    Gold nuggets are craftable from gold bars, you just need to put one in your inv. crafting table and break it down into 9 pieces, but if you wanted a quicker way to trade gold pieces, you can of course, use bars/blocks.

    This is a guideline of prices, it isn't the final say-so of what will be. I guess what will really determine individuals' prices will either be how hard they worked to get their gold, whether it be farming it off off mobs or mining it. I tried to base some prices off of how rare some things are, like melon seeds, and i do not want to depreciate the value of the gold nuggets themselves. This is also why i left a note @ the diamond part of the table. being very rare, they would easily be worth the most gold. this price, would easily jump to 100 gold per diamond, i just used multiples of 9 for the sake of calculating a price, last night was cba to do any real math-ing.

    As far as farming goes, anyone would of course be allowed to farm as much gold as they like, it's up to them how determined they wanna be in getting more money. The gold has to come from somewhere. Gold nuggets are great, because the only way someone can play the economy is if they worked for their gold, or got lucky and hit a bunch of gold deposits.

    Also if you want, throw some prices up. I want everyone's views on this, and i will adjust the OP accordingly.
  4. May 27, 2008
    bump. I like this. Fucking make it happen and stop being pussies.
  5. Mar 12, 2008
    Would, but am still awaiting replies on pricing of materials.

    this'll have to do unless people start giving me figures.
  6. Jun 30, 2011
    These figures are fine, now i don't really know how this server works, if players have their own shops and what not, but if that's the case, they should be able to change the prices to their liking and not have designated prices that many others may not like which will decrease the flowing of the minecraft economy with the dictation of just one shop.
  7. Jan 14, 2008
    I think I found a bukkit plugin that would get a nugget economy going with shops.


    It has three parts. The main econ file with banking commands, a mod to make any mob drop nuggets (not just zombies), and the shop mod. I'm really only interested in the shops.

    According to the comments, the shop mod will work by itself, on nuggets.

    If that is indeed the case then banking and extra mob drops would be unnecessary. This would preserve the intention to have 'hard' currency with a value proportional to its rarity.

    I don't quite agree with some of the proposed exchange rates on the trading table though, especially with food items, due to my experience with how easy it would be to mass produce them. If shops were set up by players in some central location near spawn, price competition would determine the relative values of things. The trading table might still be a good starting point though.
  8. Mar 12, 2008

    I like that plugin, but it does look like it's having it's fair share of (slight) glitches at the moment

    The previously tested one
    seems to work fine, and while it's slightly confusing at first, it will be easier to use once your used to it.

    I like chest shops too. the previous one we had was great, but they were too spaced out due to everyone wanting to sell everything inside of em. Maybe this one will work out better, or people will only sell certain things. who knows.

    and @ the table, yeah i just pieced this together one night because i was bored/buzzed/tired @ 3am. I'm all for having people set their own prices, because that's how you promote a good economy.

    There is also still that lingering thought of "how much will a gold piece be worth, exactly?" And that can be made or broken by allowing too much/too little gold from mobs, if the plugin is implemented. It would have to be thoroughly tested to make sure it couldn't be exploited, which i would gladly volunteer for.
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