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Returning Gonna give this another try-Aphilion returning

Discussion in Admin Subscriptions started by Aphilion, Nov 14, 2017

  1. Dec 17, 2007
    In-Game Name:Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:6022222
    Paypal Automatic Payment Number: I-VS7DVYGTFPY8

    SourceBans Account: aphilion
    Previous Admin Level: 3
    Last Promotion Thread (if level 2+): http://plaguefest.com/threads/orange-the-last-tangerine-promotion-to-lvl-3.18272/

    Re-Training: yea probably it's been a while, I know some of the rules have changed. Still remember how to use the commands tho.
    Previous Subscription Expiration: Nov 23, 2015

    It's been awhile but I'm gonna give being an admin another try. I know things have change, we'll see how the next three months go. Good to be back tho.
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      Aphilion, Nov 14, 2017 Last edited by Aphilion, Nov 14, 2017
    • Jun 17, 2014
      Welcome back young blood! :beer:
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      • Dec 17, 2007
        Thanks, figured since there's a lot of new LSA's i'd give admin another chance, see how it works out.
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        • Apr 26, 2015
          Welcome back @Aphilion! I've re-enabled your sourcebans account.

          I think the most notable change since you've been gone is how we handle 3rd party tools for bhopping which you can catch up on here: http://plaguefest.com/threads/jump-stats.21553/ and here: http://plaguefest.com/threads/do-not-use-third-party-tools-to-bunny-hop.22086/

          Sure you know that you can see sprays as well http://plaguefest.com/threads/spray-rule-change.20825/ The spray commands and in here, just ctrl+f "spray" and you'll find them. http://plaguefest.com/threads/admin-level-commands-information-and-how-to-use-commands.16781/

          Since its been a while its pretty normal to stay at Level 1 until you get accustomed to being an admin again. You can open up another promotion thread in a week or two when you're ready for level 3.

          For re-training if you want to link with a trainer we can go over everything real quick in the training server and test out the new commands for the rules above.

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            Kyro, Nov 14, 2017 Last edited by Kyro, Nov 14, 2017
          • Dec 17, 2007
            I appreciate it, i'll link up with an LSA tomorrow, i'll be off work for a couple of days.
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