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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by PeNguiN, Jan 1, 2014

  1. Jul 14, 2010
    <- Emo phase over
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      PeNguiN, Jan 1, 2014 Last edited by PeNguiN, Jul 8, 2014
    • Sep 14, 2008
      You get better Peng. I'll miss you :frown:
    • May 31, 2012
      Happy New Years.

      That is a healthy resolution and I am certain that your decision will serve you well for your future endeavors. Thanks for being a great leader of this fun community.
    • May 27, 2008
      Fucking buttfuck. I remember the day you became an LSA! I was so proud of you and man, I still AM completely proud of you. You're making an incredibly mature decision here and I can't believe my eyes. You're actually sobering me up as I type this and that alone takes a LOT. Don't be a stranger. Don't give up on your dreams and ambitions and never stop moving forward, and hey, don't you go and forget about us any time soon capiche? Good luck Pagan, I hope we see you again soon. PF will always stand, and you know, we'll see you when we can, you knucklehead. :smile:
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      • Dec 27, 2012
        That came as a surprise for me..Ouch.

        Do your best and I hope you'll be able to live the life of your choice. I'll miss you PenPen, you will always remain as one of the best guys around here.:heart::wave:
      • Aug 1, 2011
        Sorry to see you go Penguin. Hope things work out. pF is losing a great admin and you will be missed.
      • Mar 26, 2011

        Penguin, You are awesome, like you were the most straight forward person I talked to, like you were a great conversation starter. I couldn't say a bad thing about you, I am sad to see you go after just talking to you and this and that but I hope you get better and I do wish you an amazing life and for your future ahead. I'll Miss Ya!
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        • Nov 11, 2011
          I am not surprised at all after our last conversation. You are making a choice I wish I had when I was in your position. Make me proud Penguin and don't ever slow down. You are headed for greatness. :'] ♡
        • Apr 1, 2012
          good luck with your endeavors and I wish you find the way of true soberness, I'm sure pF will still be in one piece when you returned. maybe. hopefully... probably..
        • Sep 25, 2010
          Farewell friend!
        • Feb 24, 2011
          Man, it's sad to see you go.
          But for all the love of whatever is up and down there, i wish you good luck on your path ahead of you!
        • Dec 30, 2006
          May the force be with you. Keep in touch in the future Penguin, it was nice knowing you. I shall set you to veteran now.....
        • Apr 9, 2012
          Wow, this is a big surprise!

          Penguin, that's a though decision, you need to have a lot of character for that! So, you're definitly a strong-minded person that can take a hit, which is always something nice to see and hear :smile:
          I don't know if you ever return, but just so you know, you can always return to gaming even if for instance you are completely sober again and if you have other things found in life ^^ I mean, gaming is not something boring of course, and quitting it entirely is not necessary I think, but of course I respect your decision entirely, and since I'm not in a position like yours, it's obvious you know what's best :wink:

          I wish you the best luck, a happy newyear, and may someday we see you again!
        • Apr 3, 2013
          Ah shit, not you. Farewell, and may our paths cross again.
        • Oct 29, 2010
          It's just a phase young Padawan, high school sucks. Look forward to making the most out of your last semester, your college visits, your life.

          Good luck Penguin.
        • Dec 17, 2007
          good luck buddy!!!
        • Feb 8, 2013
          PeNguiN, what happened?!?
          Post Merged, Jan 1, 2014
          See, this is a good time to use Au Revoir.
        • Jan 21, 2011
          Well I'm certainly glad I got to be an LSA with you. It's been fun peng. Don't be a stranger.

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        • Feb 21, 2007
          take care of yourself penguin! and don't forget to visit us!